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DARK GODDESS by Marcia Stark and Gynne Stern

Each culture has its "dark" Godess. The term "dark" does not refer to anything negative but rather implies that which exists before the light; the dark moon phase precedes the new moon. Dark refers to the subconscious as opposed to the conscious, the underworld rather than the world above. Many negative connotations have been associated with the term dark and the color black. Dark has been projected onto people of color; women especially as regards their sexuality; the occult and healing arts; old age and death itself. Our society has chosen to cover up issues of sexuality, child abuse, incest, rape, and addictions and these are usually referred to as "dark" areas."
lato stated the following regarding holistic health 

The cure of the part should not be attempted without treatment of the whole. No attempts should be made to cure the body wihtout the soul, and if the head and body are to be healthy you must begin by curing the mind, for this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians first separate the soul from the body."
Native American teacher put it this way:
If you teach people to find a better balance within themselves, how to be stronger, centre their life, and go forward with a good balance upon the Earth Mother, then that is a healing. You take away all the little pains when you teach people to become self-reliant...When people have centered themselves, they know that they can draw power from the universe"
tanislov Grof focuses on breathing in this manner:

"Intense breathing, continued for a period of about thirty to forty-five minutes, tends to collect the tensions in the body into a sterotyped pattern of armouring, and eventually releases them...In this technique, vocalisation and conventional abreaction is generally discouraged and the subject is asked to continue breathing until all the tensions are released."
lexander Lower explains that "Breathing provides the oxygen for the metabolic processes, literally it supports the fires of life. But breath as "pneuma" is also the spirit or soul. We live in an ocean of air like fish in a body of water. By our breathing we are attuned to our atmosphere. If we inhibit our breathing we isolate ourselves from the medium in which we exist. In all Oriental and mystic philosophies, the breath holds the secret to the highest bliss. This is why breathing is the dominant factor of breathing.

According to Neville Drury , the basic idea of rebirthing is to use the connected breathing technique to move towards a peak where the inner vibrational state either produces a blissful, liberating sensation or an emotional blockage which the subject needs to pass through. the 'rebirth' occurs when the subject overcomes any subconscious traumas which emerge at this time. Leonard Orr believes that at this stage the person can look within for what he calls 'inner divinity'; "you merge with your breath, flowing, glowing, soaring, relaxing prfoundly, your mind melting into your spirit, surging, awakening your inner being and quiet sounds of your soul."
r. Jean Bolen says "Myth is a form of metaphor. It's the metaphor that's truly empowering for people. It allows us to see our ordinary lives from a different perpspective, to get an intuitive sense of who we are and what is important to us....Myths are the bridge to the collective unconscious. They tap images, symbols, feelings, possibilities and patterns--inherent, inherited human potential that we all hold in common."

She also says that "if you live from your own depths--that is, if thee is an archetypal basis for what you're doing--then there's a meaningful level to it that otherwise might be missing...When people "follow their bliss" as Joseph Campbell says, their heart is absorbed in what they'[re doing. People who work in an involved, deep way are doing something that matters to them just to be doing it, not for the paycheck, not for someone saying to them: "What a good job you're doing."
ean Houston says this: "so much of my work is.....essentially a form of Sacred Theater. I take the great stories, like Psyche and Eros, or Oedipus, Faust, any of the stories of the Hero with a Thousand Faces or the Heroine, Demeter and Persephone, the Gnostic Sophia...There's something about the Great Story or the Great Myth that moves you beyond your personal particularity into the personal universal. Suddenly, you have not just brought a context and larger capacities; you literally take on the eyes of Athena, the taste buds of Dionysius, the yearning of Odysseus for home, the passion of Parsifal for the Grail. the large emotions are evoked in you because you are really a part of a Larger Story, just as we are part of the air we breathe and the environment that we are in."............"We need the symbiosis with others. That's why I like to work in groups...There's more to share, more images. There are more aspects and alternatives, so more can happen. Group energy helps us grow."

"Integrating the Shadow---Eve and Lilith" Marcia Stark and Gynne Stern
ll quoted...
hen women repress their sexuality, cover up their ability to say no, or fear either the wildness within themselves or in others, they have a need to get in touch with Lilith. If the Lilith aspect of a woman remains in the shadow it will usually burst forth in inappropriate ways, sometimes causing damage to herself and others. The movie FATAL ATTRACTION portrayed a woman who was so taken over by her sexuality after after having a brief fling with a married man that she was unable to let go. When the man rejected her and returned to his wife, she responded in typical Lilith fasion by going after him and his family, including his child, with a large butcher knife. The immense popularity of this movie points to some kind of subliminal recognition of th epart of moviegoers of the archetypes embodied.

Women often struggle to integrate their two sides --- Lilith and Eve---and both women and men often have trouble trying to fulfill both their Dionysian and Apollonian sides. Sometimes women try to integrate these two sides by obtaining their freedom and becoming single mothers. however children need both male and female energy in their lives, and many signle mothers are not able to secure adequate male role models for their children. Although some myths show Lilith as childless and alone, her main representation is as a begetter of multitudes. Nothing in the myth stesses her role as a child rearer, an it doesn't seem particularly useful to invoke Lilith for that purpose as many other goddesses serve as better examples.
ne conflict between the Lilith and Eve energies is that between the side of a woman who wants to be a nurturing Eve mother and homemaker and the other side who wants to create or work in the world of ideas and books. Sometimes this conflict is resolved over a period of time. As children grow and mature, the woman becomes freer to enter her deep unconscious and express her creative energies. For the woman playing out her Eve role, Lilith's rage may surface when she herself is tired or sick or her freedom is curtailed in some way by the life she has chosen.

Another way conflict with an unconscious Lilith figures manifests itself is in a woman who is incapable of nurturing her body. Through not being aware of proper nutrition or not being willing to eat well, excercise and use other healthy practices, she may be punishing herself for forbidden although, hidden physical desires. Abusing the body through drugs and alcohol is one way of allowing oneself to indulge in sexual experiences without having to take full responsibility for one's sexual feelings, allowing the Lility side to occasionally oveerpower and destroy the Eve side. Lilith and Eve need to work together so that taking care of the body becomes not a duty but simply another expression of love and sensual pleasure in one's physical being.

There are many ways to integrate Lilith and Eve in the feminine psyche. Perhaps the closest integration historically was in the role of the sacred prostitute. Here was a woman using her sensuality in the service of the divine. She expressed her wildness through the ecstasy she experienced in becoming a vehicle for the higher energy of the Goddess, a role to which every woman has a right. Modern woman can express her sexuality in many ways as a vehicle for her spiritual side. Through dance, particularly in certain forms of dance where she becomes the temple dancer, calling the spirit of the Goddess into her body, a woman becomes Lilith and Eve. Through art, music, and poetry, women connect with their deeply sensual nature, and at the same time nurture others through their creative spirit. In relationships, both women and men are able to work with their partners so that the sexual aspects of the relationship become a manifestation of the deep bond that exists between two souls. Many study Tantric practices fro the orient in order to become more conscious of sexual practices that serve to further the spiritual connection. And, finally, in the harmony and open sensuality of the natural world, one sees Lilith and Eve dancing.