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Creativity through the Zodiac

by Stephen Poplin, M.A.

In honor of the sign of Leo, I would like to focus upon the creative gifts bestowed, not only on this wonderfully gifted sign, but upon all of the signs of the zodiac.

Leo needs to express. This expression invariably unfolds in artistic or aesthetic arenas; however, any task that demands technical skill is a valid form of expression. The light must shine. What I hope to describe is how the various signs allow their unique lights to shine, all the while recognizing that one's propensities or inclinations may come from a sign or planet other than one's sun, or birth, sign. One needs to calculate the exact date, time and place of birth to know the other signs active in your astrology chart. Let us proceed!

Leo The whole arts and entertainment field is the playground for this expressive personality. To play is the thing. To play well. Musical instruments, painting, writing, storytelling, arts and crafts,...whatever the skill, you will want to be the best. The attraction--and urge--will be to go to the top, to the limelight. The fantasy finds you at the apex. You have the natural drive and innate ability to take you there. Go for the gold!

Virgo Attention to detail and a desire to beautify things of the everyday world will help you to manifest your artistic self. The arts and crafts come to mind, for they are practical things that can be useful andbeautiful! Quilts, pottery, cabinet making, crochet, beadwork, upholstery, sewing and design are examples of ways you can humbly add your creative spark to the world.

Libra The arts that harmonize and involve interaction within a team (even if it is a duet) may attract you. Musical groups from quartets to symphony orchestras; plays, skits, scripts and drama groups; modeling, fashion, design and fads; dancing--from country-western to ballet (although there may be a bias towards highbrow); and fine literature are the expressions that this aesthetic sign will be attracted to. Did I forget interior design? Beauty and taste!

Scorpio What is the art behind the art? Can art be a catalyst for insight, growth, and awareness? Symbolic art can be expressed in photography, painting, sculpture, drama, dance and music. Picture a reflection upon a smooth lake. What's under the surface? Let's not forget erotica as an art form. What's under the sheets? The message is the medium. Words are quite powerful to get ideas across. These people might mesmerize to mix meaning and message. Marvelous!

Sagittarius Art aficionados as they are, they will certainly collect art and artifacts from around the world. The out-doorsy types will create arts and crafts that attunes to nature or so-called primitive cultures. Peace pipes, walking (and talking) sticks, bows and arrows, back-packs and clothing with religious designs, feathers and beadwork. The mystic types will want to create pieces that signify spirituality. Icons, the Egyptian eye of God, ornate crosses and simple statues--watch for shrines and holy symbols. And don't forget the art of humor!

Capricorn High culture or mass appeal? It depends on your focus. Architecture, museums, art, music and literature. The classics. These people are finely attuned and discriminating and will make high demands of themselves and of others. Here is where structure and aesthetics may meet. To do it well--and with style--is their motive. Nothing gross or flamboyant though...unless they're getting paid for it! Those into popular culture are selective too, always on the lookout for taste and quality. Those in this sign will want the best...and go for the top.

Aquarius Individual expression and the celebration of minority and obscure groups. Balkan folk dancing anyone? They'll write science fiction, play rap and cyber-punk, wax poetic about idealism, and learn to play the tablas or Ukrainian mandolin. Computer graphics and high-tech designs. Belly dancing and Gregorian chants? This is a very creative and original sign, obviously, but there is a fine line between statement and art, between individual inspiration and iconoclastic stubbornness, and they like to tread it. Surprise!

Pisces Music for the soul, poetry for the heart, and art for the spirit. Sea shell collections, melodic music, the art of sailing, religious art and ceremonies--many things that bring peace and quiet to weary souls. New Age music and classical refrains. Photography and film are attractive. These mystical, other-worldly creatures may enjoy the solitude of the creative act as much as the final product. Not everything is done in seclusion, however, for there is a love of theater too.

Aries We are back to basics and individuality here. Art, music, crafts and creativity make big influences on these people while still young. Hopefully these impressions are positive and expansive and broad. Aries are innovators: visual artists abound, actors and actresses. The art of rhetoric versus off the wall humor. Join a kazoo band? Japanese drumming? Martial arts is an art!? Indeed. Carpentry, woodwork, precision craft. Using tools to create. They like to do things their own way, even within team play. There they go!

Taurus Turn up the vocals and let's dance! These people have such good ears that they will be drawn to singing, music, and rythmic movement. Their good taste is usually apparent in their homes. They have the knack of taking odds and ends, left-overs, and garage sale items and turning them into tasteful statements. Their natural sensualness moves them into cooking and gardening--they delight in the natural tastes, scents, and feel of things. Whether they are stretching their bodies or indulging their tastes, there is an inner appreciation of beauty.

Gemini Ah, the magic of words! Poetry, prose, scripts, stories and literature. There is a story that can be told, and then there is a story that can be told well. Word plays, puns, jests and humor are certainly expressive. The craft of the writer can make places, people and events come alive. Tales are turned into films. Current events can take on the garb of drama or comedy; and thus the everyday becomes art. Geminis like to do things with their hands. This includes playing instruments, using tools and planting bulbs. Handy.

Cancer The art is the home and the home is where art thrives. From architectural styles to interior design, from wall papering to antique renovations, beauty and comfort can combine in the domicile. Let's not forget landscape gardening and fragrant flowers and heavenly herbs. Later comes the art of cooking and canning. Weaving, sewing, quilting and reproducing art forms of the past. And then there is music and photography!