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Horoscope of the United States

Ezequiel González

The basic tool for astrological analysis is the "Horoscope" traditionally defined as the map of the heavens as perceived at the moment and place of birth. Normally, in order to give astrological counseling, the astrologer takes the client's time, date and place of birth, erects the corresponding horoscope and analyzes it in a manner significant to the present reality of the client.

Using this same technique we have been arguing for decades about the exact date and time of birth of the Union (down here in PR we see the United States as a Federation of Democratic States -- not necessarily as one indivisible nation). Up to now it has been the norm to take for granted that the United States was born the moment the declaration of Independence was sign. But since this did not happen at one single moment but was an event that develop over a period of time, it is difficult o pinpoint a given specific moment as the moment of Birth of the Union. Furthermore, what was established at that moment and confirmed with the victory in the War of Independence was the desire for Independence, not the establishment of the United States as it came to exist latter on.

Because of the difficulty in pinpointing the exact moment when the Declaration of Independence was sign and because the horoscope erected around that date (July 4, 1976) does not fully describes the United States, some researchers have suggested other dates as more properly representing the "birth" of the nation. Among them we may mention the date when the War of Independence ended and the date when the Constitution was sign, creating in effect the Federal Government of the United States of America.

A Misleading Premise

This ongoing debate is based upon a misleading premise. Astrologers have been treating the United States as if it were a person, a human entity that is born at one and just one moment. This is not so. A nation is not a person. With a person is possible at least in theory to establish a given moment as the moment of birth. This moment normally (but no necessarily always) establishes the cosmic reference point to erect the horoscope of the native.

I just said "not necessarily always" because even in the case of human beings many times the cosmic reference point is not the moment of birth but some other transcendental moment in the life of the native. A born again Christian, for example, should use the time, date and place of his spiritual birth to erect his horoscope. This practice is not new and Hebrews have been using it for millennia. Jewish astrological tradition [see endnote 1] tell us it all started when Abram because of an adverse horoscope could not beget children, [see endnote 2] God then took him outside, showed him the stars and changed his name (from Abram to Abraham), effectively giving him a new identity, a new birth, a new horoscope. This practice became then ingrained in Jewish astrology to the extent that Jesus was truly surprised that Nicodemus did not know about it.

Horoscopes for Collective Entities

If this is the case of individuals, how much more in the case of collective entities that may evolve over long periods of time -- whose origins are lost in the past and who may go through many periods of glory and decay, but may never die. Under this new light we may argue that the United States as a Collective Entity with its own National Identity was not born when the founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. Neither was it born when the Constitution was enacted. What was created then was a Federation, Association or Union of States that got together for political, military and economic reasons -- without any sense of a common destiny or national identity.

The Birth of the United States

That initial Union had a tumultuous life and came to a crisis when the Southern States decided they no longer wanted to be part of the Union and seceded. At that moment the Union would have ended but for a man -- Abraham Lincoln. Right or wrong President Lincoln decided that it was imperative for the Union to stay together as ONE NATION and that no State should be allowed to secede from the Union.

A long and bloody was ensued. The North won. The South lost. And both were left too tired to keep on fighting. And then the most critical moment in the life of the emerging national identity came: President Lincoln, the man who turned a voluntary Union into One Indivisible Nation, was assassinated. When Lincoln was Shoot The National Identity of The United States Was Born.

The horoscope erected using the time, date and place of this incident truly describes the present National Identity of the United States of America. This may change in the future as the various regions of the Union develop their own regional Identities, but till that happens we may conclude that the United States of America is still One Unified Nation and its national identity and historic development is described and foreshadowed in the horoscope erected for the moment of President Lincoln shooting: 10:13 pm, April 14, 1865, at the Ford Theater in Washington, D.C. This horoscope presented in Table Format is as follows:

Astrological Element Zodiacal
Sign House Planet
Sagittarius.......................... 240.0000
 1st House............. 249.3166
 Jupiter. 269.0166
Capricorn ........................... 270.0000
 2nd House............. 282.1833
Aquarius ............................ 300.0000
 3rd House............. 320.0000
Pisces .............................. 330.0000
 4th House............. 356.2166
Aries ............................... 000.0000
 Neptune. 008.6666
 Sun..... 025.1666
 5th House ............ 025.6833
Taurus............................... 030.0000
 Pluto... 042.3333
 Mercury. 044.4166
 6th House ............ 049.1333
 Venus... 055.6500
Gemini............................... 060.0000
 7th House............. 069.3166
 Uranus.. 086.1833
Cancer............................... 090.0000
 Mars.... 097.9166
 8th House............. 102.1833
Leo.................................. 120.0000
 9th House............. 140.0000
Virgo................................ 150.0000
 10th House............. 176.2166
Libra................................ 180.0000
 11th House............. 205.6833
 Saturn.. 207.1500
Scorpio.............................. 210.0000
 12th House............. 229.1333
Sagittarius.......................... 240.0000
 Moon.... 249.2000
 1st House............. 249.3166

To see the traditional Wheel Chart of the US Horoscope click here.

