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Crown of Twelve Stars

by Allen Michael Mason

Copyright 1998


This article is about the astrology in both the Harmonic Convergence of 16-17 August 1987, and its anniversary Harmonic Convergence 2, which happened on 25-27 July, 1997. The question of how that astrology interconnects, and how those events belong to a larger world evolutionary picture belonging to a shift in consciousness, will also be unraveled. Prayers and meditations, counting in the millions, created light in the earth's aura that made our planet for three days a star itself.

The writing is prefaced here to explain that anyone familiar with only basic astrology fundamentals, and who is also a seeker of enlightenment through divine wisdom, can be uplifted by this 12 page article. A suggestion is that it be read meditatively, i.e., with frequent long pauses so as to listen calmly to what one's own spirit, experience and knowledge have to say to it. My hope, my prayer, is that when read in this manner, this study in Cosmic Christianity will renew your spirit and soul to God's Plan of Love.

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Queen of the Sun is the title of a recently published mystery drama on the way to becoming the sales record rival of Celestine Prophecy. E. J. Michael spins the tale of Jason's adventures to solve the mystery of the Medallion of Isis, an ancient Egyptian relic he has stumbled upon. Very early into this mystery story, that is at its deepest level an occult mystery of spiritual facts to be understood, Jason is cast as the modern day David fighting the Goliath of greed, and ambition for power over the world, especially through the banking system, and the tax collection system must be added. George Orwell's 1984 may be to some only fiction, but it can become a one world government (that is a dictatorship) reality, if humanity fails to claim its inner divinity through Aquarian energies made manifest.

Harmonic Convergence 1, and upcoming HC2, in their assertion of one heaven and earth wholeness, are a healing force that works to end material greed and the drive for power over others -- called the Dragon in St John's Revelation. July 25-27, 1997, is the anniversary celebration of the first Harmonic Convergence of 16-17 August, 1987, that is to be a Love Feast (Agape) to heal the earth in prayers and plant moral conscience in the world's leadership and governments -- hopefully to change the world now controlled by a Patriarchal unseen group of global financiers, who in effect suppress the Divine Feminine. Aquarian spirit-souls, up against the Goliath of the military-industrial complex and the combined greed of some of the world-dominating business cooperations, need both guidance and protection. What does the starry script of HC1&2 tell us of the guidance and protection of the "great wonder in heaven" that is "A woman clothed with the Sun, and the Moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars" (Revelation 12:1)?

To begin, we must understand that the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, is threefold. To the ancient Greeks her trinity was Demeter, Persephone, and Athena, and in modern spiritual science conceptualization the Goddess as Mother, Daughter, and Holy Soul, who polarize the Divine Masculine: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Together they are the two triangles of the Star of David, the mystery the spiritual calls us to understand.

The woman who has "a crown of twelve stars" is the Persephone/Daughter aspect of the Goddess -- and this aspect is also known as the Virgin in modern spiritual science, and she is the highest level of meaning for the constellation with her name. The Daughter or Virgin aspect of the Goddess is Isis, and the Sophia, of antiquity reborn in the Christ Impulse. She is the Divine Wisdom of the bird's wing, the bee hive or beaver's dam, and the very structure and order of our solar system and universe (see Proverbs 8). She is the Divine Wisdom and power life force of creation in "perpetual childbirth". The stelliscript is the language of her weaving of love and compassion enwombing the world.

Now it is in the Divine Mother that East meets West, an Aquarian aspiration of our times. The Mother aspect is Kali in the East, but not only there but everywhere in ancient cultures she has many names. One anthropologist, Abrahim H. Khan, who studied the Mother in many cultures summed it up thusly: "To belong truly to her, the worshipper must surrender not just the intellect, but the entire self....Every aspect of one's being must be dedicated to her service...Only the true devotee can be conscious of the Divine Presence and can sing her song and dance her dance of life."

The ancient Druids, whose religious activities were astrologically orientated, as evidenced by Stonehenge the Sun Temple, cared for the Mother aspect of the Goddess as the first aspect of the threefold Goddess: The Most Holy Trinosophia. The Mother's body is the planet earth, with her central hearth being a solid gold core (not iron) at the center of the earth. This central Kingdom of the Mother was Shamballa to the East, and Her Kingdom polarizes the Father's Kingdom of Light. This center is one of creative life force, shown to be real by the plants and trees of Nature striving for the central hearth via their roots. With their branches raised upwards they reach for the Father's Kingdom of Light.

The Druids worked to direct cosmic forces into nature in a harmonious way -- to heal and spiritualize Nature/Gaia. In effect they practised a sacred white magic to spiritualize the Mother and make wholeness and healing real. We today in the celebrations of HC1&2 are metamorphosed Druids. Our celebrations of tying heaven and earth together in global prayers and meditations are for the redemption of Demeter, the Mother Earth -- and for the rebirth of the Isis-Sophia who gives us intuition, imagination, and compasssion that are together her Horus-Christ child.

The third aspect of the Goddess is Athena or Holy Soul who was the group soul for the ancient Greek city-state. To ancient Israel this aspect of the Divine Feminine was Shekinah who brought peace and harmony into the community, to become the soul of the community. With the Gaiamind Project prayers and meditations, that began this year, fresh in our hearts and minds, it is easy to understand Holy Soul as a fellowship of hearts in one world community of Aquarian brotherhood/sisterhood.

