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Spirits, How To Contact Them

Spirits and the Spirit World

Robert Hay 25 Mar 94 writes:
I think one of the most misunderstood things in religions is people don't make the connection that they are spirit in body and that spirits with out body are no differnt than they are. I come across people who seem terrified by the prospects that a spirit may come and visit them. If a spirit comes and visits you 99.9% of the time he or she has come to give you a message or help you. You can always ask if they are from the white light. They will answer truthfully and if they are not you can consul with them to go to the white light.

The earth is a holding tank for spirits who have not yet gone to the white light and these spirists are the ones closests to us. Because of the healing work and study I do, I come across many spirits who are lost. They are afraid to go to the white light. In most cases they commited suicide or had a violent sudden death. They ussually are very sad souls. If you slowly concentrate on bringing the white light to you and this lost soul, you will see or feel or hear millions of spirit lights all around you. They come to help the lost one back to the white light. The room fills with love. It is best to do this with two other friends minimum though. You can create a tunnel to the white light by having one person sit in a chair and two others hold hands and project a tunnel from the room to the white light.

To start form a triangle between the three of you and allow the spirit or spirits to enter into the center of the triangle. Some of you may sense or see 5 doors open up. There is ussually a sound of a great wind, spiritual wind and you can hear the doors open and close. Once you are satisfied the spirt or spirits are in the center of the triangle move slowly to the person who will sit in the chair. Picture a tube of light between you all which grows smaller and smaller as you come closer to each other. Sometimes out of frieght the spirit may try to escape. Keep in your thoughts that you have infinite power of the universe holding this tube together and nothing can break out of it. The person sitting in the chair should be able to see the spirits or communicate. It is important that you send a strong message visually and feeling wise of love to show the spirit to go to the white light. You can draw the white light down the tube to the spirit which will accellerate the pull and love to the spirit.

Always say a prayer before starting and light a white candle or two.

The spirit world is made up of levels of learning. There is no such thing as male or female as duality does not exist. Spirits ussually come in the form of very bright stars and then if they wish will materialize to a degree so you can see them. These stars or tiny balls of light can travel the universe in a blink so it requires a higher sense of perception to see them and to lift your consciousness so that time is not as relivant. They lower there frequency and we raise ours.

There is much written about the spirit world and everyone has there beliefs about it, I am no differnt. I believe that once we graduate here we learn to create our own universes as God the father create this one, we have part of him in us so we are able to do what he does. We foster growth into infinity.

Another note: If in the spirit world there is no such thing as time, then what are past lives?