Advanced Synastry

Lecture #5 Relationships.
gwynne: ther reason we are going to have a discussion
gwynne: is because I think there are many HOLES
gwynne: in your ability to understand charts..
gwynne: wouldn't you agree?
peppymint3: yeppers...
Angel2Earth: yes, I would
peppymint3: for me, anyway
gwynne: Some of you do not look at the a chart
Ocean Breeze: yes
gwynne: and you focus on somethin that is entirely
gwynne: and then make that the most important part
gwynne: so I am going to take priorities tonight
gwynne: and discuss what I think one should look at
gwynne: in an Astrological
gwynne: Synastry chart...
gwynne: okay??
peppymint3: good
gwynne: any questions before we start..
Angel2Earth: great!
gwynne: Okay..
gwynne: When we put two charts togethr
gwynne: we will call one A
gwynne: and one B
gwynne: First we take A's chart
gwynne: and put B's planets around it
gwynne: in order to find out how B effects A
gwynne: and the second go around
gwynne: we put B's chart in the inner wheel
gwynne: and then A's chart around see how A effects B
gwynne: or you MISS SOMETHING
gwynne: One person can get more out of a RELATIONSHIP
gwynne: than any other..
gwynne: Now tonight
gwynne: I want to talk about KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS
gwynne: as seen in a chart
gwynne: so this is totally about COMPLETION
gwynne: of Karma
gwynne: with someone..
gwynne: and how you would look at it..
gwynne: Most all intense relationships are attached to a
karmic influence..
gwynne: The connections that we look for first
gwynne: are planets in the 1st/4th/7th/10th/12th...
gwynne: The angular planets
gwynne: and the 12th house planets..EMPHASIZE
gwynne: Just as in a natal chart
gwynne: by itself..
gwynne: if there are many angular...or 12th house planets
gwynne: the person will EMPHASIZE RELATIONSHIPS..
gwynne: any questions about this?
gwynne: I will answer the first one completely
gwynne: then go back to the second..
Angel2Earth: understand so far...
gwynne: Right now
gwynne: I want you all to look at your charts
gwynne: and count up the TOTAL PLANETS
gwynne: in the ANGULAR AND 12TH HOUSES..
gwynne: and write the number by your name!!!!
Angel2Earth: Penny = 4
Tui: What is an angular house?
gwynne: 9
Tabitha Ls: angular?
jlm0319: Judy 5
gwynne: 1/4/7/10
Ocean Breeze: Renee 6
gwynne: 12
gwynne: 12th house
gwynne: Now
gwynne: the significance of this is
Tabitha Ls: Tabitha = 6
Tui: 4
peppymint3: 3 only
Angel2Earth: Penny = 0
gwynne: that those of us..who have many planets
gwynne: in those houses
girlie mae: ella 6
gwynne: THRIVE on realtionships..
gwynne: and HAVE TO BE IN ONE..
gwynne: or we feel LIKE WE ARE NOTHING
gwynne: I would consider 6 or more
gwynne: to be many
gwynne: not counting the asteroids
long arrow2: Gene = 3
gwynne: okay
girlie mae: yes, not counting asteroids
gwynne: now look at your RELATIONSHIP
Tabitha Ls: < has 6
gwynne: and the person's planets in those same houses
gwynne: and write the number next to your name
girlie mae: brb
gwynne: in other words...How many planets does your
lover...have in YOUR ANGULAR AND 12TH HOUSES
Angel2Earth: Penny = 1
peppymint3: Peppy 8
Tabitha Ls: tabitha = 5
gwynne: 10
peppymint3: oh,, just his?
gwynne: no
gwynne: yours
peppymint3: not combined..
gwynne: no
MousieMyst: what are we talking about
gwynne: This is significant...
long arrow2: Gene other = 8
peppymint3: Peppy.4
gwynne: to tell you how they fit into your relationship
gwynne: 4 or more
peppymint3: wait,,, do nodes count?
gwynne: is very SIGNFICANT
gwynne: yes
peppymint3: ok,, then more..
peppymint3: ok
gwynne: The NODES are of primary importance
gwynne: as are the Sun and Moon
Angel2Earth: counting nodes then = 3
gwynne: and Venus comes in 4th
peppymint3: 6 then
gwynne: I am finding charts I am doing..
