Karmic Log

gwynne: I am going to talk on KARMIC ILLNESSES TONIGHT...


gwynne: I edit these lectures...and you two are the host and hostess

gwynne: just like you see on the screen
Dorian Blue: Welcome to this evenings' discussion on "Karma" being hosted & led by Gwynne Minnear.

Dorian Blue: In an attempt to keep the flow of the conversation going without interuptions, we are asking for your help by refraining from the usual hugs and greetings when a friend joins in late! Thank you.
Dorian Blue: Gwynne will be happy to answer your questions at the end of her presentation. Please allow her to finish it first. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.
gwynne: This lecture is on Karmic Illnesses
gwynne: This is part of a Karmic Lecture Series and will be related very generally to astrology.
gwynne: First, let me say that I will edit this lecture and use the dialogue on my new Web Site...so please do not use any real names..as I edit and brief up the names as they exist now. Please!!!

gwynne: I don't like to spend all my time editing...

gwynne: We bring many illnesses with us from karmic influences. That is the nature of suffering the injustices in another life to make up for those we have done to others.
gwynne: It is helpful to know how the psychological process works in this realm in order to combat or heal those wounds which have occured in our past lives.
gwynne: We cannot get away from the justice of the universe and definitely not get away from the effects our unfinished business on our bodies.
gwynne: It is also necessary to understand that even though there were actions that occurred in our past, those same actions
gwynne: may be somewhat present in our lives as they have been lived in this lifetime.
gwynne: We tend to not finish all of our karma in each life time, but have "hangovers" so to speak.

gwynne: I am going to talk about the karmic ramifications of each sign...as it applies to your Sun and Moon

gwynne: but mostly your Moon..
gwynne: If you know nothing about astrology...you need to understand..that there are TRUTHS...about certain diseases which are psychologically karmic in nature

gwynne: Each sign...has its polarity

gwynne: like its opposit..
gwynne: For instance...Aries/Libra..
gwynne: is a polarity

gwynne: and we have karmic influences that come to these folks..because they have a prevalent sign ...
gwynne: Aries...women for instance have Migrane headaches..]
gwynne: because they suppress their anger...
gwynne: whereas the aries man may have a mood disorder..because he has rage attacks
gwynne: In our culture it is okay for men to express anger..but not women..
gwynne: So the head is the vulnerable area..that gets caught up in all of this
gwynne: Warriors of ancient times..often lost their heads in battles..

gwynne: and there are many women..and men with Moon in Aries..who have lost their heads so to speak.
gwynne: The Moon is truly the embodiment of karmic EMOTIONS
gwynne: So I am really speaking to all of our Moons tonight.
gwynne: Aries..needs to learn to have some of the diplomacy that a Libra has...

gwynne: Whereas a Libran..is coming to learn to give over to relationships..and it is important that they do not LOSE THEMSELVES
gwynne: In a relationship...
gwynne: They have not committed in past lives..
gwynne: So they are always TORN about commitment..and have sugar problemss
gwynne: Sugar problems..are because of not enough ARFECTION
gwynne: They also have Sexual problems..because of their bi sexual nature..
gwynne: and their balancing..

gwynne: There are more incidences of homosexualtiy amongst Librans for this reason...and they are truly bisexual...
gwynne: and more BI SENSUAL
gwynne: Their discriminitory function lies in their kidneys..and the filtering of sugar...and hypoglycemia and diabetes
gwynne: Let's move on to Taurs...and the throat
gwynne: Taurus..has to speak the truth..and will have a great resounding voice..however they suppress the throat with smoking..and obsessive addiction..much like their opposite

gwynne: Scorpio.
gwynne: many Taureans..will end up with Lung Cancer or something of that nature..to get their attention..

gwynne: and then have to give up smoking..and they start really telling people what they think of them...
gwynne: and that is good
gwynne: however it is all wound up in expression..
gwynne: Isn't this a fun..lecture..want to go dig your grave now..or later?
motherhawk: LOL
gwynne: These are the very most negative..areas..