Chart Interpretation

The Zodiac is a circle. As any other circle it has 360 degrees. It is divided in 12 sectors of 30 degrees each called the signs. The houses and planets are located in these signs according to their positions at the moment of birth. The positions of the planets in signs and houses and their relative distances from one another are interpreted by the astrologer. This is what a Chart Reading is all about. There are, however, thousands of posible combinations that the astrologer could use. Theoretically he should concentrate on those that are closer to perfect or are reinforced by other similar or complementary combinations in other places in the chart. In practice each astrologer has a personal viewpoint. To a large extend this viewpoint will determine the way he interpret the chart.

The sin, therefore is not to have a personal viewpoint, but to try to hide it and finge absolute objectivity. My personal viewpoint can be clearly seen from this and other writings. Most of them are available at my Home Page. Here you have the chart I am using, the reasons why I think this is the correct chart to be used, and the way I interpret it. If you dable in Astrology, it would be interesting for you to make your own reading of this chart. Even if you do not consider the Assasination of Lincoln to be the "correct" focal point [or birthdate] of the US National Identity, you must agree that this was a critical moment in the formation of such identity. The correct interpretation of this critical historical event is of paramount importance.


The following elements are taken into account in this overview:

  • Solar Sign: Aries

  • Lunar Sign: Sagittarius

  • Ascendant Sign: Sagittarius

  • Sign Signature: Lack of mutable and water = Pisces

  • Sagittarius on 1st House Cusp

  • Pisces on 4th House Cusp

  • Gemini on 7th House Cusp

  • Virgo on 10th House Cusp

  • Jones Patterns: SeeSaw

The Sun in Aries gives the United States a "Macho" image: Strong, young, powerful and eager to take the initiative and solve things by the use of force. The Moon in Sagittarius gives the Union a joyful and happy-go-around need to expand, grow and go beyond. Some kind of a Santa Claus, at times the United States is, nevertheless, characterized by its imperialistic desire to grow beyond its present limits. However, a general lack of planets in mutable and water signs gives the nation a negative Pisces "sign signature." The characteristics of Pisces will also be present in the national identity, but not in an energetic affirmative action. Rather, the negative characteristics of Pisces would be manifested. The nation would feel a need for spiritual [Piscean] attributes; but would seek to satisfy then in erroneous ways.

In its many seeming contradictions, this chart have mutable signs in the four major angles. This would make the United States a very unstable society: the potential for disaster always present. The desire to yield always there.

Finally, the main characteristic of the United States is his polarization. The planets in this chart are divided in two groups. One of these groups is located in the houses that have to do with the social self-image of the nation; that is, the image the United States wants to project in international relations. The other group is in the houses of partners, or open enemies. While the United States would attribute to himself the characteristics of the planets positioned in houses 11, 12, and 1; he would assign to others the characteristics of the planets located in houses 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Basic Character

  • Solar Sign : Aries

  • Solar House : Fourth House

  • Solar Angle : Imun Coeli

  • Solar Aspects :

  • Sun in Aries in 4th House [Conjunction] Jupiter in Sagittarius in 1st House.

  • Sun in Aries in 4th House [Opposition] Saturn in Libra in 11th House. Gemini in 7th House.

As we just said, the Sun in Aries gives the United States a strong militaristic attitude which would manifest in the area of the homeland; that is, as militaristic patriotism. This militarism would fuel the strong expansionist image projected by Jupiter in its home sign (Sagittarius) in the very first house. The United States finds that this militarism with its tremendous impetus raises strong opposition in the international arena, particularly from those who seek a harmonious, orderly civilization. The United States, however, justifies this militarism on the need to use force to keep the unruly (Uranus) unpredictable enemies of world order under control.

Emotional Set Up

  • Lunar Sign : Sagittarius

  • Lunar House : 12th House

  • Lunar Angle : Ascendant

  • Moon in Sagittarius in 12th House [conjunction] Ascendant in Sagittarius.

  • Moon in Sagittarius in 12th House [Trine] Neptune in Aries in 4th House.

