Soul Mates

This is the last lecture of the Series on Relationships...Soulmates/Sexuality....

Di Simoni 5: Welcome to Gwynne's discussion tonight. The topic

Di Simoni 5: Welcome! Gwynne has been a practicing
Psychologist, Astrologer, Metaphysician,
Gestalt/Jungian therapist for the past 28 years.

Di Simoni 5: Gwynne has multiple degrees, and most of her learing
has come through reading, research adn thousands of
interpersonal experiences.

Di Simoni 5: Gwynne is a world wide lecturer, has taught at the
University of California and has trained under many of
the famous GURUS.

Di Simoni 5: She continues to consult in education and mental
illness on a professional/confidential level.

Di Simoni 5: Gwynne does not go by her professional name, nor
has she ever revealed that name due to
confidentiality, therefore the trust between her and
her previous clients can not be betrayed.

Di Simoni 5: Gwynne currently teaches Esoteric classes, does
Astrological readings and works with individuals on
their INNER WORK via E-Mail and chat.

Di Simoni 5: You can contact Gwynne at HCJA14A.

Di Simoni 5: In an attempt to keep the flow of the conversation
going without interruption, we ask that you send your
usual hugs and greetings telepathically. <S> Thank

Di Simoni 5: Please check with Gwynne's helper, Long Arrow to
get on the list for asking questions. Requests will be
handled in the order recieved. Thank you.

gwynne: Thank you all for coming...If I feel that I am being
interrupted too someone..

gwynne: I will exclude..that please do not question
me...when and if you are truly not interested..

gwynne: in fact you might want to make room for others...

gwynne: Many of us want to meet our Soulmates and search
all of our lives for the other part of our selves...

gwynne: that matching soul who is going to love

gwynne: and care for us unconditionally in a way

gwynne: that no one else can do..

gwynne: I have lectured on Soulmates in general..and if you
wish to have that lecture..

gwynne: e-mail me at HCJA14A...and I will send it to you..

gwynne: Tonight I am focusing on the sexual issues that arise

gwynne: when we meet soulmates, how to tell if the soul mate
is to be a sexual partner, and what morality issues
come up with these

gwynne: soulmates

gwynne: WE all realize that our soulmate comes to us from
karmic conditions...and past lives of BEING

gwynne: being supportive of one another

gwynne: and bonding with ATTACHMENT

gwynne: so that we agree in other lives to MEET AGAIN.

gwynne: Everyone has a soulmate and oftentimes, more than
one, as we have had multiple lifetimes and multiple

gwynne: Many issues come up about karmic conditions with
these MATES;

Di Simoni 5: In an attempt to keep the flow of the conversation
going without interruption, we ask that you send your
usual hugs and greetings telepathically. <S> Thank

gwynne: they may be married in this life to someone else,

gwynne: they may be of the same sex as we are

gwynne: they may be in a celibate condition or commitment..

gwynne: such as a priest

gwynne: they may be a family member such as

gwynne: they may be UNATTAINABLE...

gwynne: and they may be free to be with us and merge in this

gwynne: Many factors go into preventing us from committing to
this type of relationship and also factors need to be

gwynne: before we commit

gwynne: Soulmates are actually

gwynne: partners of the spirit


gwynne: If we are not living in our ultimate spiritual path., then
our soul mate at that time qill only be EQUIVALENT


gwynne: This is a hard concept to swallow, as non of us want
to admit that we are not functioning at our

Di Simoni 5: In an attempt to keep the flow of the conversation
going without interruption, we ask that you send your
usual hugs and greetings telepathically. <S> Thank

gwynne: We go through phases, dark space, mundane needs,
family commitments.

gwynne: and we attract AT THAT TIME the partner WHO

gwynne: This still is a soul mate...

gwynne: And we will keep attracting the soulmate that goes
with the new phases of our growth...

gwynne: Many people get sexual feelings and sexual
magnetism all misconstrued

gwynne: with soulmate energy...

gwynne: In astrology Soulmates have a strong Neptunian factor

gwynne: which creates an ILLUSION of


gwynne: and definitely does not engage the LIBIDO

gwynne: or sex drive..

gwynne: This is not to say that sex with a soul mate always is
an illusory type of activity...