flute hawk: lol
gwynne: so many of you will never feel the impact of this..because you don't let it get to your body.
gwynne: You handle your karma..before the body feels it...
gwynne: It is like getting a two by four over the head

gwynne: Scorpio...venus/Pluto///mars/pluto..all are sexual..organs..and necessitate..surgery to heal

gwynne: Many Scorpio folks are deadly afraid of surgery...but that is what needs to take place...
gwynne: So they face their fear..as many of them have the Karma of having died by the knife
gwynne: or spear
gwynne: Gemini..is next...Nervous ssystem diseases
gwynne: They have an immature nervous system..that comes from..being too rigid in past lives..
gwynne: Now they have to move movel
gwynne: move
gwynne: and they have to talk and express...not go back into their cancer withdrawn selves
gwynne: The sign preceding the Sun sign...like Cancer to Gemini..is what we come from

gwynne: So Gemini...must lighten up..and they will have to make everyone else a nervous wreck...to keep themselves from being neurotic...
gwynne: The opposite is Sag..
gwynne: Sag is coming from Scorpio..and they have to move their legs and dance...and get toxic belief systems..out of their bodies..
gwynne: Like not to drink alot so their liver can heal...
gwynne: Sag...feels forced to settle down...

gwynne: Gyspy...nomadic...in their heart of hearts...
gwynne: Capricorn..is learning to be less rigid..and usually comes into a very unloving family..in the sense of SHOWING LOVE
gwynne: They miss touch
gwynne: They miss sensuality..
gwynne: They have to override their emotions..and lately because of the transits of Neptune..Uranus..they have had diseases of Karma..
gwynne: Neptune ...as I see it brings all immunilogical diseases..

gwynne: so whenever a transit of neptune comes about..it opens your body for disease to set in...
gwynne: It also has to do with CAPRICORN'S lack of faith in themselves
gwynne: Very few people can see this about capricorns..because they seem so strong..
gwynne: and I only see it because I work with them..and know they cannot handle everything..and have recently in the last 5 years..been brought to their KNEES
gwynne: Which rules the Capricorn...So the way a Capricorn will fight Neptune..and all the disease that comes about because of poor immune systemm which is every kind of Cancer, Lupus..etc...
gwynne: and follow a REGIMEN..discipline..of care
gwynne: Cancer their opposite is the Mother Earth...and they need to be mothered..as do the Capricorns..
gwynne: But usually have great avoidance karmically as their children have been taken from them in past lives...
gwynne: so there is a double bind..and women will often get breast cancer..the nursing/wombing/nuruturing woman...if she has not made peace with her karmic losses
gwynne: If you know a Cancer..just give up and let them take care of you...Don't fight it...but make them..RECEIVE FROM YOU ALSO

gwynne: wrong room
gwynne: the germs are in the other room
gwynne: Aquarians..have many disorders of emotions..
gwynne: because of their highly sensitve natures..
gwynne: and their humanitarian instincts..being all things to all people..
gwynne: so they will find that they have to settle in to one area..and stick with it..
gwynne: getting to a much lower vibration than they want to...
gwynne: That will create Mood disorders...and eating/circulations problems..
gwynne: because they will binge to ground themselves...
gwynne: Grounding is very important for aquarians..
gwynne: They have come in unison to this planet to help healing occur..
gwynne: but they tend to get sick..because they take it all on themselves to do..which is very controlling...much like a Leo does naturally
gwynne: Which brings us Leos to the forefront..
gwynne: Leo has spinal problems..lower back problems..and many control issues..
gwynne: Will not ask for help
gwynne: therefore it settles in the lower back..which is the support system
gwynne: So the pain will be intense..and they heart is affected..if they insist on going it alone...
gwynne: Being a Leo..I have lots of Leo /Aquarias friends..and I have never once heard ...HELP ME
gwynne: That is a word that will never be uttered by them..
gwynne: but of all the signs..they are the ones who need the most out of relationships..and help from others..and affirmation..of their good hearts...Aquarian/Leos..have great Hearts..
hawk: yes they do..
gwynne: There are very few who I would even consider being manipulative or evill..they don't know how..
gwynne: eventhough they try at times...
gwynne: they lose it..
gwynne: lPisces...is suffering now..due to Saturn's transit
gwynne: They have very poor boundaries..anyway..and very seldom will alllow for the quiet time..to help them heal...
gwynne: So many of the Pisces are dealing with the martyrdom of the Christ..
gwynne: The Pisces Virgo axis..is the Christ consciousness...Buddhic Consciousness...
gwynne: and it is the bearer of the cross...