gwynne: that Pluto is playing a big role in SEXUAL OBSESSION
gwynne: so if Pluto
gwynne: of either yours
gwynne: or the other's
gwynne: is on the angles
gwynne: or conjunct the NODES, SUN, MOON, VENUS
gwynne: The reason we have so much sexual karma
happening now
gwynne: is to get in touch with the KUNDALINI
gwynne: break through of ENERGY that is occurring on this
gwynne: Look at your chart...
gwynne: and write next to your name
gwynne: the house and planet conjuncting PLUTO
gwynne: like mine is 12thhouse Pluto conjunct vENUS
Angel2Earth: 7th - Saturn conjunct pluto
jlm0319: Judy 3hse Pluto conj Moon
girlie mae: his pluto conj my no.node in 7th
girlie mae: sorry so.node
peppymint3: not any relationship with pluto in angular houses...
DIVA B: is there a guest speaker tonight?
gwynne: waiting....
gwynne: Pluto activates the SEXUALITY
gwynne: of the PLANET
gwynne: that it touches
gwynne: now...
gwynne: what does the lover's chart
gwynne: connect to in your chart??
long arrow2: My Pluto in her ninth, hers in my 11th. No conjunctions
Aspiritto: Sun and Mars in the 11
Angel2Earth: his Pluto conjuncts my Pluto in the 7th
peppymint3: ok,, his pluto in my 9th conjunct the 9th house cusp.
long arrow2: One conjunction. My Pluto near her Uranus
gwynne: Pluto will conjunct PLUTO
Angel2Earth: and conjuncts my Saturn in the 7th
Unna: Hi my loves got shut out
jlm0319: his pluto conjunct my pluto & moon
gwynne: in same age group
long arrow2: Her Pluto trine my mars.
Unna: i do need to say be whole and love
gwynne: stay only with conjunctions
Angel2Earth: his Pluto conjuncts my Saturn in the 7th
gwynne: when you get to sextiles..trines
gwynne: you lose your priorities
Unna: or can a gem find happiness with a cap
Unna: bye all
gwynne: the commitment planet
gwynne: is SATURN
gwynne: meaning long term..commitment
gwynne: write the house and planet
long arrow2: Whoops Pluto not trine my Mars.
gwynne: that YOUR SATURN IS IN..
Ocean Breeze: 6th cap
peppymint3: Peppy,my saturn in first in sag
gwynne: and also tell me..if your Saturn is conjunct any of the
lover's planets..
gwynne: or NODES
gwynne: remember we are going by importance..of
Aspiritto: no
gwynne: Aspiritto...
peppymint3: Peppy,,, my saturn in first conjunct his south node...
jlm0319: my saturn on 12th hse cusp/in 11th hse within 1
degree of 12
gwynne: where is your saturn?
Angel2Earth: Saturn in Leo in the 7th
gwynne: Peppy
peppymint3: yes?
gwynne: that is definitely past life
gwynne: connected to SOUTH NODE
peppymint3: took a long time to meet up...
gwynne: He is your long lost MOTHER...LOL
peppymint3: <s>
peppymint3: hahahaah
peppymint3: better than me bein his..?
peppymint3: giggle
gwynne: and the reverse is also true...LOL
long arrow2: My Saturn conjunct her Uranus in her 8th.
gwynne: the outer planets
gwynne: conjunct each other
gwynne: have NO SIGNIFICANCE
gwynne: only the OUTER PLANETS
long arrow2: Her Saturn in my fourth
gwynne: If we do not have an interchange of SATURN
gwynne: either through the planet
gwynne: or through angular houses
gwynne: or through Capricorn
girlie mae: my uranus conj his venus in his first house
gwynne: then we don't have much hope for commitment..
gwynne: we aren't at uranus yet
Angel2Earth: my Saturn is not conjunct any of his planets... it is
within 8 degrees of his North Node...
gwynne: but we will get there
girlie mae: oops
gwynne: we are still on Saturn
jlm0319: oh, saturn 29.55' Aries conj his jupiter
gwynne: use in synastry
gwynne: 6 degrees
gwynne: max
peppymint3: must be on both charts/ A to B and B to A?
gwynne: orb
Angel2Earth: then nothing...
gwynne: unless it is a stellium
gwynne: and then it is all drawn together..
