Healing Shadows


The old beliefs, the old lies, the old rigidity..and by taking inventory on these bodily manifestations, we might be able to build a new and more OPEN body for our SOUL s infusion. We come to this planet through an intense energy of light vibration and as we incarnate and get closer to the EARTH, the magnetic field gets dense, the thought forms manifest and lo and behold!! we land on this earth in physical form, taking on within our bodies ALL THAT IS on this planet; all the thoughtforms, the belief systems, the families, the personalities, the governmental and cultural structures, the place which houses our bodies...we take all of it into our body ..and then we begin PROCESSING..this PERSONALITY..in this life.. We often forget that a SOUL from which we came is out there, trying to maintain the LINK..the UMBILICAL CORD..the ANTAKARANA that links us to our ONENESS with others and SELF..

The body is a phenomenal piece of work. There are many bodies within our body, the physical, the etheric, the astral, the SOUL BODY, and all of them are entertwined together so that healers with SIGHT and INTUITION, such as Buddha, Jesus Christ, Lao Tse and many others, can automatically see our bodies in ALL DIMENSIONS. We also can see these very same dimensions if we train our EYE and our SENSES to become the ONE, the UNIFICATION with the SOURCE...and in doing so, we can monitor, heal, rearrange, repolarize, re identify all that creates DIS EASE and ARMOUR that is needless. I want to make a very important distinction here. Dis Ease and Armour Protection within our Bodies and the bodies of others is the TEACHER OF THE PROCESS. If we do not pay attention to the LESSONS..we fail and we eventually die. We are always in a state of learning, feeling, sensing, intuiting, that which our body is telling us. What is your body telling you?

I am going to go over some GENERAL meanings regarding body armour and body shadow energy. The SHADOW is that part of you which is reflected in your relationships, projections, high energy involvements, and seems to always slip past your AURIC ENERGY into your body when not processed...the body creates the actual MIRROR OF YOUR TEMPLE OF WORSHIP so that you have to pay attention and maintain some vigilant disciplines about the care and nurturance of your own body. After I go through these general meanings of character armour, much of which I learned through the study of Wilhelm Reich, Fritz Perls, and Alexander Lowen, but mostly just through my psychic intuitiion, we will then be open to your questions and comments.

We manifest in our bodies the following symptomology so that we can learn how to deal with this DENSE PLANET..and get past the process in order to MERGE IN ONENESS.

The head is the part of us that is caught up in thoughtforms, thinking, intellect, analyzing and many of us operate TOTALLY FROM OUR HEADS trying to make sense of all that comes to us and from us. Even as I am giving this lecture my head is using up all its oxygenation and I am not focusing on breathing into my head to prevent headaches...too much energy focused in one area for any length of time, will create STAGNATION in that area, due to no oxygen..Headaches and more head injuries create a need to get OUT OR YOUR MIND and INTO YOUR BODY.

The speech mechanisms in the throat and all around the chest area can create such blocks as laryngitis, polyps, our children who have speech defects because we have not learned to COMMUNCIATE OUR TRUTH. YES, even our children manifests our DENIAL OF BODY..sometimes the lessons have to be given with a 2 X 4 over the head in the form of our progeny.

Our hearts get blocked, BIG TIME, due to our inability to love self, others, without limitation, judgement, and willingness to receive LOVE/NURTURANCE. Many people think that it is a matter of ACTION of LOVING. I see it as a shuttiing down to RECEIVING LOVE unconditionally. Our inability to RECEIVE touch, care, love..all of this SHUTS THE HEART DOWN TO A SCREECHING HALT.

Our tummys are loaded with the unexpressed anger...the ABANDONMENT of the MOTHER..the lactose intolerance..because we were fed with ATTACHMENT and with the toxicity of the MOTHER S ATTACHMENT OR ABANDONMENT..both creating the same polarity. The over mothering is just as abandoning of the child as the mother who leaves her child on the doorstep of the OTHER.

Our pelvises and sexual chakras are the SEAT OF KUNDALINI..and shock us into action through frustration, through charisma, through magnetic chemistry between us and others. The planet is going through major SHIFTS of SEXUAL energy and how we use it. This ENERGY IS PURE..and we put THOUGHTS/FEELINGS/EMOTIONAL DRAMAS on this energy so that we can source our more intense selves. We refuse to own our male/female in ONENESS..We don t want to look in the face of our husbands, wives, and lovers, and say... He/She is ME ..I am having a sexual relationship with MYSELF..so we manifest all kinds of problems in our genitalia...

I could go on to all parts of the body down to the BIG TOE..but I will leave it open for questions and more meaningful dialogue coming from the audience. Thanks for bearing with me on this and stay with us AFTER this lecture as we will do a HEALING of BODY/SOUL..