Ancient Connections

Gwynne Sonnen

Lesson 1 Advanced class...The connection of reincarnation and karma in the horoscope.

There are reasons for studying our past lives or rather our soul's is a recollection which can expand one's vision and perspective, giving at least a strong subjective proof of continuous life, and it can take the sting of injustice out of the things that happen to us. It can dilute the bitterness of difficult relationships when you can recall something of a past life situation in which you dealt out of such treatment to another which they are now returning in this life. The best attitude to have is a strong faith that whether the details can be recalled or not, all that comes to you is just and, rightly used, can become a stepping stone to greater strength and opportunity. But, being human, it does help to be able to fit past and present together.

For those who question the veracity of any, or most, past life recollections, I can only insist that it is perfectly possible since the Inner Self remembers all lives and, as we are aliving part of that Self, it is only a matter of opening up the line of communication with that Self. Memory in the present is arbitrary; certain things stand out in high relief while others, possibly more important, drop away from consciousness, (many of these memories come through transits and progressions to your natal chart). I can go through most charts and peer into past lives recapturing certain episodes and relationships that have relevance to the present life.

Ask yourself the following questions, when looking at your own chart, because you are the only one who can tell what is happening in your inner world. After looking at your chart what intuitive "hits" do you get about karma you are trying to get through in this lifetime? Do you have a new perspective about some of your relationships, to mother, father, husband, wife, children?

It is not often that we can find ancient records to verify a past life memory such as Dr. Arthur Guirdham was able to do as reported in his fascinating book, THE CATHARS AND REINCARNATION, or as Dr. Ian Stevenson has done in his TWENTY CASES SUGGESTIVE OF REINCARNATION.

How does the natal chart show an astrologer about past lives and karma brought over to be worked out in the present life? First, and remember this is the most important, THE WHOLE CHART TELLS THE STORY...But there are special factors that seem to have particular bearing on the past. Most astrologers who work with past lives emphasize the 12th House, the Sign on ins cusp, its ruler, and any planets posited therein. It seems to have a special significance relating to the last important life: live births only are considered here. One of the definitions of the 12th House is "the House of Self-undoing" which is identical in meaning with negative karma. It is the House of "secret enemies" and, as it rules our unconscious, it is easy to see why our own unconscious is frequently brought over from our past lives.

Some astrologers believe that the sign on the 12th house cusp was the ascending sign of the last significant life and if the chart is tilted so that the present 12th house becomes the 1st house and the present 1st house becomes the 2nd, and so on and so forth until you have the general horoscope of the last life. I use this model frequently and I am uncertain how much of what I get is pure intuition and an empathy with the whole chart and how much of it is delineated as above.

Many astrologers hold that we progress through the twelve signs in order as ascendants and as Sun Signs. If you had Taurus on your Ascendant and your Sun in virgo in this life according to that theory you would have had Aries on your Ascendant and Sun in Leo in the last life and in your next life you will have Gemini on the Ascendant and Libra as the Sun Sign.

None of these rules are hard and fast...some folks are so evolved that they have spent many years out of body teaching on the upper levels..these people can pick and chose charts to maximize their efforts on this plane of existence. These charts are very difficult to read.

As one of your assignments this time, I would like for you to take your chart and look at the 12th house and give me a brief summary of your immediate past life....Please use your intuition regarding this.

The 12th house signifies the heaviest karma in the past. The Moon represents a general reflection of what we have been in the past---an image assimilated past experience and behavior patterns. The Moon symbolizes, especially according to its Sign position, the particular mental and emotional karmic patterns which either inhibit or help us. A popular theory is that the last planet that the Moon conjuncted prior to birth is the one that affects the behavior the most because the qualities of that planet can be used as the main tool in dealing with the challenges of this life. The planet that the Moon conjuncts immediately after birth--the one toward which the Moon is progressing shows the experiences and people we need to meet and the nature of the lessons we are to learn in this life. So the progressing Moon points toward the development of the new tools, new experiences, and new people who will help us. Supposing the Sun is the first planet the Moon will conjunct after birth. The Sun then represents the types of people and experiences you are to work upon and with in this incarnation. You will meet leaders, because you are to become a leader and through them learn to deal with attention directed upon yourself.. You will learn to develop self-assurance, leadership, optimism, and get rid of all self-negation. The Moon's Nodes and the signs in which they are deposited can give added information concerning the past as well as the future. The South Node shows what we bring into this life with us from the past, and the North Node shows our destination, what we are going to carry on with us.


1. What houses in your personal chart have the most significant indicators of past lives?

2. What are the rulers of your angles, and where are the ruling planets placed?

3.. What is the ruler of your 12th house and what planets inhabit this house, combine this with the placement of the ruler, and what does that mean about you?

4. What does your North Node tell you about your destiny?

5. What does your South Node tell you about your past addictions?

6. What planet did your moon last pass over before your birth?

7. What planet did your moon conjunct first after your birth?