gwynne: Now..let's go to Uranus
gwynne: this planet
gwynne: and the coming together of the SOUL GROUP
gwynne: So tell me the house..and planet..YOUR URANUS
gwynne: is conjuncting..
gwynne: or like Girlie just said
Angel2Earth: 5th house... doesn't conjunct anything
peppymint3: Peppy... my uranus in 8th conjunct his saturn both in
girlie mae: my ur is conj his venus
gwynne: has to be a PERSONAL PLANET
girlie mae: in his first
gwynne: such as girlie mae
long arrow2: My Uranus in her 7th. Her Uranus in my 11th.
gwynne: very Atlantean LOVE
gwynne: yes
gwynne: NOw
gwynne: this shows a TELEPATHIC
gwynne: response
gwynne: to lover
gwynne: and understanding what the other is thinking
gwynne: at all times..
gwynne: but more than psychic
gwynne: it is an electric current
gwynne: and also maintains friendship
girlie mae: yes, this is true and annoying
gwynne: at all cost
gwynne: even if married..
Tui: his uranus in my 2 house.his ascendent trine my
Uranus his venus trine my uranus. Uranus is my ruling
planet. What does this say.
gwynne: the trines..are past life...FINISHING..
gwynne: trine does not ACTIVATE
gwynne: this lifetime
gwynne: that is why I don't pay attention to them..
gwynne: Now we come to Neptune
gwynne: and SOUL MATES
gwynne: If Neptune is conjunct
gwynne: either's charts
gwynne: on the ascendant
gwynne: descendant
gwynne: Sun
gwynne: Moon
gwynne: Venus
gwynne: or NODES
gwynne: both North and South
gwynne: then you have a soul UNION
gwynne: look in both your charts..and see what you see about
gwynne: can take his planets..and put them on your
gwynne: without his time..
jlm0319: what about oppositions?
Aspiritto: her neptune conjunct my ascendant
gwynne: very important..but NEVER BALANCED
gwynne: not comfortable..
gwynne: eventual split
girlie mae: my nep. conj his snode
gwynne: okay
gwynne: aspirititto
long arrow2: My Neptune barely conjunct her Jupiter in her 11th.
My 1st
gwynne: that is soul mate
gwynne: in this life..
long arrow2: Her Neptune conjunct my Chiron in my 2nd
Angel2Earth: my Neptune Conjunct his SUn in the 11th...
gwynne: Now remember you can have...many soul mates..
Aspiritto: <S>
gwynne: 4 would be many
gwynne: some you never marry
Angel2Earth: and conjunct his mars in the 12th
gwynne: only true love exists
gwynne: Gene remember the priorities..
gwynne: Jupieter is not that important..
gwynne: in this connection
gwynne: Penny
gwynne: you brought up something interesting
gwynne: when Neptune conjuncts MARS
gwynne: in another's chart
gwynne: it will be eventually PLATONIC ONLY
gwynne: not SEXUAL
gwynne: but very SPIRITUAL
gwynne: I have that with my the composite..
Angel2Earth: ok
gwynne: and that is the way it works..
gwynne: He wouldn't believe me..
gwynne: but 10 years later he does...LOL
girlie mae: <s>
Angel2Earth: but we're just beginning LOL!!!!
gwynne: well
gwynne: you are beginnign at a high level of spirituality
gwynne: sorry dear
Angel2Earth: exactly!
gwynne: it is a spiritual sexual connection
gwynne: at the most
Angel2Earth: yep! you're exactly right!
gwynne: NOW..
gwynne: just stick with what I have gone over..
gwynne: and don't throw any thing else into the mix
gwynne: and you will be able to tell alot
gwynne: about your relationship froom that
gwynne: There is an excellent book
gwynne: called
gwynne: by ACKER
gwynne: and even though it is cookbook
gwynne: it is very accurate
gwynne: I want you to ask questions..
gwynne: about my logic
gwynne: oryour chart
gwynne: only as I have pointed out certain important aspects
gwynne: don't bring other planets into it..
gwynne: I am ready..if you are..
girlie mae: i would have though nep conj mars would have been
a bit more sexual than you pointed out, why not?