gwynne: When one is sexual with a spiritually equal

gwynne: Soulmate

gwynne: ehen there are bells

gwynne: whistles

gwynne: cosmic connections

gwynne: spiritual enlightenment

gwynne: and more than any other sexual feeling..

gwynne: there is a completeness and feeling of wholeness..

gwynne: But sex is not a focus of SOULMATES..

gwynne: and all of those feelings usually last from

gwynne: 6 months

gwynne: to

gwynne: two years

gwynne: when you actually live with the person..

gwynne: It is called LIMERANCE...

gwynne: and is kin to a state of BLISS

gwynne: Then we get down to the seriousness of BEING


gwynne: We have Cosmic memories before we come to this
planet. We have a plan, or rather our soul has a plan

gwynne: often includes others who will help us create

gwynne: We also have unfinished business with others

gwynne: and those significant others may come in as we need

gwynne: or come into our view...

gwynne: depending on what phase we are passing through...

gwynne: Just because we have to create a finished

gwynne: complete relationship with the other in this life...


gwynne: very important that you get that...

gwynne: You can tell if you have met your soul mate by the

gwynne: 1. Both are on equal spiritual level...

gwynne: 2. Both love and give with unconditional acceptance
and respect to the other

gwynne: 3. Both allow for freedom of growth, whether that be
together or separate..

gwynne: 4. and both have a complete understanding of where
the other is in his/her soul growth.

gwynne: There is a natural feeling of trust and love when you
first meet your Soulmate

gwynne: It is NOTICEABLE



gwynne: So you pick up on all emotional/physical/and mental
conditions of the person without questions or doubts..

gwynne: A soulmate is not a person who abuses you

gwynne: betrays you

gwynne: uses you

gwynne: manipulates you

gwynne: possesses you

gwynne: is jealous of you

gwynne: nor

gwynne: negates your emotional

gwynne: physcial or mental

gwynne: well being..

gwynne: I would like to open the lecture up to questions..

Long Arrow2: Sparrow Wish is #1

gwynne: right you sending your question to Long Arrow

gwynne: and he will give me the number..

gwynne: thanks Sparrow?

SparrowsWish: i am at a cross roads in a relationship with one i feel
is my true soul-mate... nown each other for 10 years
as friends... perfect match in all ways according to
your standards... arie soud mat

gwynne: what is your crossroads..???

gwynne: what is your question?

SparrowsWish: emotional cross roads... his fear of commitment...

gwynne: if that is your soulmate..there is no fear..

gwynne: none

gwynne: whatsoever..

SparrowsWish: i have come to find some suppressed memories

gwynne: on either part..

gwynne: and

SparrowsWish: i know he knows me... but i have mu own insecurities

SparrowsWish: ... past history...

gwynne: All I am saying is that you will not have those
insecurities with a true soul mate..

SparrowsWish: but i am human...

gwynne: even your own..will be will fight to
make the commitmetn..

gwynne: fear or not..

gwynne: next?

gwynne: so am I sparrow..

gwynne: we all are

Long Arrow2: #2 is sister star

gwynne: sister star?

SparrowsWish: i know..

sisterstar: i was wondering if you do any regressional therapy?

gwynne: yes I do...
Di Simoni 5: You can contact Gwynne at HCJA14A.

gwynne: I am a rebirther..and bioenergetic..therapist..

gwynne: and this happens naturally...

gwynne: your question..about soul mates?

sisterstar: with soul mates?

gwynne: yes..

gwynne: I get many of my lectures..from my experience with

gwynne: I am married to my soul mate..

gwynne: so I understand this fully..

gwynne: and met him when we were both married to

gwynne: we did not compromise the marriages...

gwynne: and stayed in touch..and were very all
knew that..

gwynne: and now we have been together 10 years..

gwynne: but we both know exactly where we were with each Japan..

sisterstar: i feel from what you've described that i have multiple
mates, is that possible?

gwynne: etc..

gwynne: next?

gwynne: yes

gwynne: very

sisterstar: thanks

gwynne: we have them at different stages..

Long Arrow2: #3 is MissBeGotten

MissBeGotten: I was in a long term relationship for 20 years and
thought that man was a soul mate but the attraction
to another lured me away...I have felt very connected
to both...Now in the process

gwynne: great name

gwynne: You can definitely have a soul mate..

gwynne: that you finish with..

gwynne: I believe that many of the long marriages..

gwynne: are old soul mates..and we finish our business..

gwynne: and we know it..