The "woman clothed with the Sun" -- the Queen of the Sun, or Isis-Sophia, must be understood in her star script wisdom of planetary motions in HC1&2, just as the three Magi read her wisdom in the three Saturn/Jupiter conjunctions in Pisces, in 7 BC, as the sign of the prophesied Messiah. In the light of all now explained, I can now delineate the astrology of HC1&2, and the truth that interconnects them in their most salient features.

To accomplish this and make its import clear and illuminating, some explanation of the "line of analysis" to be employed is essential as a preliminary. As we are human beings of spirit-soul-body constitution, the easiest way to understand the astrology of HC1&2, and their synergetic forces, is to view the zodiac and planets through a threefold spirit-soul-body lens. Also to make this brief sketch of a vast subject meaningful to as many schools of astrology as possible, I will employ in this human triad analysis the three zodiacs utilized in Western astrology today. The sidereal constellations are the basis of the astrology of the East, and those of that heritage can find a connection to this delineation. The three zodiacs we will consider are the primary sidereal zodiac, the secondary draconic zodiac, and the tertiary tropical zodiac.

Sidereal is primary because all other zodiacal systems are derived from it. For instance, sidereally the first constellation is the Ram, which is Aries in the draconic and tropical. Similarly, the Bull is of the sidereal which becomes the sign of Taurus in the secondary and tertiary zodiacs -- and likewise the Twins constellation is called Gemini. The "signs" of the zodiac derive their archetypal imagery and meaning from the constellations, but are not spatially aligned or coincident due to the "precession of the Equinoxes", in part I must add, because bringing in the draconic signs introduces the retrograding motion of the moon's nodes. However it is the hierarchial relationship of the zodiacs and not the spatial that we are studying. The sidereal zodiac is what you see when looking up at the sky at night -- it is primary and all other zodiac conceptualizations are its children.

Sidereal is the spirit level of the triune multi-dimensional astrology that is needed to evince a lucid and convincing portraiture of HC1&2 astrology. In spiritual science the sidereal zodiac is defined as cosmic astrality, but the sidereal zodiac is the communal collective star bodies of Cherubim, Seraphim, and Thrones, the Spirits of Love, Harmony , and Will. In their co-existence they are the spiritual impellation of Christ in the solar system for earth to become a blazon Sun of human Spirit Selves illumined in Christhood. Then for the triune human being, the sidereal, our original home and final destination, is astrologically the causal-motive-evocative level of all life. Soul is of the lunar astral (hence the draconic zodiac which is born of the moving Moon's Node) to be the polarity of spirit sidereal as its fulcrum point, that is a womb in which spirit can bear child as feeling, thought, and will impulses in Man.

Now these soul attributes of willing, thinking, and feeling are sequential, i.e. of time in our experiencing, not spatial. Thus the draconic and tropical are calculated and derived from nodes in time -- the Moon's North Node or the Vernal Equinox respectively. The children of spirit in soul willing, thinking, and feeling, are delineated in esoteric or depth astrology in the secondary draconic zodiac, and the final resultant action or deed of our body, or body experience, is the event domain of the tertiary tropical zodiac. The spiritual science that is foundational to this trinity matrix astrology is of an immense order to large for this article, but still spirit-soul-body as a "line of analysis" will be edifying.

With the above understanding of the three Western zodiacs popular today (with the sidereal being used in the East), I can now delineate the astrology of HC1&2 in a manner analogous to the human being of spirit-soul-body constitution to show the triune multi-dimensional creativity of the Spiritual Hierarchies in world crafting. Their labors from spirit -- the sidereal -- enwomb and ensoul us in the draconic to bear children as events in the tropical.

Two astrological jewels are the focus of this article: the astrology of HC1&2 and their interconnections. But as with many gems, it is the mounting and setting that bring out its best qualities, and this is so with these diamonds of astrology we want to appreciate for all their true beauty. We must first see the astronomy and astrology in which HC1&2 are integrals--or more poetically, we must see the bride and groom in the sanctuary of their wedding.

The sacred setting, the sanctuary can be best seen, in its symbolism of the Will of Providence, in the longitudinal travel of the outermost planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto -- in the span of time from 11 January 1933 (20:36 GMT), when the Sun and Moon were opposing in 27 1/2 Gemini-Sagittarius of the sidereal, to the beginning of a new millennium on 1 January 2000. The first date needs to be explained in its cosmic significance. The central event in the earth's history is the life of Jesus Christ, our very calendar which marks the millennium is the very evidence of this truth. In the 33 1/3 year birth-death span of Jesus Christ there is an inner esoteric calendar -- it is the spiritual timepiece of the Christ Impulse in world evolution.

Therefore, to briefly look at the rhythm of the life of Christ, we can mark on a Christ-historical calendar the year 333 (10 cycles of the life of Christ) and the year 666 (10 more cycles). Each of these time frames and dates have deep significance that this short article cannot explore. But continuing in this Christ Impulse rhythm we arrive at 59 repetitions of 33 1/3: the year 1933, if we count the 33 1/3 year life of Christ as the first cycle. And the Moon's cycles that have everything to do with these calculations are explained thusly: " the age of the second coming it is the Full Moon which acquires special significance, each Full Moon serving to commemorate the Mystery of Golgotha (recalling the crucifixion, which took place at the time of the Full Moon). Thus, the first Full Moon after New Year's eve 1932/1933 can be regarded as the date of commencement of the New Age. [The "New Age" in the true and correct esoteric sense is the Second Coming of Christ.] This was on January 11, 1933, when the Sun was at 27 1/2 Sagittarius [sidereal he means] and the Moon at 27 1/2 Gemini." (Robert Powell, Hermetic Astrology, Vol II, chap IX)

The start of the 59th cycle is considered by astrologers of the Virgin Sophia, or Daughter aspect of the Divine Feminine, to be the onset of Christ's Second Coming, which is in the etheric aura of the earth. His presence is made manifest in either the masculine form as the countenance of Michael, or in his feminine aspect as the Holy Virgin. They are together "the sign of the times" for the true and real New Age that rebirths the Divine Feminine.