gwynne: They will both suffer their diseases..which I am seeing is ..very well handled through proper nutrition..much like the ESSENES..
gwynne: of the bible..
gwynne: They were the Aescetic Jews..who lived in the desert..
gwynne: and keeper of the dead sea scrolls...learning natural healing methods..

gwynne: The natural way to handle disease is through homeopathy in addition to medical systems..
Cat: does good nutrition help to heal the stimata that they continually suffer?
MOONLION: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
gwynne: and everyone needs to take responsibility not to let your BODY GET IN THIS CONDITION..
MOONLION: Gwynne will take questions after her lecture

gwynne: I will take questions...now...

gwynne: It is hard to generalize..so being specific will be helpful...
MOONLION: then flutehawk
Dorian Blue: MOONLION will be calling on you for questions in the order you arrived. Please have your question ready to send. Thanks!
eto: I'm a scorpio with gimini moon, do I worry about gimini or Scorpio
gwynne: nervousness...and taking care..of your moon is important..
gwynne: giving yourself many things to do..also realizing you come from a libran existenc.e..
gwynne: in past lives...
gwynne: relationships..and commitment may be difficult for you
gwynne: intimacy over a 7 year period...
Dorian Blue: In an attempt to keep the flow of the conversation going without interuptions, we are asking for your help by refraining from the usual hugs and greetings when a friend joins in late! Thank you.
gwynne: edit away
eto: Very, but I thought Libra had it all together

gwynne: I am sure they would like to think they do..
gwynne: They mentalize everything..but not to the physical
eto: I've been in a long unhappy relationship then this is natural
gwynne: so they are great with mental relationships..and have trouble with physical ones.
gwynne: well you CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT..
gwynne: I am talking about the very negative things that CAUSE US TO BE ILL
SYSTEM Greeter: "DonnaJean" has entered the room
eto: What i"ve been told it's Karmic.
gwynne: Positive / Negative

gwynne: well..that means you can deal with your karma..

gwynne: I think most relationships that are together for any length of tiem..over 7 years are very karmic...
tri1: Gee...kinda crowded here...hehehe
gwynne: they don't have to be miserable..
gwynne: We often make our PARTNERS SICK..with OUR DYSFUNCITON
gwynne: Rather than being sick ourselves...
eto: His moon is on my sun sign and our numbers are 11/4

gwynne: Well he is intensely possessive and intimate..and you run and hide..emotionally
gwynne: so who needs to give here?
eto: TRUE

MOONLION: flute is next, Gwynne
eto: WHO
hawk: Am I understanding we need to consider both the moon in our chart as well as the sun? So if there is a pisces sun and a virgo moon. Does this person get a double dose? Saturn??2x?
gwynne: I think Relationships and making them work..is the quickest...way to undo bad karma
gwynne: YES
gwynne: and it works its self out in a Relationship...