More energy(mars) into spirituality (nep)?
gwynne: yes
gwynne: exactly
girlie mae: okay
gwynne: Neptune represents the old celibate priests
gwynne: and celibacy
gwynne: is very much assoicated with Neptune
gwynne: and also Spiritual passion
gwynne: Many men..
gwynne: who have natal charts..with Neptune conjunct Mars
gwynne: are either celibates
gwynne: or Martial arts..
gwynne: masters
gwynne: they source their sexuality
gwynne: in other ways..
gwynne: no questions??
gwynne: do you all know all this stuff??
gwynne: and am I talking down to you....
gwynne: ???
girlie mae: so what the heck does it say...
girlie mae: about my nep conj his snode
gwynne: You have been priests together..
gwynne: and in convents and abbeys together..
girlie mae: geesh <s>
gwynne: also you may have been ABANDONED
gwynne: as children together..
gwynne: because Neputne suggests abandonment..
Aspiritto: my sun /mars in 11th conjunct her Pluto ?
gwynne: wow
gwynne: how old are you?
Aspiritto: 57
gwynne: and she is?
Aspiritto: 52
gwynne: wow o wow
gwynne: I am involed with that
Aspiritto: YES?
gwynne: and it is all in the 12th
gwynne: pretty powerful
Aspiritto: that is where our venus
gwynne: almost tooo powerful
Aspiritto: conjuncts in 12
gwynne: conjuncts each other's venus
gwynne: ??
Aspiritto: have to be equals , yes each others
gwynne: Oh my
gwynne: Tell me when you met
gwynne: and how?
Aspiritto: in 1980
gwynne: This is powerful..and has to be fulfilled
Aspiritto: march16
gwynne: are you married??
Aspiritto: yes
gwynne: and do you get into power struggles?
Aspiritto: no
gwynne: or do you CREATE together..
gwynne: ??
Aspiritto: last fight in 1982
gwynne: Are you both astrologers?
Aspiritto: when i stopped chaseing<G>
Aspiritto: yes astrollogers
gwynne: Excellent
gwynne: so do you work together?
Aspiritto: numerologists moreso
Aspiritto: no we have seperate work lives
gwynne: Sounds like you have really FOUND each other..
gwynne: after many lifetimes
gwynne: did you have INSTANT RECOGNITION?
Aspiritto: gwynne i really wish this fo everyone!!!!
gwynne: I do too
gwynne: Bless you
gwynne: Some of us have much to learn
Aspiritto: She had instant recognition was in dreams my face
and name
gwynne: before we can be with that connection
gwynne: YES
gwynne: I would love to hear your story..would you write me in
e-mail please???
gwynne: HCJA14A
Aspiritto: shall do
gwynne: Wow...
gwynne: Thanks for sharing that..
gwynne: any more questions..before we close the doors...
peppymint3: I have a question?
long arrow2: So what would you say about A's Uranus in B's 7th
Aspiritto: Thank you so much for recognising it in your heart ,
gwynne: it brings intense FRIENDSHIP
long arrow2: And A's No Node in B's 7th?
gwynne: and FEEDOM..
gwynne: a restatement on FREEDOM
gwynne: and at the same time..
gwynne: any more questions?
peppymint3: his north node in my 7th conjunct my south node in
my 6th?
gwynne: same as I told him
gwynne: the sixth is not relevant tonight...
jlm0319: what does Saturn on Venus mean, his on mine, mine
on his, Saturn on Venus/Mars conj for either male or
female, esp his saturn on my 12th hse Venus, also
Uranus Mars, loosely
gwynne: sorry
peppymint3: no matter the conjunction?
gwynne: means restricted loving...
gwynne: and also meeting as older persons..
gwynne: but once the commitment is made
gwynne: it is hard to break
gwynne: the commitment is very BINDING
gwynne: but love is LOST..
gwynne: in the form of affection..
gwynne: This is a somewhat compulsive match
Tui: What about his Mars, Saturn and Neptune in my 5
gwynne: but is very depressing at times..
gwynne: Creatiivity and affair...Tui
gwynne: and nothing more...
gwynne: brings out the best in you..
gwynne: as to your creatiivty..
gwynne: Does he have Mars/Saturn conjunct?
gwynne: That tells me..that he is dealing with his own
gwynne: look at the connection to Neptune also
Tui: i do not know any aspects like that from what i have/
gwynne: men can be impotent...and still be able to have sex..
gwynne: it is very decieving
gwynne: I ought to do a lecture on that someday