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Space Claiming - Astral Cleaning

Tim Duna

Hello everyone, I thought this would be useful to those who are making attempts to contact spirits, and those who may encounter problems with spirits in their household. This is a way to close off your home as a private space upon the astral plane, until this is done, the space is pretty much public and anyone and anything can just walk in and take up residence if they so wish.

  1. Clean the house up, or at least tidy it up. Astral energies such as thought-forms and such collect around physical objects, if you want to clean the astral, you should start with the physical, so the energies have nothing to cling to. When I say energies, I am referring to thought-forms and emotional energies, not spirits.
  2. Announce that you wish everything, all thought-forms, beings and energies that are not there for your highest good (or the highest good of all members of the household) to please leave. Then tell them 'if there are any unwilling to leave, you ask God (whatever higher power you believe in) to help them leave'. You can call upon beings I call 'spirit bouncers', these are the astral police, they escort beings from places they shouldn't be, and move them to places they should be. But calling upon God, should take care of the details of things and you won't need to worry about what help is coming to clean the area. Don't be hesitant if a spirit has taken residence in the house for a long time and it's unwanted, spirits DO NOT belong in physical homes.
  3. As you announce that you wish everything not in your highest good to leave, you should clean the astral space with either a white light visualization (something cleaning like a tornado, white water wash, etc.), smudge it with a smudge stick (know how to smudge), or ask for God to send the astral cleaners. There is such a thing and they will clean the astral enviorment for you.
  4. Then ask for either a standing circle of protection to be drawn around the house by God (or higher power), or ask for an inpenetrable web of Self energy to be spun, connecting all corners, all walls, the ceiling, the floor, all. Do this in every room standing in the center of the room. After a room is Self-energized, walk about the room and breath it in and own it. You may wish to ask for a cleaning in each room, and then claim it, and then move onto the next room to be cleaned, etc.
These procedures work. The space will be your private astral home as well as your private physical home. Anything that comes into your reality there will only be for your highest good. If you experience something negative, you will know it will only be for your own benefit as a spirit in learning. You will need to clean the space regularly, as energies and thought-forms can get clumped up in the space. People leave imprints or marks in the astral space and these need to be cleaned. So you will want to clean it with the said methods whenever you clean your house, or whenever you feel it may be needing it.


We have all heard of the occult law of like attracts like, but what it doesn't tell you is that it is what you are, not what you think you are necessarily. 'You' is defined here by what you as a spirit are. Sometimes we find spirits attaching themselves to our auras for like reasons that don't seem like anything that is 'us'.

They can be removed, but if one doesn't heal and intergrate that part of themselves another will only come to take their place for that like reason. Spirits attaching to one's aura can actually be good in this way, as they become bell-ringers to greater aspects of our multi-dimensional Self that are needing healing and intergration.

We don't need extra burden in our lives when we are doing this, and having a non-claimed space can make us susceptible to that kind of burden.

Tim Duna