MissBeGotten: of changeing from one to another I lost the close
connection to a 13 year old daughter who chose to
stay with her father.

gwynne: you cannot be lured..unless it is finished..

MissBeGotten: I feel that loss very deeply

gwynne: that is yours and her karma..

gwynne: I am sure..

gwynne: and she will come back to you..

MissBeGotten: how do you veiw this perdicament?

gwynne: maybe not now..but later..

gwynne: just love her..

gwynne: I stated it above..

gwynne: she may have heavier duties to her father..

gwynne: Many times our soulmates are our parents...and that
is what happens with some of the incest that goes on..

gwynne: it is hard to explain..

gwynne: and I am not suggesting that your like

gwynne: but it happens to many..that they cannot handle the

gwynne: especially in families..

gwynne: heterosexual energy..

gwynne: next?

MissBeGotten: thank you

gwynne: next?

gwynne: We will be doing a 15 minutes..

harvestmoon: Is there a way to tell who our soul mate is by our
astrological charts? If yes, how?

harvestmoon: i am #4

gwynne: okay...

Long Arrow2: #4 is HarvestMoon

gwynne: Usually Venus/Neptune..

gwynne: oppositions..

gwynne: Leo/Aquarius..

gwynne: Taurus Scorpio..

gwynne: Depending on your phase in life..

gwynne: some Pluto contacts...

gwynne: I have seen composites..of VEnus/Uranus..

harvestmoon: cancer would be?

gwynne: Saturn/Mars

gwynne: You have to look at the synastry...and why the
soulmate connection at that time..

gwynne: You may meet a soul mate..who you do not
recognize..until many years..later..

gwynne: because you are ready for them...

harvestmoon: but the charts would hamonize?

gwynne: Usually you do not become aware of these
connections..until after 30 years of age..or well after
the Saturn Return...

gwynne: balance..not harmonize..

harvestmoon: I'm ove that

gwynne: plarities are very important..

harvestmoon: are th nodes the same?

gwynne: Many factors go into astrological interpretation of

gwynne: Many times a Man's Moon on a woman's sun..

gwynne: Jung would say..she embodies his soul

gwynne: and to balance they need to be together..if the
connection is made..

gwynne: the nodes..are more like the south node..connected
to Venus, Sun or MOon\

gwynne: You cannot make rules about this in Astrology..

harvestmoon: thank you, Gwynne

gwynne: because I can find an exception for every rule..

gwynne: understand?

harvestmoon: yes

gwynne: It is the total chart..

gwynne: synastry

gwynne: composite..

gwynne: all

gwynne: next?

Long Arrow2: #5 is Nicole7

gwynne: okay Nicole..

nicole7: i feel i have met a soulmate...we both feel an intense
connection/emotionally, spiritually etc..not yet in a
physical relationship...if it doesnt click in that sense,
can i assume we a

nicole7: are not in fact soul mates..or does that aspect
sometimes take time...

gwynne: It doesn't usually click for long physically...

gwynne: Soulmates..have much more of a mental/emotional
connection...that lasts..

gwynne: rather than physical..

gwynne: We have very low vibrations..on this planet..

gwynne: and our root pelvic chakras..

gwynne: are constantly out of balance..

gwynne: and we make excuses for it..

gwynne: within our relationships..

gwynne: like we ahve to perform..

gwynne: we are slowly becoming androgynous..

nicole7: thank you gwynne...thats what i was hoping you'd
say! so age also would not be important in a true
soulmate? (he is older than me)

gwynne: no

gwynne: Often age is very askewed..

gwynne: you see many who are about 10 to 15 years off..

gwynne: sometimes much more difference..

gwynne: next?

Flower: #6 Gwynne, what if you feel very attracted to
someone, not physically, but that person does not in
the least acknowledge any close feelings, are they a
soulmate & what does one do.

Long Arrow2: #6 is Flower

Flower: :)

gwynne: no ...but you definitely have a past life duty..

gwynne: whenever we have those strong connections..

gwynne: they are not soulmates..


gwynne: on usually both parties..

gwynne: from past lives..