Now connected on the archetypal level to 11 January 1933, the Onset, is the 2000th birthday of Jesus of Nazareth, which took place on the night of 6/7 2 BC (according to the findings of astronomer-astrologer Robert A. Powell -- the world's leading scholar on this subject. (See Chronicles of the Living Christ of his pen, 1996). The sidereal sun was at 16 deg and 4 min of Sagittarius on this night of 2 BC that the world's greatest Avatar was born. On 1 January 2000 the 2000th solar return of Jesus occurs, and from the occult-cosmic level is the onset of the New Millennium. (22:24 GMT, 1 Jan 2000 to be exact, but some computer programs may vary a few minutes). The two dates of 11 January, 1933, and 1 January, 2000, using their exact times of occult-historical import in Cosmic Christianity, are the mounting , the astrological setting, for the two gems of Harmonic Convergences, 1987 and 1997. We have now before us the outer architecture of the sanctuary that is a cosmic temple -- and the spans/arcs of longitude of the outermost planets in this "time sanctuary" contain an occult mystery.

Cycles and rhythms of planetary motions, that can be found in astronomical measurements, must be understood from the perspective of their inner quality from symbolism, so that the spatial declares-speaks its spiritual origin and occult facts are gleaned. Then astrological interpretation can follow, which presupposes a grasp of its numerical keys -- its Pythagorean element. With the calculation of the ratios between differing planetary arcs of orbital travel a sacred geometry is found in measurements that spell the quality of a relationship, i.e. rapport they embrace. It is in such a line of analysis, that the setting, the mounting, for HC1&2 can be sculpted. Additionally, upon examining the rapport measurements (aspects) between HC1&2, it can be revealed that the astrology of HC1&2 is archetypally related to measurements between the Onset and Millennium asterograms.

Follow me, if you will, by starting with Pluto. This planet is at the very core of good that must fight evil, for the planet earth to become the planet of Love. Using the sidereal, which is the causal-spirit level, Pluto arced between the Onset date and the New Millennium date from 28 1/2 Gemini to 17 Scorpio, a span of 138 degs. This distance when divided by 33 1/3 gives the dividend of 4. (I am leaving out small fractions for brevity's sake and quick perception of the archetypal symbolism.) Here we have the Bull, Lion, Eagle, and Man (Aquarius) -- the four Cherubim, also called the Four Beasts who inspired the Evangelists. These are the forces which human souls must struggle with to ascend to spirit through idealized will forces of the ego. The riddle of the Sphinx is the inner mystery of Pluto.

Next let's see what theosophical numerology finds for Neptune. This planet traverses in the spirit-sidereal from 16 Leo to 8 1/2 Capricorn essentially (142 1/3 degs when computed), basically 144 or 2 x 72, a biquintile aspect to astrologers. The 360 deg zodiac divided by 5 yields 5 quintiles of 72 degs each. Five is the individuality achieved by strengthening the reasoning powers in the struggle of good over evil. The quintile is integral to Sun-Venus conjunctions which, in eight year cycles repeating until time ends, makes five repetitions, to pen in star script a pentagram. Five quintiles make a pentagram that symbolizes the victory of spirit over matter or Spirit Triumphant. This archetypic measurement of five symbolizes our final return to the "garden of delight".

The fourth and fifth miracles of Christ, as an occult mystery to be understood, instruct us of the meaning of 5, along with 12. The fourth miracle of Christ was the feeding of the 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fishes. This was followed by the fifth miracle when the 12 disciples saw Jesus walk on the water of the Sea of Galilee. When the 5000 people witnessed the fourth miracle they wanted to proclaim him their king -- but an earthly king, and as we know Christ said: "My Kingdom is not of this world." However on the fifth miracle the 12 disciples understood him: that the Kingdom he was speaking of is the Kingdom of Heaven -- oft painted as the garden with 12 fruit trees (constellations), which are also the Virgin Sophia's crown of 12 stars. When a big storm almost capsized their boat Jesus appeared to them, walking on the water. Christ appeared to them as the Good Shepherd across the horizontal waters in historical time. They experienced him as the shepherd of souls.

In summary, the fourth and fifth miracles of Christ portray the temptation of earthly power that we must forsake to receive eternal life from the Good Shepherd.. This is the very struggle the world is in today -- between those who seek materialism and power over others, and the spiritual warriors like David who have courage, and faith and knowledge, that opens the third eye to the Kingdom of Heaven, the earth's true future karmically in the Christ Impulse. It is highly significant that David killed Goliath with a stone aimed to hit the center of the brow, the location of the third eye.

