Energy Shadows

Stalking the Energy Pendulum

Recently I have been reading JUNG S SEMINAR ON NIETZSCHE S ZARATHUSTRA which has given me some new inroads to thinking regarding energy systems as they are being manipulated on our planet at this time. We are our bodies obviously and bringing spirit into these magnificent earth machines, moment to moment. When working with myself, friends, and clients, I am enchanted with the WAY that energy infuses into us and gives us a surge of healing power, as well as depresses us into a wasted state, etc. My fascination with working through the Jungian principles and correlating them to the work on the body systems, as well as relating gestalt, Reichian bioenergetics, and other forms of new approaches to the ancient wisdoms, has given me shifts in my perceptions and allowed a free flow of information. Some of this may be useful you as the reader, and what you must realize is that it is MY PROCESS, the continuation of a growing process of learning, adapting, and applying the works I read to the here and now of my practice.

Recently archetypes and the shadows of archetypes in their purest form have been on my mind and in my energy field. The infusion of energies on this planet, and into the reality systems of all of us, is either exhilarating or quite frustrating if one does not have a solid foundation or hold on reality...such as the reality of the EGO. Playing with the DRAMA of the ARCHETYPES is quite incendiary if one does not remember to stay grounded through relationships, through mundane activity, through day to day disciplines. Jung always said that a form of psychosis is when we get too close to a merge with our guiding archetypes. So one must stay the distance, so to speak, when working with the inflation and psychopomp of identification with the archetypal structures. When we are in our perfect moment, we are surrounded by these wonderful structures as inspirational opportunities...when we are in our density of the moments..we are seized by the gods and goddesses and they whip us around a Icarus who came to close to the Sun and singed his wings. Riding Pegasus and holding onto the reigns might help us guide our adventure through this life, with a reminder that discipline and body work is a necessity in order to stay on the ground. Jung reminds us:

Nietzsche is an excellent example of an isolated individual trying to cope with such an experience, and we see the typical consequences. His feet don't remain on the ground, his head swells up and he becomes a sort of balloon; one is no longer sure of his identity, whether he is god or a demon or a devil, a ghost or a madman or a genius. Now such a man, as we have seen in the preceding seminars is always threatened by a compensation from within. Naturally when one gets an inflation, one begins to float in the air, and the body then becomes particularly irksome or heavy---it begins to drag, often quite literally. people in that condition become aware of a heaviness somewhere, of an undue weight which pulls them down, and since they are identified with the body, they often try to strangle it.

When we are being visited by spirit, our guides, or in the disguised archetypes, we must remember that we are NOT THEM, that they remain our lenses for perception...often inflated lenses and magnifying the reality so much so that we become INFLATED as them. Learning to work with them, to dialogue, to psychodramatize, or simply to go to the movie theater, a play or watch television, can help us personalize these infusion points so that we can get a view from the top, or a reflection in our daily mirror of the energies that surround us.

We are moving into the Aquarian age and are not longer saddled with the Piscean principle of sacrifice..much like our dear Christian saints would have had us believe.

The Christian saints used to deal with the problem in that way. They mortified the body in order to get rid of its weight. Nietzsche was a man of the 19th century, and that was no longer the way...Nietzsche was a man of the 19th century and that was no longer the right way..On the contrary, he makes a great point of the body; he preaches the return to the body. But he makes a point of it that he inflates the body; he makes it inaccessible though overrating it.

This is a delicate matter as we can neither deny the body nor laud it into inflation. We are forced to look at our shadows, the casting of our devils behind us... Get thee behind me!
We keep our shadows at the periphery of discovery and like Nietsche will succumb to the psychopomp unless we take a cautious look at what lies within us or behind us wherever that might be. Often it is in our relationships to others that we see our shadow working its magic. When working, as healers, we often see it in the projections and SLAG in the system, both of self and others, hanging on for dear life so as to be recognized, assimilated, integrated and RELEASED.

Nietzsche failed to recognize this about his body and died an early death as he could not discriminate through his incredible inflation. I wonder sometime if we don t all have a bit of inflation through which the mirror glows darkly? hmmmm???

It is really the shadow that bothers him; while praising the body he doesn't see that the shadow is representing the body. Then the shadow takes on extraordinary importance, and since he is no longer identical with the body it becomes a demon.
he shadow ought to be PERSONIFIED so as to be discriminated...As long as you feel it as having no form or particular personality, it is always partially identical with you; in other words, you are unable to make enough difference between the object and yourself. If you call the shadow a psychological aspect or quality of the collective unconscious, it then appears in you; but when you say, this is I and that is the shadow, you personify the shadow, and so make a clean cut between the two, between yourself an the other, and inasmuch as you can do that, you have detached the shadow from the collective unconscious.

Becoming part of our reality and incorporating all facets of self into the ONE self is a difficult, often impossible, task. However, for optimum healing it will be necessary for us all to look at those projections and mirrors that present themselves daily to us. I feel fortunate to get the bad with the good at all times. I have some phenomenal mirrors to look into through a few very old and trusted friends, as well as my peers who have been doing their personal work and walking their talk, so to speak. I also have some peers at work who represent the Hitler approach to authority and until I can find a way to incorporate some of that sadomasochistic energy into my universe and have it function for me AS me, in a palatable manner, I will choose to keep the projections outside of me as mirrors on which to learn the most important lessons of the SHADOW. This is neither good or bad, it just IS. What are some shadows and collective issues you have been working with?

How are you handling the inflation that comes with being infused with such incredible spirit?

My questions should come to you regularly since I am full of them. (laughing) I enjoy the repartee of this newsletter and wish it to be a in depth discussion for interested parties. How about you? What do you want from this newsletter?

The meanderings of the Goddess who is catiwampus on her throne!!!