Gwynne Sonnen

The Shadow 1/st/7th houses

We will just focus on the 1st/7th house because we will discuss the SHADOW of the Personality and how it relates to one's inner growth and ability to delineate other's shadow work as defined through the astrological chart.

The Shadow is that part of our personality that is in the PERSONAL UNCONSCIOUS as opposed to the deeper unconcsious or the collective unconscious. Many of we Jungian types believe it to be in the shadow of the consciousness so we are able to view it occasionally if we learn to see peripherally. The shadow is a part of the personality that has been suppressed and is really an integral part of the persona of the 1st house. The 1st house represents our persona, role, mask..which we present to the world and that part of us that is defined by the birth moment and our growing up years where we learned what role was acceptable for us to PLAY/BE. The Shadow, eventhough represented by MANY OTHER FACTORS IN THE ASTROLOGICAL CHART, can mostly be seen through an indepth study of the 7th it is that part of our selves that we PROJECT ONTO OTHERS and is seen very obviously in our RELATIONSHIPS. With the SAME SEX, the PROJECTION OF ENERGY is very much the SHADOW..with the OPPOSITE SEX, the ENERGY is that which is the REACTION to the opposite sex partner. (If you are a woman, and it is with your husband, then it will be your LEARNED REACTION to men as you most likely learned from your mother or other important women in the family, and only involves those ENERGIES THAT WE SUPPRESS.) There are many valuable spontaneous parts of us that, as we grow older seep into our unconscious as we are told they are UNACCEPTABLE or JUDGED by us to be NOT TO BE EXPRESSED. Gradually as we grow older, we start seeing THESE REPRESSED PARTS OF OURSELVES in others that we ATTRACT as PARTNERS/BUSINESS EMPLOYERS/EMPLOYEES, LONG TERM FRIENDSHIPS. The SHADOW is always represented in dreams and in consciousness by the SAME SEX. If you are seeing your shadow in the opposite sex, it is only because of the same sex reactions you have learned.

Tonight we will focus on the 1/st/7th axis the 1st house being the PERSONA..the 7th house being the SHADOW. Before I go through each of the signs and how they display the persona/shadow dance, I want to remind you that SHADOW energy can be seen through the MOON/SATURN/PLUTO and most all of the other planets/asteroids, depending on how they are being transited, their placements in the charts and the angular position. So I am only discussing a fragmented part of SHADOW work using the astrological chart tonight.

Please look at your chart and determine what sign rules your 1st and 7th houses so that you can pick up the energies that pertain to you. Also remember that your SOLAR CHART, where your SUN would be the 1st house will also apply to you, and the opposite sign of the Sun will represent your shadow. So pay close attention to these axis and we will have questions after the lecture. I will go through the axis, beginning with ARIES/LIBRA..continuing through to the cycle of LIBRA/ARIES and describe these, all twelve combinations. This will take two weeks and we will discuss the LIBRA/ARIES series next week and continue the discussion of SHADOW.

Beginning with Aries/Libra..we have the Aries persona of the warrior, the aggressive, independent personality..with the shadow of Libra which is the indecisive, relationship dependent, 'peace at any cost' type of individual. Remember that the SHADOW is not a PLEASANT part of you which you WANT TO OWN UP some of the connotations might be NEGATIVE, however there are very postiive qualities which I call the GOLDEN SHADOW, which we will look into in the Grail/Celtic Class.

Next we have Taurus/Scorpio..Taurus persona is the earthy, realistic, fundamental, sensual personality..while the Scorpio shadow is the manipulative, sexual, dogmatic/dictatorial, possessive, jealous part of the personality.

Gemini Persona/Sagittarius the Gemini being the talkative, pleasing, curious, friendly persona as opposed to the Sagittarius Shadow of pontification, gypsy type, commitment phobic, intellectually boring personality.

Cancer Persona/Capricorn Shadow...Cancer personality will be nurturing, caring, loving, motherly, emotional and moody and will see the Capricorn shadow within self as cold, restrictive, emotionally abandoning, overly responsible, and bossy.

