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Two-Way Communications
Out-Of-Body Travel
Funeral Meditations
Spiritual Search-And-Rescue Operations

Two-Way Communications

The difference between prayer, mediumship and sorcery is in the tuning of the receiver. Having previously rejected sorcery, here are some experiences ranging from mediumship to prayer.

Caution: these descriptions and explanations are too condensed to be used without training and practice of the prerequisite steps. Some who have tried it "cold" have wound up communicating with less-than-holy ghosts.

Out-Of-Body Travel

Personal rediscovery of some spirit-realms that other people discovered long ago. From these and similar experiences, I tend to recognize their attempts to describe what they experienced.
  • Lost Track Of Time - It is easy to lose track of time during out-of-body travel, and it can be dangerous.
  • An Up-Trip - Was this a dream? Or an out-of-body trip to a place above the astral realms?
  • Wrong Room - An out-of-body trip in the local area, with independent confirmation.
  • Deep Rescue - A down-trip into one of the lower astral realms. Not a nice place.
  • Jim Two - There are not many neighborhoods where it is safe to leave your car parked with a door open and the motor running.


These reports are not theoretical argument or citation of authority, but samples of relevant data.
  • Old Friends - I believe the only rational explanation for this experience is that we once were very good friends, but not in this lifetime.
  • Reincarnation 101 - This insight was a major revelation to me, and I still have not seen or heard of it anywhere else.
  • Phobia - Suddenly incapacitated by acrophobia due to a reactivated past-life memory, and what I did to regain my self-control. Indicates why we usually do not remember past lives, and why past-life exploration motivated by curiosity is not a good idea.

Funeral Meditations

If your spirituality doesn't sustain you at funerals, perhaps you should take another look at it.
  • Paul Routh - An application of the law of attraction.
  • Reginald Wilburn - To legitimize the survivors' feelings.
  • Jimmy Katsiftis - "You will be repaid at the resurrection of the just."
  • Marcia Swett Arpin - Funeral for a friend (my mother). Not the easiest thing I ever did, but in retrospect, my previous funeral meditations helped to prepare me for it.

Spiritual Search-And-Rescue Operations

Also known as detachment therapy, spirit releasement therapy, or minor exorcism.
  • Saint Michael's Manor - My introduction to better techniques for past life therapy and spirit releasement. These new techniques differ from the classic approach to exorcism in three important ways: 1. they're based on kindness; 2. they're rational, and 3. they work.
  • Stacey, The Cat - A good spirit, both before and after she died.
  • Detachment Session, Karen - Transcript of a woman's first experience of spirit detachment. A wide variety of spirits were found lodging with her and rescued.
  • Detachment Therapy 101 - A brief summary of lessons learned in spiritual search and rescue operations. Presented to a meeting of several groups involved in similar work.
  • Caring-Connections Will Stretch - Transcript of a spirit detachment session. I learned more about the law of attraction, and acquired a new tool for this work.
  • Spiritual Rescue Of A Tribe Of Indians - Transcript of a First Century Christianity meeting. The outcome was certainly a surprise to me.
  • First Century Progress Report - A summary of lessons learned during the previous year, in two-way prayer, the act of blessing, individual and group rescue of lost souls; removal of demons, regression therapy, spiritual cleansing, and various approaches to worship.
  • Not Exactly Exorcism - What else could I do with a bus-load of gabby Christian ghosts?
  • Yes, We Also Do Houses - A spiritual search-and-rescue mission in which a woman with no prior involvement in this work channeled a lost soul and experienced the reunion.