Inner Work

Gwynne Sonnen-Mayer, 1998

Conversations about Shadow work, Inner work.. scattered responses to others.

"...The crying infant, the lonely child, the frustrated
adolescent, the hopeful lover, the amgitious worker all
these want to have a life through you. And so they do,
after a fashion. No single personality ever finds complete
fulfillment; therefore all must clamor to get their moment
in the sun---or in the SHADOWS...
the resulting conflict is what makes human life so
ambiguous, so full of light. Like an infant, a wizard
doesn't hold on to energy. Having released all those
remembered attachments that fuel our inner warfare, a wizard
has gone beyond personality to dwell in pure awareness. The
way to move from the mortal state to the wizard's state may
seem mysterious, but in fact it is completely natural. All
that is required is balance, which the flow of life is
perfectly capable of perserving.
There are many ways of releasing old energies, One of the
most powerful is simply to acknowledge that they are there.
Instead of denying that you feel shame or blame, for
example, look at yourself and just say, "this is how I
feel." Often this moment of self-awareness is enough,
because ultimately all held energies are being trapped
inside through denial. Overcome denial and half the battle
is won. Acknowledgement is a form of self-acceptance. You
don't have to say, "It's okay to feel shame and blame,"
because in fact these are energies you want to let go of,
not perpetuate. But it certainly is okay to say "I have
these feelings. They are real."

There is a great release of TRAPPED ENERGY when we
acknowledge where we are, and how we feel..without judgement
and planning..
We are often not aware of the energy we reflect into the
UNIVERSE..and it all comes from WITHIN..Usually we are not
aware that we are projecting energy in such a way because it
is a vast resevoir of energy from the collective
unconscious...We may consciously feel we are a very positive
person but from deep within, we do not project the same
strength..and so we constantly find that life does not seem
to go the way we want it to go...We need to look carefully
at what is the INNER BEING...within...and AKNOWLEDGE OUR
INNER BEING with introspection, dedication and

Living in the moment is also akin to that moment in time
when we the morning...between dreamworld and
earthworld...As Chopra states:

"Being fully human makes us real. Reality can't be defined,
it can only be expereinced. Be alert to those brief moments
during the day when you experience your fundamental self
behind a breath, a feeling, a sensation. Before you jump
out of bed tomorrow, see if you can catch the fleeting hint
of being, pure and simple, before the mind starts
chattering. This still, silent, nameless state is very
satisfying. It cannot be touched by thinking, talking or
doing. It's the castle whose walls no army will ever scale,
guarding the treasure house where the real riches of life
are stored."...

Posted Responses on Shadow/Inner work from Gwynne

Dear C ..I find this strand of great interest..and one
more time, dear one, you see how we (HUMANITY) create our
COLLECTIVE SHADOW (homeless)...And one more time, you see
who amongst us are responsible for doing that and who
aren't..You are doing a great job of dredging up universal
mirrors of the SHADOW to look at..Next, you will be having
us doing something about our role in AIDS??? in CHILD
ABUSE???in SERIAL MURDERS?? oh dear..what am i going to do
with you..cept to say...KEEP TRUCKIN

Dear OB, just wrote an acknowledgement about Cs role on
this strand..and want to say to you, also that I appreciate
the ability you have to create alternative dialogues about
the deeper issues we all have as a COLLECTIVE..WE are
creating these UNIVERAL look at and to BE
RESPONSE ABLE for..and we shall find many who want to have
the GOVERNMENT OR AN AGENCY fix these ills, or blame THEM
for not fixing them..not us..but we are doing it..even this
simple bulletin creating a process by which we
need to own the ills of humanity and create a UNIVERSAL
BURP!!! to get this energy OUT IN THE LIGHT..Thanks for
being here dear!!

Dear MThis society is fixing to reach the HUNDREDTH
MONKEY..and from then on it is on to the

Dear K ...I am just honoring both of the SPACE..that
you do agreee..For the most part I do not see any
resemblance of the same message coming from either of
you..It would be like comparing apples and oranges..But we
have been through an awful lot together and I want to finish
the karma that seems to be prevalent in our threesome we need to meet in that very small infinite
space..and the larger more INTIMATE SPACES needed to be held
by our GUARDIAN AT THE as not to be

Dear C After our somewhat lengthy discussion this
morning..I am much clearer about your role here on the bb,
helping others to own the ills of society..which in a C certainly walk your talk. However..we need at
times to look at only those SPACES AND PLACES..AND
FACES..where we meet and i know that you are trying to do
that. I was reading through the notes ONE MORE see
where I could get some constructive energy to relay to
you..and this is all I can see and say..You are an
EVANGELICAL TYPE..that is very gifted/creative in
expression..however, I feel sometimes as if you are
PREACHING TO ME..not WITH ME..and I might as well be in the
Burning Bush at WACO..when DAVID KORESH (moses of Texas) was
trying to save his exiles..
We come from two separate worlds my dear..and we will never
have our feet in the same space at the same time..AND we can
live together on this bb..and give each other all the love
and support we can muster without getting into a HOLY WAR, a
as long as you honor my threshold..and I honor yours...Let's
not cross the line dear..and we can have our early morning
STAKE...specially the one that gets jammed through our
hearts!!! honoring you my dear, Gwynne

What if we are part of a soul group..that manifests..its
devas and to the degree we need to..and the
NUMBERS have nothing to do with it..God is our purest form
of Light within that group..and that is our state of
ONENESSS..what if, dear J

Dear C Why in the BOPPERS would Gwynne slap your hand or
bop you for such a well thought out post? I am in agreement
with you, only I will take it one step further in regards to
ONENESS..I think EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US...who has the
propensity should take in whomever they are WILLING TO TAKE
IN..into their homes and family AS FAMILY...Oneness is an
EXPERIENCE of OWNING those parts of US that are
ONE..wherever the energy takes us...Sometimes we need to let
those that are part of our oneness just BE and it is all
about ENERGY AND WHAT IT ATTRACTS...Thanks for the
post.. The only disagreement that you and I ever have
is yours and my IMBALANCE as to INTERVENTION and our own
CONTROL mechanisms..which border on SAVIORISM..We tend to
have that 'old time religion' in our words dear!!!