Leo Persona/Aquarius Shadow...Leo personality will be charasmatic, friendly, dramatic, regal, leader/authority...The Aquarius shadow will seem to the Leo to be detached, erratic, eccentric, rebellious, and too scattered.

Virgo Persona/Pisces Shadow....Virgo persona is analytical, astutue, exacting, good communicator, excellent employee..while the Pisces shadow within is a dreamer, confused, not dependable, unfocused and incurable romantic.

2nd Lecture on the Astrological Shadow 1st/7th house axis.

I want to welcome all of you to this ongoing lecture series on astrology/psychology . I assume that all of you are familiar with the PERSONAL work that is demanded of ASTROLOGERS and those who study the psychic realms. If you are not familiar with astrology and the intimate revelations that can come from doing a chart, please do not ask questions to which you are not prepared to recieve the answers. It is not my intention to get tooo personal with my responses, however, I am a BOTTOM LINE astrologer and I see what I see. It is either the truth for you or it is false, in either case, it is only MY SENSE OF YOUR CHART based on 30 years experience. My advise to you, if you are hesitant to ask the question, then DON T. Take response ability for your feelings and your sensing as to the appropriate timing for your questions. Feel free to question me on all matters, and if I see these things, I will answer them.

We left off with the Virgo/Pisces axis last week regarding the 1st house Persona/Mask/role that we all play..and the 7th house Shadow/Projection/other relationship to self. We actually should call the 7th house relationself rather than relationship. Are there any questions about the PERSONA, or the SHADOW, before we begin going through the signs?

We begin with Libra Persona/1st house cusp/ascendant and Aries Shadow/7th house cusp/descendant.. Libra wears the soothing/peacemaking relationships at any cost, MASK..and will be concilliatory as so not to cause a breach in the relationship, however the Aries SHADOW creates an independent, rebellious and internal raging personality which will often not show up unless it is in the form of another relationship. We very seldom see the Libra ascendant show these Aries shadow figures as they are distasteful and inappropriate in the eyes of the Libra.

Scorpio Persona/1st house/ascendant and Taurus/Shadow/7th house will show two extremes. The Scorpio mask is one of intensity and secrecy about SELF, eventhough they are very astute regarding other s secrets and confidential information. The Taurus 7th house will look possessive, tied down to earthy materiality and also too focused on the desire level for the Scorpio ascendant. Again, this is all below the surface as are all personal shadow conflicts.

Sagittarius Persona/ascendant and Gemini/shadow/7th house. The Sagittarius is the freedom loving gypsy that moves about with style and grace, talking and lecturing up a storm to whomever will listen, lacks tact and is so truthful that it is often uncomfortable to be around them. The Gemini will be the perennial student, curious, flirtatious, somewhat superficial to the Sag ascendant, moving from one relationship to the other as BOREDOM sets in. Sounds pretty judgemental doesn t it Sag???

Capricorn/Persona/Ascendant and the Cancer/Shadow/Descendant will look like this: Capricorn will be the practical, persevering, realistic, responsible, down to earth type of pragmatic thinker, while Cancer is tooo sensitive, listens to everyone s woes, has no emotional boundaries and cries at the drop of the hat..

Aquarius/Persona/ascendant and Leo/Shadow/descendant. Aquarius is the freedom fighter, the REBEL WITH A CAUSE, the friend to all, the humanitarian of the century and the brilliant mind that seeks to KNOW, while Leo is the grandiose, dramatic, exaggerated, too expressive, individual who the Aquarian deems ECCENTRIC.

Pisces/Persona/ascendant and Virgo/Shadow/descendant. Pisces is the sensitive, psychic, mystically spiritual, romantic individual who sees the Virgo as nitpicky, critical, controlling, compulsive, analytical, and cannot see the forest for the trees.

I have done these very briefly and you will notice that the persona judges the shadow so that it would be a negative experience to OWN THE SHADOW, however our shadows can be turned into a positive and intense spiritual experience, which creates wholeness if only we allow this to happen. It can truly turn into a GOLDEN SHADOW..