Having delved into the significance of 5 and 12 in the Christ Impulse, we find it is Uranus who holds the next key to setting of the gems that are HC1&2 astrology. Uranus, in the time frame between 11 January 1933 and 1 January 2000, will arc over from 26 Pisces to 20 Capricorn (sidereal), about 294 1/3 degs when computed, and divided by 33 1/3 yields 9, when rounded out for archetypal purposes. Nine is very specially associated with spiritual knowledge. The occult literature supporting this tie of Uranus to spiritual knowledge is copious. To only mention a few, in this nine symbolism, the Kabbalah has nine degrees suspended from the Supreme God. In Royal Arch Masonary nine is a mystic number. There are nine stages of spiritual ascent in the Nine Beatitudes of St.Matthew. The mystery of nine, most relevant for this present study, is the nine Spiritual Hierarchies from the Angels to the Seraphim, with the human kingdom being the tenth hierarchy.

Now the mystery of Uranus is that it is spiritual science that awakens us as spirit-souls to the Kingdom of Heaven, that is within our very own hearts. Yes, the true Kingdom of Heaven is a Kingdom of Hearts -- to be the New Jerusalem. The sheaf of wheat (or ear of corn), i.e., her harvest the Virgin is holding in her hand (where the star Spica is found at 29 Virgo of the sidereal), is symbolically the spiritual science knowledge of the Spiritual Hierarchies. This harvest-knowledge, growing in the soul as an enzyme, bears fruit as clairvoyant vision of the hierarchies. And all of this put together is the meaning of Aquarius in HC1&2. Then we unite with them as little helpers of the Gods in the Christ Impulse. In short, we must bring the periphery of the cosmos into our hearts for a Kingdom of Hearts -- another key symbolic meaning of Leo in Harmonic Convergence astrology.

From all here explained in rapport measurements there is a spiritual architecture revealed. We can now see the cosmic forces impelling Aquarians of a New Age to unite heaven and earth, and to bring the nurturing protection and guidance of the Queen of the Sun into Mother Earth -- for healing the planet strained by industrial pollutants and the ravages of wars wherever Goliath has reigned. Goliath lives today in those financial entities holding economic controls, in any individual or political ideology, or government, who would have us be their slaves spiritually or economically. Goliath lives in the Patriarchal system in control of the world today. Goliath of the Old Testament is related to the Dragon of the New Testament, but not in the sense of their being synonymous, but as two facets of one thing i.e., Goliath is the representative of all those who have united themselves with the Dragon's forces (which are supersensible in origin) in seeking to have power and control over others. In St. John's Revelation (12:7-9), the Archangel Michael slays the Dragon. Now Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn, and Uranian spiritual science is the New Rosicrucianism of Michael which, when digested as the Virgin's spiritual bread in human spirit-souls, slays the Dragon in them and the world. The Virgin's bread also initiates the clairvoyant vision of the opened brow Chakra, the "third eye".

The Leo-Aquarius polarity then is central to HC1&2 astrology. In HC1 these energies were first noticed in the West on the tropical-event level with a four planet stellium (conjunction) in Leo, which complements and polarizes Aquarius. (The sun was in its own sign so a fifth planet was not needed for a stellium.) And the astrology of HC2 steps up the Leo-Aquarius forces to a higher octave because the sidereal-spirit-causal position of the moon' s North Node is 25-26 Leo. At the North Node degree a cosmic gateway is open, and amazingly, for the Sabian symbolism of 26 Leo -- emphasizing rainbow imagery -- Rudhyar in his 1973 edition says: "Linking above and below, the Covenant with one's divine nature, promise of immortality." This of course sharply epitomizes the spiritual mystery in the astrology, not only of the Onset/Millennium relationship, but also HC1&2. The unity of the universe as seen in the stars is Virgin Sophia's wisdom, as this Sabian imagery proclaims in HC1&2 astrology.

At this point in the HC1&2 astrology of the Queen of the Sun, who is Virgin Sophia, the rapport measurements of planetary bodies are central to vivid delineation. Illustrative verification of this can be shown by the concurrence, that is a salute to one another in time, of the draconic Suns of HC1&2 which are in an opposition (180) aspect, Leo and Aquarius respectively. Simply put, this rapport measurement symbolizes Man's current crisis: the repolarization of materiality to the divine within.

With the draconic Suns, of HC1 & 2, we see the cosmic forces ensouling-enabling the spirit-causal of the sidereal, which for both the HC1&2 Suns was in the Crab. Now this feminine sign is growth and evolution in the substance of the Mother. And when you realize that whilst geocentrically the Sun is in the Crab, heliocentrically the earth is in the Goat -- thus the Father forces, of this domicile for Saturn, are penetrating the substance of the Mother.

The Father is the "what" of creation: salvation. The Mother is the "how" of creation: evolution. Thus the world exists with the Father and Mother polarized in the what and how of creation. Our Mother-Father in HC2 is sidereally a cosmic axis, seen by spirit Sun, in 8 Cancer, opposing spirit Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter, all in the span of 4-24 Capricorn. In this astrology is shown the goal of creation -- allegorically told in the Biblical story of the Prodigal Son: the return to the Father in the Kingdom of Heaven. The draconic sun in the Leo-Aquarius polarity, of HC2, is a "sign in the heavens" of souls who possess the Key of David to lock the door to materiality, and open the door to the Kingdom of Heaven within the heart. This is the highest meaning of the Leo-Aquarius axis. Altogether, in these examples of sidereal-draconic interplay there is disclosed a spirit-soul truth in the HC2 gestalt.