The Moon rules our emotional reactions and our subconscious mind. The 12th house deals with those areas of our personality or character that we want to keep private. To deal effectively with the issues of the 12th house a certain level of maturity is necessary. Otherwise, the term "private" may become "secret." Then, instead of merely wanting to keep something private, we may want to keep it secret, even from ourselves. Thus, the 12th house has come to represent those areas of our lives that we want to keep secret, even from ourselves. Usually these "skeletons in the closet" are precisely the things that cause us most of our problems.

Now, the United States basic character is that of a young, aggressive, mucho macho man, willing to leap into a fight but unwilling to think before doing so. Thus, the United States is not likely to do much introspection and with his tendency to solve everything immediately by the use of force, he is likely to have many skeletons in the closet. These unresolved moral issues will find a release via illusions in the domestic front.[Neptune in Aries in the 4th house.] Illusions related with drugs and messianic religions preached or practiced aggressively is the prime domestic problem of the nation.

At the same time, these difficulties and the "secret" issues that causes then are not completely hidden, for the Moon is so close to the ASCendant that what the United States tries to hide inevitably shines through his public image. With his behavior he is the first one to announce those very things he seek to hide the most!

Public Image (ASC Sign Analysis)

  • Ascendant Sign : Sagittarius

  • Ascendant Aspects :

  • Ascendant in Sagittarius [conjunction] Moon in Sagittarius in 12th house.

  • Ascendant in Sagittarius [trine] Neptune in Aries in 4th house.

But how the United States wants to be seen? ¨What he wants others to think of him? As Uncle Sam of course. And Uncle Sam is just the everyday image of a rich uncle who comes with gifts for all. This image is further expanded in the Santa Claus whose yearly return is celebrated like no other. The Ascendant, or self image, is in Sagittarius: the sign of abundance, expansion, gifts and extravagance. Happiness, joy, joviality (the Greek name for Jupiter) should all be there. That's the way Uncle Sam want to be seen. That's how the United States wants others to see him.

But beyond this joyful image, the emotional conflicts arising out of the Moon in the 12th house conjoining the AScendant are deeply felt. Even more, the tears, religious dilemmas, drugs, and escapism arising out of Neptune trying to manifest itself forcefully in all domestic issues bring havoc upon the land.

Social Interaction House by House

With mutable signs in the four main angles the social structure of the nation is fragile indeed. Always trying to adapt to new situations and influences, and always afraid of what those influences may bring. On the other hand, houses 2, 5, 8, and 11 are in cardinal signs, which means that the Union would seek financial stability assuming a leadership role. The United States would only feel secure if he is the leader; the one who establishes the rules.

Houses 2, 6, and 10 deals with monetary matters. With these houses in earth signs we can see that the accumulation of material wealth would be a part of the national identity -- something they would be known for.

On the other hand houses 1, 5, and 9, dealing with the personality are in fire signs reinforcing the strong, aggressive image we talked about earlier.

Houses 3, 7, and 11 deal with relationships. These houses are in air signs. Thus, the United States would be a good negotiator, a powerful diplomatic force in the world.

Finally, hoses 4, 8, and 12 deal with transcendental, spiritual or idealistic matters. In the US chart these houses are in water signs. This is neither good nor bad in itself. But within the context of the strong materialistic oriented, mucho macho attitude of the United States, the strong emotional and transcendental drives, may be misdirected either through denial or through a tendency to try to impose them upon others. In the first case, the denial of the spiritual needs creates an emptiness that they would then seek to fill with material things. In the second case, religious fanaticism may do more harm than good.

Let us now look at each house independently to see how these general tendencies manifest themselves in each specific area of the United States collective identity.

First House

Self image. The way the United States sees himself and would like others to see him. This self image is influenced by the next factors:

  • Sagittarius Ascendant

  • 21 degrees of Sagittarius and 12 degrees of Capricorn in this house.

  • The Moon in Sagittarius.

The meaning of the first house is basically similar to the meaning of the ASCendant. There is however, a different point of view. The ASCendant as a point in the chart represents what the United States thinks of himself and how he wants to be seen by others. The first house as an area of the chart represents those persons, things, and concepts in the physical and social world that the United States identifies with. Generally this means the political leaders of the nation. This does not means that every president has to be a Sagittarius, but it does certainly means that in order to become president you cannot be seen as a conservative who defends the status quo, or a humanitarian who wants true justice and peace (at a price) in the world. Rather, you must be perceive as a progressive thinker who believe in abundance and who seek to bring the nation to new heights of political and economic development. To lead the United States you must be somehow ignite or come to represent the Sagittarius spirit of the nation. Otherwise you will be discarded no matter how much you know, how much you are loved or how much you have done

The Sagittarian spirit in the first house, nevertheless is not there all by himself. This house is divided between Sagittarius and Capricorn, and although Sagittarius initiates the house and thus establishes the general mood of the house, Capricorn influence is also there. Capricorn, of course represents the down to earth, cautious and ambitious middle age professional. The father figure. the serious "down to earth", money making worker: The backbone of the American Industry. Even though his influence would be felt the strongest in the second house, that seriousness and ambition must also be a characteristic of those who aspire to lead the nation.