Flower: What does one do then

gwynne: the intensity of feeling is the key..

gwynne: you follow through much as you are permitted to

Flower: What if it very strong, overwhelming sometimes

gwynne: from that point have to let go..if they are not
willing ..

gwynne: and not attach..

gwynne: the attachment keeps you coming back to earth...

gwynne: next/

gwynne: ?

Flower: Thanks Gwynne

Long Arrow2: #7Flute

Flute: #7 I Feel I have a soulmate<G>because of our
telepathy and uncanny abilitie. We find each other at
the exact time we need each other support the most.
Why and where are we going?

gwynne: yea flute...

Flute: grin

gwynne: and that may be all that will ever be...for the both

gwynne: and he will only be long as he is needed..

gwynne: and then he will move on..

gwynne: You have to value those souls who are there for
you..and vice versa..

Flute: that makes me sad. He is like a guide now.

gwynne: while the there.

gwynne: well live in the moment..

gwynne: and be with the ethers...

Flute: yes.. hugs

gwynne: next?....hugs to you Flute..

Long Arrow2: #8 is Amandla0212

gwynne: one more..then meditation..

Amandla0212: #8 Gwynne, btw, thanks for all you the insights
you've given to me so far this question - I am
to physically meet a man i met online and feel thru the
computer we are soul mates....

gwynne: after amanda..

Amandla0212: is this weird

gwynne: I am sure many soulmates..arelurking..out there..

gwynne: I feel very connected to an intense level..

gwynne: but I don't necessarily think it is important to meet
with them..

gwynne: The more evolveed you are..the more you have
soulmates..out there..

gwynne: because you ahve had so many lives..

gwynne: understand?

Amandla0212: There is also the fact that society would frown on us
getting together because of societal "morales",
too....but I am ignoring them to be with this
person..not like me.

gwynne: yes..the spiritual world..has no morality..

gwynne: we merge..when we die..or go on..

gwynne: and you will see..

gwynne: how you become one..with all thaat have balanced

Amandla0212: thanx, are too cool!

gwynne: tooo

gwynne: ???

gwynne: next?

Long Arrow2: #9 is Seeks2Know

gwynne: that is it...Seeks..

gwynne: then meditation..

hope2win: i am in a bad relationship

Long Arrow2: This is the last request I have received

gwynne: so we need rude people..out of this loving energy..

gwynne: seeks..

gwynne: ???

seek2know: #9, Hi. I have had a long relationship for 14 years the
first 10 very intense now he wants to get back to
gether. is this a soulmate?

gwynne: You would know your might be

gwynne: what is your birthdate?

seek2know: 8/8/46

seek2know: his is 4/15/41

gwynne: You need to finish your business with him..

gwynne: and you have many roads to the next 5

seek2know: don't understand.......what business
gwynne: your unfinished business..

gwynne: I am sure you have much..

seek2know: is the unfinished business being with him or making a
clean cut?

gwynne: Leos and Aries..have a great deal of unfinished

gwynne: because both are impulsive..and move too fast..

gwynne: We need to meditate...

gwynne: So let's all get into a tight...

gwynne: circle

gwynne: and bring LIGHT

gwynne: and Love

gwynne: to those surrounding us..

gwynne: Visualize your partners eyes...

gwynne: your true soul mates..eyes..

gwynne: looking into yours..

gwynne: and send the feel...

gwynne: to that person...

gwynne: send warmth..

gwynne: send the fire that burns in your belly..

gwynne: Create an aura..of loving light..

gwynne: around you..

gwynne: healing love

gwynne: forgiveness

gwynne: compassion..

gwynne: feeling..

gwynne: And let that source

gwynne: your love..

gwynne: for the other..

gwynne: Stay with your feeling..

gwynne: your glow..

gwynne: Create a gigantic...

gwynne: cosmic...

gwynne: orgasmic...

gwynne: breathing..

gwynne: into the universe....

gwynne: so that you attract..

gwynne: and hold your true..

gwynne: balance..

gwynne: Send love and light...

gwynne: to all in this room

gwynne: creating light...and healing..

gwynne: When we bless those in the room..

gwynne: go down the list..of those here..

gwynne: and bless them with your love..

gwynne: type in their names..with your blessing..

gwynne: sending them into the light...

gwynne: Thanks to all...holding...rocking you in the universal