The reading of the stelliscript has now brought us to an appreciation of the Harmonic Convergences, as astrological gems, that can transport the soul, when the Virgin's wisdom is shining in their facets. But in truth we are only 1/2 way to the summit, for the 33 1/3 year life cycle of Jesus Christ has more definitive truth to unveil in the astrology of HC1&2. Again we take up as the point of departure the Onset/Millennium rapport measurements--for they are the setting for HC1&2. .

Angelic light is given corporeal form in the revelatory geometry of the tredecile (tree-DESS-ul) aspect of 108 degrees. This most important aspect to the Babylonian and Egyptian priest-astrologers was the highest sacred geometry symbolizing master cosmic cycles -- and was the master aspect of initiation. The importance of the tredecile is gleaned when a division of 360 by 108 is made. Your calculator will show the dividend to be 3.33333 to infinity -- and this is significant for cosmic completion and beginnings, and also a mathematical harmonic of 33.3, the "heart beat" of the Christ Impulse that is a cosmos to earth rhythm. This aspect is the complement of the quintile as 108 + 72 = 180, and both 72 and 108 numerologically reduce to 9, or spiritual knowledge, as does 180 itself.

The subject of planetary aspects in rapport measurement conceptualization, between the Onset and Millennium astrology, will take us to the altar in the starry sanctuary. These aspects paint the larger overview, so I call them the synoptic aspects. The aspect that exists between the spirit level North Node of the Moon of Onset and the spiritual level of the Moon of the Millennium astrology is a waxing tredecile. It will be exact about 6 hours after the Cosmic Christian birth of the Millennium. Essentially, the Moon of the Millennium astrology returns to aspect its own Node of the Onset, and as a completion that is a beginning, does exemplify the tredecile in indisputable archetypal purity. This is archetypal-lunar at its best, a measurement of the "immaculate conception" of the New Millennium, which one can hold in the soul as an imagination. Expressed another way, the gestalt of the Millennium is born of the womb of the Onset -- a judgement made from the stelliscript.

(sidereal zod. unless noted)
ONSET rapport
deg & min
No 14 Aq 51 w111:04 Mo 23 Ll 47
Ur 25 Pi 43 s107:52 Me 7 Sa 51
Su 27 Sa 24 w110:32 Su 6 Vi 52 (D)
Ju 29 Le 26 s111:54 Ju 21 Sa 20 (D)
w = waxing s = separating
    Note: Astrologers work with planetary "orbs" in making a judgement of the strength of an aspect. The orb is the measurement of space before or after, i.e., the waxing or separating of an aspect. The range is normally from 2-12 degs depending on the planet. Authorities differ considerably on the orbs of various bodies -- wide for slow and short for fast planets. The widest orb space in the table is just under 4 degs for Jupiter (S) separating tredecile Jupiter (D). This would be viewed by the majority of astrologers, since Jupiter is a slower moving planet, to be a close tredecile. So accordingly, the tredecile of Mercury separating from Uranus by only 8 mins is virtually an exact aspect, and as star script a powerful statement.

Another tredecile of the Onset/Millennium astrology is spirit Uranus of the Onset tredecile spiritual Mercury of the Millennium. Thus two planets that initiate are in the aspect of Cosmic Initiation -- an exemplary model of the tredecile. Other tredeciles are spirit Jupiter tredecile soul-draconic Jupiter, and the spirit Sun tredecile soul-draconic Sun. In these last two measurements of sidereal to draconic, or spirit to soul, we have astrosophic confirmation of spirit-soul-body astrology. This being the cosmic causal spirit-sidereal, ensouled and enwombed by the draconic, to bear event-child as the New Millennium. These three examples of world crafting geometry demonstrate the truth and accuracy in this article's line of anaylsis, especially when we consider that the gestalt of the 2000th solar return of Jesus is the "natal" chart for the Christ Impulse in the Millennium. This chart is in its entirety a map for resurrection of human spirit-souls into the Virgin's astral light that is the communal astral body, the World Soul, of Christ, in Cosmic Christianity. This will be taken up in part VI where a full delineation of the Millenium chart is possible. But here I've pointed to the deepest meaning of the solar rapport between spirit-sidereal and soul-draconic of the Onset/Millenium astrology and that is what needs to be understood.

This article opened with the promise to show the interconnections of the HC1&2 astrology. They are numerous, and a detailed delineation of them would be tedious to follow, excepting some astrology professionals, and/or advanced students. But using just some of the outstanding measurements of the HC1&2 astrology will disclose transcendental Divine Mind, and these fulfill the promise. First and primary is the Saturn to Saturn measurement of the two dates, with Saturn at 20 Scorpio in the sidereal of HC1, and 26 Pisces in HC2, which are for both the Water element. This is a trine (120 deg) aspect and traditionally means a easy flowing convergence of forces. Saturn is divine intention and cosmic memory, thus this sacred geometry is important. In the tropical they are in the Fire signs at 15 Sagittarius and 20 Aries, for the HC1&2 respectively. The Water and Fire elements of HC1&2 show feelings united to will and spirit. This would assist the prayers and meditations of these celebrations that are a united soul endeavor -- and as a cosmic impellation speaks to the spiritual task we have: yoke the soul's will power to spiritual victory!