hawk: He's having a bad time. What can I expect next?
gwynne: if I controlled the world..I would make every one..stay in the relationship they have chosen..and work it out..
gwynne: no matter what..
hawk: When does saturn finish transit?
gwynne: He is martyring...and so are you...
gwynne: So you can help him out by doing work on yourself..
gwynne: and letting him..be in his private suffering world..
hawk: he is doing that.. having difficult time for about a week now.. actually for two weeks
gwynne: Relationships..pretend..that the individuals must help each other..and that only gives them permission to AVOID THEIR OWN WORK
gwynne: it is only pretend...
hawk: working on myself....I need to do what, most at this time?
gwynne: The best way to help in a relationship is to love unconditionlally and leave the person alone..
gwynne: read up...scroll up
gwynne: You need to work on your own Martyrdom in this relationship..How do you martyr yourself.????
gwynne: That will take some thought..not to be answered here...
hawk: ok
hawk: working on my lesson.. grin
MOONLION: We need to limit the questions to one per person... so many questioners.. so little time....
ewings: gwynne.....when we start to think about and pray for healing for those we love, how does it ultimately affect 1. their karma.....2. our karma.    and.....
ewings: is it actually the most loving thing to let them work it out?
gwynne: We hold them in the light...and do not interfere with their process in any way
gwynne: Not control and visualize...how YOU WANT IT TO BE..
gwynne: It will be the way it is suppose to be...
ewings: so.....just visualize holding them in the light.....
gwynne: That is where we all make mistakes..
gwynne: We control..as if we are the HEALER

gwynne: Maybe the best thing is for the person..to live out...their lives..without our INTERFERENCE..
gwynne: We can HEAL..by holding people in the LIGHT>
gwynne: If that heals so be it...

gentlewings: thank you gwynne. ; )
gwynne: If it doesn't it still heals...
gwynne: next
parkle: when will the neptune/uranus stuff change for capricorns? Will it change in this generation? Does healing of the spirit truly facilitate healing of the dis-ease?
gwynne: It is moving off of your Sun...now..and will settle down..and the immune system will build...
gwynne: Working on proper foods...no yeast..no molds...
gwynne: fresh fruits and vegetables..is it..

gwynne: and much Panothenic acid.
gwynne: rebuilds the immunie system..and echinacia
arrow: Long Arrow has no questions
gwynne: also Jason Winters Tea

gwynne: glad long arrow is here tho
gwynne: have 4 minutes left..before I drop
gwynne: That is my Leo way of asking for your consideration
gwynne: I would like to take this time..for healing..no more talking..
eto: Thanks Gwynne, I loved a Leo once.
e hawk: hugs
gwynne: We need to all take some deep breaths..and be very quiet
'sparkle: * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * *
* * *
Strong: hello - I am a Leo also..
sparkle: * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * *
* * * *
sparkle: * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * *
gwynne: Take three deep breats and blow out all the toxicity in your body...
'sparkle: I love you all dearly

gwynne: do it agian...

gwynne: and send light...to Ms. Sparkle here...
gwynne: keep sending light...
hawk: love and light to jasparkle
gwynne: beautiful white light..and breathe into your solar plexus
gwynne: Rock...yourself...
gwynne: just hold yourself with both your arms..criss croosed across your wonderful heart....
gwynne: breathe..in your love for yourself..

gwynne: breathe in light to your heart..that wants to give so much to others..

gwynne: keep breathing...and let the love of yourself...enter your heart....

gwynne: keep breathing and don't write anything...
gwynne: don't answer...Just LOVE>>>>>>>LOVE>>>>>LOVE>>>>
gwynne: Like the BEAT of your HEART>>>>>>
gwynne: Rock that inner CHILD OF YOURS....

gwynne: The one who had such wonderful bright thoughts..and wanted so much for YOU
gwynne: And don't send me anything...I am sending your inner child and mine...LOVE ........
gwynne: Right now..you are the LIGHT

gwynne: Let yourself just be with yourself...and I will go to bed and dream of you...
SYSTEM Greeter: "gwynne" has left the room

Brite smiles: And so ends this night's discussion!
Dorian Blue: whew!

MOONLION: Thank you all for coming! See you next week, same time, same station

hawk: Thank you gwynn.. I feel tearfull and wonderfully centered
hawk: hugs
Dorian Blue: Plan to join Gwynne next week for more "Karma Discussion".