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Chiron in Aries....

You find that being a leader of any activity puts you face to face with your own vulnerabilities...You might even get headaches over your repressed anger at having to be assertive...Learning to lead in this lifetime, to assert yourself, to own the male within self is calling to you, as well as standing up for yourself and others who might not be able to fight for their rights and freedoms. Freedom, independence, and spiritual plights are very much the issue in this lifetime and you have been one hell of a spiritual warrior in lifetimes passed, so it should not be new to you. Your ability to hide your light under the wings of another in the guise of relationships will not work. You are truly on your own and cannot put off the inevitable.

Chiron in Taurus...

You have an intense vulnerability about your own sense of possession and your values are definitely in question when trying to assess material worth. This lifetime may find you on a quest to learn the true material wealth proportionate to your valued energy. You may find yourself ensconced in relationships that put value on beauty, possessions, etc. and not pay attention to the inner value of the persons. This will take away from your intimate relationships in this lifetime and your relationships need to be evaluated differently. Your attachments to your own thinking get you into trouble because you are not aware that it is this ATTACHMENT that prevents you from seeing the whole picture.

Chiron in Gemini....

Chiron in Gemini will give you and indication as to how gossip can hurt, especially when you are the one being gossiped about. If you speak out and tell the truth you will get passed all of this inhibited speech, however if you stutter around and hide the real true expression, it will bring you to your knees. Learning to speak simply and with truth is a great lesson for you and might be reflected to you about others who might lie straight to your face in order to avoid confrontation. You may also have some karmic debt to a brother or sister who you have wounded in past lives. This is a time in this lifetime to speak your mind and make sure that the truth is the bottom line.

Chiron in Cancer...

Your nurturing needs are the most vulnerable part of you. Taking care of yourself and lettting others know what you need are real challenges in this lifetime.You tend to take care of others so that you won t HAVE to be taken care of by them. It is an avoidance mechanism and is ultimately very hurtful to you. You may have problems with your breasts or stomach as the anger about ultimate abandonment of the mother instinct is set deeply within your being. You have to serve others in a way that allows them to love and nurture you in return so that you can undo the damage that over acidic and toxic relationships have done to you in the past.

Chiron in Leo
Chiron in Leo is a real challenge for you to let go of ego related issues and learn to reach deeply into your vulnerability in order to lead people and to serve humanity. You will find that your ego is very taken up with serving others and having due respect served back to you. When this doesn t happen, you will feel your spinal column shoot out intense pain, especially in the lower back and the survival zones in the body. Becoming guided by your higher SELF and not letting your EGO self be your guide are the messages of this intense lifetime of service and dedication to higher goals. You are truly a person with a great vulnerability and heart felt feelings, so intensely so that you hurt at the slightest show of cruelty, either in relationships or in your environment. It is strange that you subject yourself to a form of abuse just to learn this lesson.

Chiron in Virgo

Virgo reminds you of the slave you once were. You tend to slave away to this day, in this lifetime for the people who don t lift their hand to help. Your priorities need to put YOU at the top of the list so that you will not be subjected to digestive problems and social criticism. Your workplace can be fraught with criticism, and back-biting competition unless you remove your identity and ego from the office routine. This can be true of you even if you stay at home. Be careful to follow a healthy regimen and take care of the body you chose to create in this lifetime. You will find that you have much to give others in the form of advice and concern and others will tend to use you to the last drop. So spare some precious solitude for self.

Chiron in Libra

This is the lifetime of relationships and learning balance in a way that is internal and not external. Noticing what happens in your intimate relationships that creates havoc has been difficult for you. You have watched yourself only in the mirror of the person you are with and not taken a closer look at your ability to intimately connect, heart to heart, with another individual. You may skip from one relationship to another until you find the true partner WITHIN and learn to treat yourself the same way that you wish others to treat you. Only then will you reap the rewards that you were meant to have in relationships with others. Learning not to project all of your awareness and consciousness onto another so as to give them complete power over you is the quest of this lifetime.

Chiron in Scorpio

Scorpio is the wound of the deepest kind as it creates an intense angst with your survival and your way of coping. You will find that monogamous sexual relationships might suffer until you can learn to truly discover your sense of loyalty to self and to another. This is a bitter pill of a placement if you are not aware of the secrets you bear about your own upbringing and your own vulnerabilities. You can be of great help to others through counseling and healing if you have learned these lessons as a healer in past lives. You have incredible strength and this strength can be used to create your success or your demise. You might suffer from illnesses of the genitalia, prostate, or colon if you misuse this intensity and it will heal as soon as you recognize your own survival and healing skills.

Chiron in Sagittarius

Sagitarius brings forth the need to tell the truth at all
costs, even to risk the most important relationships. You
will find that now, as Pluto transits Sagittarius, that
philosophies, yours in particular, are up for observation.
YOu will find yourself in deep disagreement with those
around you and you are able to discern if someone is being
phony and leading others astray. You will have to put on
your warrior suit to let them know that TRUTH WILL TAKE NO
PRISONERS. You must learn to set yourself free as well as
set others free, by enlarging their visions and their quests
for the Grail of Nobility. You have been many places and in
many cultures in your many lifetimes and have learned the
ways of the world to such an extent that you are truly
WORLDLY...You have learned that all have the ability to tell
what is in their deepest soul...and that all have
intelligence that can be reached if only it is tapped into.
YOu are truly a sword bearer and unless you are out there
telling the truth as you know it, you will become a couch
potato with weight problems...Movement is what you are all
about...internal and external.

Chiron in Capricorn

Chiron, the wounded one does not make himself to noticeable in Capricorn the best of the senex and the wise one...because showing wounds would be much too vulnerable an action for the oftentimes the Chiron aspect in Capricorn will break bones, overburden oneself with responsibilities etc...before admitting that rest is needed and that one cannot be totally responsible for all actions in this life...This person comes from a long line of responsibilities for healings of oneself...and must carry this burden alone much of the time..even though there is a longing for a companion nurturer to pick up the slack...The inner child must be contacted to find the needs of this overburdened Chiron in Capricorn..

Chiron in Aquarius

You have the capacity to be detached and removed from
situations, so much so that you become lost in a maze of
detachments. Learning to become intimate with others and to
connect in a way that allows others to truly see your
vulnerabilities is what you are all about in this service to
mankind. You will find that your circulation will give you
problems unless you get plenty of exercise and fresh air as
you become overwhelmed with your own lack of discernment at
a feeling level...This is a lifetime for you to be guided by
your heart and still remain in your wisdom. You will find
that you are leading a very normal life and then all of a
sudden you will find some extenuating circumstance change
your life completely into a return of past life karmic
relationships...These relationships are ones that you left
behind in many lifetimes...and now they are looking for
commitment and attachment...Don't remain aloof...

Chiron in Pisces

This placement will cause you to be extremely sensitive to humanities needs and even be attuned in a hypersensitive way to channeled energies coming from other planets. You will feel chaotic events happening beneath your skin before they ever hit the news. Your feet might hurt when you have felt weary for those persons who have not been as fortunate as you. You have walked in their shoes and feel the
weight of the world. Your humility and your service will afford you to sit in the most honorable positions and also allow you into the lowliest of worlds. Learning to live with others who have far more problems than you have is a lesson that you are learning in this life. You are on one of your last lifetimes and will render great service, with the attitude, not unlike Mother Theresa. You are deeply spiritual and suffer deeply spiritual agony when wrongs are not righted!!!