Another HC1&2 relationship is seen in the patterns they share that are similar. For instance, HC1 had Sun trine Uranus and HC2 has Sun trine Pluto, with the Sun opposing Neptune and Uranus. It is the solar animation of the outer planets that is relevant here.

Last, but of great meaning, is the Chiron connection. Chiron in HC1 is trine Chiron of HC2 (2 2/3 Gemini to 2 Libra, sidereal), again a harmonious convergence, and one at the center of Cosmic Christianty. Chiron is a comet/planetoid that impells the Holy Spirit revelation of the Second Coming of Christ in the etheric aura of the earth. (see Sophia's Astrology of the Soul by this author) . Discovered in 1977 between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus as a "captured" comet that will not leave the solar system until far into the future, it can be seen analogously as the "child" of Saturn and Uranus, which in their Sophianic roles have already been discussed very basically. It is divine intention, Saturn, that the spiritual science of Uranus liberate human souls from their bondage to material earth. Therefore New Age centaurs or Chirons with the Key of David are the children of the Saturnian and Uranian forces. In these three rapport measurements that are trines, between HC1&2, an archetypal relationship is made visable -- and thus far we have opened the esoteric Christian calendar to see the setting for the starlit diamonds of the Convergences. But the Mayan calendar was the basis of the first Harmonic Convergence, and is the basis of the date of HC2 (a new galactic year), not the Christian calendar. So how do Christ and the Lord Quetzalcoatl of the "People of the Clouds" converge ?

The Mayan calendar of the Zapotec Indians timed the return of Quetzalcoatl -- their legendary Lord of the Tree of Life, to the date of HC1. The chief organizer of the global event claimed he was instructed by beings from Arcturus to implement the convergence that marked the return of Quetzalcoatl. The Zapotec prophecy was that the fruit of their Tree of Life was to be the New Spirit of Man. The 2000 year old cedar tree called El Tule was the symbol of their Tree of Life. To these Mayan descendants, we are at the end of a grand cycle in evolution. Perhaps Jose Arguelles, the promulgator, was a reincarnation of a Mayan priest-astrologer, for they like himself believed that they communicated with the galactic center. The Mayan seers perhaps knew the qualities of time and not just the mathematical quantity of time; they saw time as the evolution of consciousness as we learn and absorb the ideal qualities of the zodiac.

Arcturus, the fixed star whose spiritual beings guided Jose Arguelles, I believe, has star lore imagery that denotes its spiritual power. Arcturus is the brightest star in the constellation Bootes -- the Hebrew root is Bo, meaning "to come" or the coming. To the Egyptians this star was Smat or Bau, meaning "one who rules, subdues, and governs." Combining these elements this star is of "the one who is coming to govern" -- Christ the Messiah.

The first Harmonic Convergence was astrologically keyed to the dawn of 17 August, 1987, when Mercury and Venus conjuncting the Sun (Venus was ahead of the Sun by 1 1/2 degs and Mercury nearly 3 degs) ascended over the horizon at the El Templo del Santa Maria about six miles from Oaxaca, Mexico. Mars in Leo followed the rising Sun by 2 1/2 degrees, as the Activator in the battle for light to overcome darkness -- the world's karma to become a planet of Love. On the event level of the "stellium" the tropical planets were in Leo, but the spirit level placement was Cancer,except for Mars which was in Leo on both levels.

When the tropical event level of the Sun rose above the horizon, simultaneously sidereal Saturn was almost exactly on the event IC ( the degree 180 from the midheaven) at 24 Scorpio. This is consummate astrology, for in the Mayan legend Quetzalcoatl's heart was buried under the El Tule tree long ages ago, and Saturn in Scorpio is victory over death and the Morning Star stellium coming over the horizon announced his resurrection in light. The Sun was trine Uranus when the dawn broke, and a little more than eight hours later the trine was exact. From the astrosophic standpoint, Uranus was the regent of the Cosmic Intelligence of the stars, i.e., the spiritual beings that live in the sidereal , the Seraphim, Cherubim , and Thrones.

Next I want to begin to discuss the twin planets Mercury and Venus. Mercury rising ahead of the Sun is termed Prometheus. Venus when rising ahead of the Sun is the Light Bearer, called Venus Lucifer, and logically these two planets rising ahead of the Sun can be interpreted to mean a great expectation. An Age reaches its conclusion -- the seed of a new cycle is planted by what really was a Love Feast or World Pentecost. Venus ahead of the Sun was the herald of the New Spirit of Man -- the Sun of Quetzalcoatl/Christ with whom humankind must unite in spirit, to overcome the Moon forces not needed for the world's future. The Moon's astral forces were our evolutionary descent, and the Sun's spiritual forces are our future in Christed egos who can say "Not I but Christ in me." Thus the woman with the crown of twelve stars is surrounded by the Sun with the Moon subdued under her feet.

