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Mainstream Psychiatrists: The New Excorcists?

Excerpt of Bulletins From Beyond (Voi 1, No 1):

Time was when evil spirits were exorcised with a bang, sent straight to hell without a trace of sympathy.

A new kind of exorcism is afoot today. Called "spirit releasement," it does not assume that the spirit is evil. Rather, it posits that it is an "attached" or "earth-bound" entity, which, released from the body at death, cannot leave the earth-plane because it is confused or addicted or somehow attached to earthly pursuits. It attaches itself to a living person of similar characteristics.

Such entities are treated gently, as if they were clients, by the small body of mental health workers who have begun to practice spirit releasement. They are coaxed lovingly out of the patient's body, and entreated to enter the white light.

Some psychiatrists have joined the bandwagon. What they are doing goes against all their beliefs. Yet, having stumbled upon these "entities," they find that "casting them out" brings dramatic results in the spirits of their patient. Using these methods, Dr. Shakuntala Modi, a mainstream psychiatrist practicing in West Virginia, has recorded a 90 percent cure rate in chronic depressives over an eight-year period. Dr. Modi revealed her findings at a workshop at the 1994 Spring Conference of the Association for Past-Life Research & Therapies, Inc., taking place in Fort Lauderdale, FL, April 22-24.

Modi recalls the day when a woman came to her suffering from chronic depression, including severe stomach aches. The psychiatrist regressed the patient under hypnosis, trying to locate the first appearance of the symptoms. To her astonishment, the woman suddenly spoke in a deep male voice. The voice claimed to be that of her father, who had entered his daughter's body at her death. "She doesn't even know I'm here," it declared mournfully. "I stayed with her because she was grieving over my death, but I got stuck here."

Modi had read Raymond Moody's book on near-death experiences. She released the father's spirit into the light. Within hours, the woman's depression was gone.

Over the coming years, Modi dealt with more than one hundred cases of chronic depression using spirit releasement. Sometimes, the attached spirits were fragments of living people. Modi urged them to return to their bodies. When they did so, the depression disappeared. One such presence was that of a husband who needed to control his wife. Shortly after his "fragment" had rejoined his body, the husband himself appeared in Modi's waiting room. He had no conscious knowledge of what had happened. But he wanted to thank the psychiatrist for "helping."

Sometimes there were soul fragments within past lives, sometimes past lives within attached entities, sometimes vice versa. Sometimes when an attached entity was released, another, attracted by the same psychological weakness in the patient, entered. Spirit releasement therefore was an ongoing process. In nine cases out of ten, though, Modi was successful. The cure was permanent.

In some cases, what could only be called "demons" seemed to inhabit the patient. Compassionately, Modi besought them to re-enter the light. At these times, the patient was aware of angelic presences directing love at the entity. First a red spark would appear in the blackness of the "demon." Then the spark would grow till the blackness had become white light. That light would vanish "heavenward." The patient's depression went away.

Dr. Modi is currently writing a book about her experiences.

Dr. Robert G. Jarmon is a Spring Lake, New Jersey-based psychiatrist who specializes in clinical hypnosis and counseling. He too remembers his amazement when a "demonic presence" first spoke to him through one of his patients. The voice was nasty and arrogant. Jarmon instinctively treated this being compassionately, as if it were a patient. It quickly went away--and so did the gloomy spirits of the patient.

Since his experience Jarmon has become a frequent practitioner of past-life regression therapy, including spirit releasement. He too is writing a book.

Operating out of Enterprise, Florida, psychologist William Baldwin, D.D.S, Ph.D, has cured many cases of alcohol addiction and of post traumatic stress syndrome in Vietnam veterans using spirit releasement. He has written a book, "Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual".