Karma Astrology

Gwynne Sonnen

Karmic Lecture....

Karma is the unfinished business of past lives seen through the Soul's Eyes. We have no way of knowing EXACTLY the specifics (names, dates, etc.) of what, when and where we were in the past. This is a rare case, the one where someone identifies a home, lineage, gave sites, buildings that can be identified and researched. The Soul evolves though learning on the Earth School. There are many personalities and many learning experiences needed for the soul to master life on earth.

The Soul generally incarnates around the same families or subjects that help gain the experience it needs. This can be a positive, negative, or neutral experience, and often has no rhyme or reason to the human system of logic. When we have done good deeds in the past lives, rather than being rewarded, we might be on a path of INITIATION which calls for overcoming of even greater hardships. Many people try to rationalize a simple explanation by a direct contrast to past lives...it is much more difficult and complex than that. We will never know, the SOUL may know much on the inner planes, what is the
reason for our sufferings or rewards.

On our planet, at this time, there are many more advanced souls than at the time of some of the ancient writings, even those who wrote THE SECRET DOCTRINE, The Bible, Alice Bailey Series. We have generations born since the 40's who are building consciousness levels after each generation, becoming more evolved, and more on the path of DISCIPLESHIP...the study of disciplines the soul needs to experience in order to go on into the Hierarchy of Souls who are master teachers on the OTHER SIDE...A part of all of each one of us in a continuum of our soul experience...If you imagine a single vibrational star that is your Soul...and as it shines on earth, thousands of personalities evolve from that one star, staying within the vibration of that shining light. We are only a part of our STAR..., OUR SOUL....When we REMEMBER OUR PAST...we are literally trying to see into our STAR LIGHT...and only we can see that and remember that...no one else can do it for us...Hence when you are feeling in the LIGHT and feeling CENTERED it is usually because you are making contact with your SOUL PURPOSE.

Our lesson on this EARTH SCHOOL is to find out what our SOUL PURPOSE is.. Each of us uses a different method to get to that purpose, I Ching, Tarot, Meditation, Chanting, Healing, Astrology, Theology and Psychic intuition...or we may be adept at using all of the divination methods...whatever works to get to the INNER SELF ...to get in touch with the SOUL...ONLY THROUGH THE INWARD JOURNEY CAN WE REACH OUR SOULS!!!! Not through other people...not through our external activities, but , only through reflection into SELF.

This is a hard concept to practice....because it is much easier for us to distract our energy by focusing on relationship, material concerns, children, health, counseling others, everyone else's external realities....but when do you really get around to focusing just on YOU and your Life and Death on this planet.....YOU WILL HAVE TO ANSWER TO YOUR SOUL...not to someone else s. IF YOU TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND LOOK INWARDLY, PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE ALL ABOUT...IN THIS LIFE.

I use astrology/Jungian Psychology and Gestalt Psychology to work on the INNER SELF...so when people come to me for counsel..or when I work on Self..as I do daily and religiously, I use those methods. Going through the different astrological signs, one can see the process brought over from past lives...for finishing in this life...We can look at several indicators in astrology....If you do not know either of your Sun/Moon/Ascendant or Nodes, you may remain in the dark regarding the rest of this lecture. I will go through each of the signs and give an indication of characteristics coming from past lives...again we are only looking at processes as seen through the signs.

Aries --- Amazon warriors, Greek athletes, athletes in general, old warriors, i.e. Napoleon, inventors, independence/dependence dialogues, freedom/ imprisonment dialogues, boundary issues, illnesses suffered because of immunilogical or boundary diffusing. Some women have breast problems with prominent Aries characteristics (The Amazon Women had to cut off one breast for greater accuracy). Aries with severe headaches will often not be exercising and circulating their blood to the extent they need.

Taurus -- These are individuals who have not attached themselves properly on the earth before...not getting into the desire level...owning material possessions, being congruent with energy as correlated with money or income, not being in touch with the individual sexuality. These are often old courtesans, magicians, tantric yogis, those who have denied the physical and now only relate to the physical. The throat chakra needs to stay open and reveal the resonance of depth and sensuality, and nothing (including smoking, or stress) should interfere with that voice. Much of the tantra chanting is deep..like the Tibetan Chants..

Gemini--- These are some who got locked up into their Guru status in past lives...and now have a fear of owning the power to teach..because of their ego fears. They are in a student only lifetime...forever curious and able to communicate to all except to own up to the knowledge they have to spread to others. They are often incarnated around siblings, which can be the husband, wife, children, etc. does not have to be an actual sibling...The main goal in this life is research and sharing with peers...not becoming the old guru consciousness.

Cancer---Cancers are oftentimes the old sailors, explorers, maids in waiting, the keepers of others children..orphans, etc. Now they need to provide a home for themselves..the nurturing of the earth mother archetype and allowing others to care for them as much as they care for others. This sign is more productive near water locations, and with family as the focus this life is very pulled between career and family responsibilities. These folks often come from the old Mediterranean cultures, and in the war-torn areas where children were put with families to be raised by them...abandonment issues are a result of past life abandonment and also needing to be responsible so as to have to give up children to make money...

Leo -- Leo's are having to learn to come out of the Cancer cycle into the light, and they will often hold back, until they have received total approval...then watch out!!! This signs has watched the abuse of power or is in the midst of the exact abuse in this life. (Oftentimes the fixed signs have to repeat the signs over several times to firm up the lesson.) They have been with kings and queens, in the theater, with artists and also with their children. The Leo's are inevitably attached to their children in this life..and have usually been followed or followed them through other lives. Most Leos are learning the lessons of Will through following the Higher Self...and often have poor examples of male supervision...which usually teaches the use of proper will...I have met many Leos who were slaves to their own Leos in past lives...therefore weakening the spine from beatings...

Virgos --- The Virgo/Pisces axis is very much the Christ initiation...these have mostly been in environments where nature was very important...such as the Essene Communities and those of the Druids...where rituals of cleansing were very important. There are many on this planet at this time...with one of the signs prominent in the chart...either as Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Node...or stellium of other planets. The lesson is to keep the body and mind cleansed of toxic thinking and negative thinking, often through nutrition and certain detoxing rituals.. These folks respond well to herbs, vegetarianism, hydrotherapy, and spiritual healing, if not becoming a professional on all of the above or at least some of the above. Writing and journaling also was brought over from past lives.

Libra --- these were the beauties of the old ancient cultures, to learn to have substance now instead of just external beauty is a test. Some of them created beautiful pieces of art, architecture and cities. They have to learn to relate on an equal level in this life..and come in knowing that ..at an instinctive level, therefore striving to never be alone...sometimes filling the gaps with senseless relationships. Learning to live in relationships with much depth is important. The opposite of this archetype would be Athena, daughter of Zeus, who was the only immortal female...because she sprang from the Head (ARIES) of Zeus...thus only relating on a mental level. Librans will often have great anger at their dependency on relationships, and this can be determined by the degree of sincerity regarding their equality within that relationship..

Scorpio---This is a sign that demands intense rectification of any Karmic liabilities. This person will use any means to deluge the soul with conditions to mete karmic conditions. There is often many oriental, Buddhic, Hebrew, Druidic, Shamanic cultures represented in just one Scorpio sign...That is also true of the sign of Scorpio in the Mandala. To get to the depth of energy in Scorpio, one must practice some severe disciplines: Kundalini Yoga, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Sufi Dancing, Sweat Lodges, Drumming, Chanting, Ashram involvement. The Scorpio has had many past lives where death of the body and spirit was experienced in dramatic form...this may cause them to be fearful of knives, spears, castration, or any dreadful form of punishment. Many of them are death defying individuals capable of very intense inner work.

Sagittarius --- this is the old Gypsy, the nomadic personality, the Gurus of the temples, the monastic gurus...all in a more or less fortune telling or teaching profession...this time trying to find structure to the teaching..They have dreams of travel, seldom do they travel to the extent of their reputation. This sign is learning to communicate within a structure..and if you have every heard a prominent Sagittarius converse, they either are tactless and get to the point easily or they circumvent the situation in a round about way and try to structure their languaging, talking on and on and on....They do thrive on a relationship with someone who will LISTEN..OR AT LEAST PROVIDE AN AUDIENCE...The depth of communication often fails to be realized.

Capricorn ---The old wizard, Merlin, the Victorian culture, the Nordic cultures, the old Gods of the universe, the manifestation of the earth bound hell...as Hell is truly the living on the earth and the manifestation of the opposition of the heavens...A true Capricorn is really manifesting one of the last times on the planet...or someone with a prominent Saturn. It is important to remember that this person must experience the gamut of everything that represents earthly matter. It is often a huge cross to bear from childhood on to adulthood...The Capricorn who makes it...will have a very happy older life, becoming young again and enjoying the life after the second Saturn return...

Aquarius --- this is the new age person from the Atlantean culture, the inventor, the person who heals with light....Uranus is also important here..and if Uranus is conjunct or prominent then this person will have an aura of light and electric energy not to be believed. A true humanitarian on a mission to teach and communicate in a higher consciousness to all. The computer is a Uranian function, as is telepathy, light healing, Aquarians need to learn grounding methods to ground their otherworldliness. They also need to keep their blood oxygenated and eat live foods so as to keep the oxygen level up in their circulatory system.

Pisces- This is truly the Neptunian...watery God of feelings, the heart and compassion of the Christ Consciousness....Unconditional love,....these people have experienced abandonment, suffering, imprisonment and illnesses to the extent that in this lifetime, they need their solitude and relaxation..in order to make sense of all the craziness of past lives. They often get stuck in their martyrdom because of the heavy cross they bear and no one else will even often to carry it for them. These people have also been great healers, those who walked with the Buddha, the Christ...They have been present at the time of the Crusades or in the same strand as all the martyrdom and sainthood which followed the old religions...The feet are the healing elements...the areas that can be healed. These are truly psychic and spiritual healers, manifesting all the diseases and illnesses of those negative thoughts with which they come in contact. They truly humble themselves into heaven and an immortal life...after death...