The Harmonic Convergence that was a conception will complete its pregnancy (as an imagination) to birth a new cycle in the Mayan calendar this 25 July (about 12:00 GMT), When the Sun comes over the horizon of the El Tule tree, in Santa Maria's churchyard, there is an astrological anniversary. This moment in time may not be specifically marked in the HC2 prayers and meditations for global participation. But at this time when the Sun rises ahead of Venus plus Mercury, both some 30 degrees behind, which astrologers term Venus Hesperus and Mercury Epimetheus, then those astrologers, or others, who desire to remember this with a prayer or meditation have a Mayan connection that is cosmic. Please note that this astronomy for the Sun ascending and Venus plus Mercury rising about two hours later, will be repeated in each of the following two days of Harmonic Convergence 2, for three days of cosmic remembrance. Also appreciate that as the Sun rises in the east over the El Tule tree, at that time Neptune will have just set under the western horizon and Uranus will be opposing the Sun, from about 4 1/2 degrees over the horizon. Jupiter will be setting under the horizon a little more than one hour later. Saturn, with the Moon applying to conjunct it (4 deg "orb to partile" as astrolgers say), will be in the midheaven at dawn of this morning when the Sun's light shines on Santa Maria's churchyard. The Moon and Saturn, the rulers of Cancer and Capricorn respectively, punctuate the Cancer-Capricorn forces so primary to HC1&2.

This pairing of planets evidences the Moon as a receptacle for the Virgin Sophia. Saturn in the school of Astro-Sophia is the planetary regent of the Holy Virgin. But beyond this delineation of the Moon applying to conjunct Saturn, this convergence declares our final goal: the Holy Virgin. Man fell from Virgin Sophia, our original home in the stars. Thus the Moon delineates as our collective soul cups that must be purified to receive the Holy Grail . The spiritual science of Uranian forces is the Science of the Grail for the goal of Spirit Selfhood -- and recall from above that Uranus will be animated on the western horizon by the opposing Sun rising in the east at dawn, on each day of the HC2 Love Feast.

This reading of the Sophia now brings us to a place for calm reflection. Please pause with reverence for her wisdom, and thus enter your inner heart sanctuary of her Temple, where the mystery of the Harmonic Convergences can be revealed in the Grace she bestows.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Venus Lucifer is the herald of the promised coming of Quetzalcoatl, who is the face or countenance of Christ. And here it should be noted that with the Onset and Millennium astrology Venus and Mercury are rising ahead of the Sun, just as they were in HC1. Venus Hesperus and Mercury Epimetheus have an interpretation that polarizes with Venus Lucifer and Mercury Prometheus -- and this is the consummate cosmic tie in astrology that connects HC1&2. Mercury was in the stellium of HC1, and like Venus, its rising before or after the Sun is the occult mystery that links HC1&2.

Venus Hesperus is related to Hesperia -- the most western land to Greeks and Romans. Hercules to achieve immortality had to get a golden apple from the Garden of the Hesperides, (lower nature divinities), who guarded the apples with the aid of a dragon. Hercules is the Solar Hero who must swallow or eat twelve zodiacal fruits (virtues) to get Tree of Life, i.e., immortality. Each sign of the zodiac is a cosmic nourishment of the Tree of Life. Venus Hesperus, then, is symbolic of Hercules, the seeker of wisdom who must consume immortality. Recall that for HC1&2 the sidereal Sun is in the Crab, with which trees are associated as they are symbols of growth, development, evolution of the cosmos, generation and regeneration hence immortality. This is therefore relevant to the spirit-causal role of the sidereal. In fact, the Egyptians and Hindus saw this fourth constellation as the Scarab, the sacred beetle, whose life cycle starts as a worm and ends as a creature that flys, hence spirit realized -- immortality. The tropical Sun ascending in Leo in the HC1&2 astrology at the sacred El Tule is symbolic of the Solar Hero, or Chiron, of the New Age -- therefore relevant to the event itself, a tropical delineation.

Venus and Mercury have planetary roles that are interchangeable. Venus being intuition (which can only happen when the lower self and higher self intermingle) and Mercury being revelation, it follows that since revelation and intuition are mutually reflective, indeed inseparable, then both are the most important planetary forces for Initiation, along with Saturn who bestows it in time. (The reason being these planets have correspondences in the seven Chakras -- the microcosm). The trans Saturn planets are cosmic wanderers who joined the solar system at a later stage in its formation..Uranus with its poles 90 degrees to the seven planets that comprise the psychic-spiritual organism of Man, is evidential of the fact. The orbit of Saturn is a boundary line. The planets beyond this line work on Man from the outside.

Venus and Mercury in their highest expressions are the solar fire love of Christ. Venus is Solar Heart flaming Christ's love from the heart chakra, which now in the Christ Impulse has twelve "fruit trees". We all know that Venus rules relationship (love vs hate) and that is its key to Initiation -- Man can receive Initiation when he or she has a harmonious relationship, as a self conscious being, to the universe -- born of knowledge of its life, which Mercury bestows.

Testimony to this is the weaving-integrating pattern of the eight year cycle of Sun-Venus conjunctions that make five quintiles to form a pentagram. Mercury is the unity of divine plus human will -- as above, so below. Now since only the love of God and truth (Venus), can realize Divine and human unity (Mercury), they are both together a uniform parity -- the paragon of Initiation. One must understand the soul cannot "get initiated" i.e., you become gold when you have the elements of gold. Mercury is called by spiritual scientist the True Christ -- meaning you are true in Christ when Mercury's virtues are perfected in your soul.

The Fall of Man occurred when Saturn was in Gemini (see The Spiritual Hierarchies and Their Reflection in the Physical World , by Rudolf Steiner), so the highest potential of Gemini is a new union of Heaven and Earth in the New Age, that is the Second Coming of Christ in the etheric aura of the earth. This is to be achieved by a Christian Community for new development of cosmic forces to a higher octave -- all realized on earth. The Harmonic Convergences as syncronal reverence are a part of this new development, in my opinion.

The highest gift of Gemini is our acceptance of the Sacrifice/Deed at Mt. Golgotha -- for the I AM to fill our egos in Spirit Selfhood, for the Logos to speak in us. The Brotherhood of Gemini, which is exemplified in the myth of Castor and Pollux, is to be a horizontal brotherhood/sisterhood , as when Christ washed the feet of his disciples.

At this juncture, Mercury in its Prometheus and Epimetheus roles, will disclose Sophia's Wisdom in the star maps of the Harmonic Convergences 1&2. Mercury Prometheus is foresight and Epimetheus is hindsight -- the two poles of wisdom. Foresight is inseparable from human free will, because it necessitates a choice be made. Hindsight rests in the fate of biological contunuity or heredity, and between these two poles is Providence in the Great Work of salvation. Psychic continuity (hindsight) is established by the reincarnating and excarnating egos to idealize their wills in freedom (foresight). This all brings us to the understanding that "the stars impell, they do not compell", for conscience is not born of a planetary aspect or function -- conscience is the quality of spiritual moral choices made in freedom -- the X factor in astrology.

The marriage of Mercury and Venus in HC1 was the herald who had foresight, hence a prophet, who joined with the Light Bearer also advancing ahead, to declare in starry script: prophecy fulfilled! And, in HC2, the marriage of Mercury and Venus is the wisdom of the Virgin Sophia that is to be the basis for hindsight of HC1. This upcoming anniversary is a renewal of spiritual life, to be made in freedom, individually and collectively, to realize the continual resurrection of the Spirit of Quetzalcoatl. Harmonic Convergences 1&2 are the Tree of Life in bloom according to Zapotec prophecy! "And the Tree of Life shall blossom in a fruit never before known in the creation, and the fruit shall be the New Spirit of Man."

The New Spirit of Man is Christ, the light of the Light Bearer (Lord of Light-Quetzalcoatl), who is the solar-fire love of Leo -- the "central hearth" of Harmonic Convergences. And as the Sun resurrects each day to say "I am the Light of the World", today as yesterday and all tomorrows, in new ongoing revelations, so does his Cosmic Bride bringing the Holy Spirit resurrect Him in us. She is the Heart of our hearts, and the mediator of Grace, when we gather in prayers at the El Tule tree, or the riversides, mountain tops, valley meadows, or city parks, in one global Love Feast. Yes, Love Feast that is knowledge of the heart, that is united soul endeavor, is a World Pentecost. But let it not be taken as the summit of attainment, of some final accomplishment, but as the struggle and labor of birthing the New Spirit of Man.

As this essay now comes to a close, we can put certain factors in a truer light. Part One was orignally written for the HC2 web site promoting the event. At this juncture in time, actually about one year later, for the content to be relevant in hindsight as much as it was in foresight, editing and expanding upon the original text here in the concluding portion is justified. Thus the closing paragraphs below achieve this valid purpose and do in fact include all the key ideas originally stated, but in an expanded light since the perspective of hindsight is often illuminating and clarifying.

The secret of the first Pentecost was that the Holy Spirit spoke individually in a twelvefold way -- in World Pentecost of HC1 the Holy Spirit spoke individually a millionfold. This was said in the original article on the web page. And in the Harmonic Convergence Agape that happened on the dates 25-27 July, 1997, the Holy spirit spoke individually a millionsfold again -- a feast of Love that was a bathing in the spiritual waters of the Holy sprit. This is a justifiable statement now. I would also like to assert that these worshipful coordinations are preparations for "World Pentecost" in the next millennium and future Age of Aquarius. Part V of this writing discusses this subject in depth.

Putting everything together, such festivals as HC1 & 2 uplift us to receive the guidance and protection of the Queen who wears "a crown of twelve stars". This we know because in her role as the Blessed Virgin she is the "Lady of All Nations". I am refering to when she manifested herself in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on February 11, 1951, and initiated a prayer movement to save all the world from "degeneration, disaster and war". (Cf. The Messages of the Lady of All Nations, Amsterdam, 1971) The prayer she then revealed to enjoin her advocacy so that the Grace of God can spare the earth its worst karma is as follows:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father,
Send now your Spirit over the earth.
Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all peoples,
That they may be preserved from degeneration, disaster and war.
May the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary,
Be our advocate. Amen"

By the heartfelt recitation of this prayer (my choice posted and suggested on the HC2 web page), amongst others of similar spirit, a hew hope polarized war mongering forces. And it may be recalled that, as a reaction of the Dragon to our united prayers from all peoples in many individual forms, the serpent's "armies" rose up in the Middle East only days after HC2. Nevertheless by these communal world soul forces, we, who choose the Key of David to open the door for world peace in these coordinated reverences, grow in strength and in spirit and animate the etheric light of Christ in the earth's auric body to impell it and us to our future in the Christ Impulse.

One occultist, Adolf Arenson, put it this way: "...there is no Good and Evil. Evolution takes place through the working of opposing forces. If one force begins to work in the cosmos, its opposite force arises at the same moment; Word-events occur under the law of polarity." (from a lecture entitled, "Lucifer", Stuttgart, 1933) For the human soul these forces meet as Christ and Antichrist.

In conclusion, it is a certainty that the astrosophic principles studied in this writing endear us to the Queen of the Sun's spiritual-cosmic bosom filled with milk-wisdom to nurture our souls...........Om-Amen.