Second House

Values. Material Possessions. Attitude toward money and possessions. This is influenced by the next astrological factors:

  • Capricorn on Cusp of 2nd house.

  • 18 degrees of Capricorn and 20 degrees of Aquarius in this house.

  • No planets positioned in this house.

The second house rules everything that has to do with material possessions and to some extend ethical values and priorities. Here the tone of the house is established by Capricorn, but Aquarius also has something to do with it. No planets are positioned in this house. This however, does not means that this house would lack energy and action. As the planets travel through space they will visit each and every house of the chart. The Sun, for example, makes the circuit in one year, while the Moon does it in 20 days. Thus, as each planet visits the zodiacal area where the second house is located (from 12 degrees, 11 minutes of Capricorn to 20 degrees, 00 minutes of Aquarius) that planet will manifest its influence in the area of live ruled by the second house.

This, of course, will happen with all the houses. The difference is that in those houses where planets are located a moment of high tension would be reached as the visiting planet conjoins the resident planet. Depending on the characteristics of the planets involved this heightened tension may be experience as a relaxing pleasant experience, or a stressful, unpleasant experience. On those houses where no planets are located the influence of the visiting planet will shine with relative ease and no moment of heightened tension would be felt. (There would still be some tension, particularly of the visiting planet trines, sextiles, squares or opposes some other planet within the chart; however, this tension would be much less than in the case of conjunctions with planets actually located in the visited house).

What does all this means? Well, since there are no planets located in the second house there would be no major stress or conflict with regard to possessions. America (as the United States wants to be known) love possessions and would have no guilt feelings about it. At most this ambitious and cold materialism may limit the patriotic feelings of the Americans (planets moving through the second house would square the Sun and Neptune in Aries in the 4th house). It may also bring difficulties in the International arena (planets visiting the second would square the eleventh house's Saturn in Libra). These, however, are not major sources of difficulties, at least as the United States perceives them. America loves material possessions and have no guilt feelings about it!

Third House

Everyday relationships within the United States. Internal affairs. This is influenced by the next astrological factors:

  • Aquarius on cusp of 3rd House.

  • 10 degrees of Aquarius and 16 degrees of Pisces in this house.

  • No planets positioned in this house.

The collective identity of a nation usually manifest itself through the national institutions like the Central Government (in this case the Federal Government) and the mass media like the major national newspapers and TV Networks. The third house has to do with everyday communications. Thus, we see that the National identity will express itself in an Aquarian way with a strong Piscean undertone. The sign Aquarius, however, have been greatly misrepresented because of the Aquarian fever of the early sixties (caused by a conjunction of eight planets in that sign in February 1962). Aquarius is a cold, detached, unsentimental sign that concerns himself with the collective good rather than the individual needs. Pisces is a sentimental sign that seeks the ultimate spiritual reality.

This combination of Aquarius and Pisces in the house of communication gives the United States a moralistic speech. Combined with his dualistic polarization this may lead the Central Government and National TV Networks to oversimplify national and international affairs, always presenting them in moralistic terms where somebody (usually the United States Federal Government) is the good guy while somebody else (usually foreign "dictators" or local state governments) is the "bad" guy.

Fourth House

Social concerns. Patriotism. Family values. These are influenced by the next astrological factors:

  • Pisces on cusp of 4th house.

  • Four degrees of Pisces and 25 degrees of Aries on this house.

  • Sun in Aries in Fourth House. (4) Neptune in Aries in Fourth House.

Patriotism is the very foundation of the United States as clearly seen by the presence of the Sun in the fourth house: the house of the homeland. Pisces in the cusp of this fourth house, however, combined with Neptune in Aries gives patriotism an extremely nebulous, idealistic and unrealistic undertone. Like a young ram the United States is always ready to charge... in defense of its national interests, but a lot of times he acts like a young unexperienced soldier, and ends up paying a huge price for his mistakes.

Even though the steadying influence of Saturn in Libra in the eleventh house may be perceive as a hindrance, the United States should pay attention to it. This influence will most likely come as the advice of older, wiser, more conservative statesmen from abroad. Instead of fighting, we should start by promoting harmonious relationships [Venus in Taurus in the Sixth House] with those nations whose natural resources [Taurus] we need to sustain our extravagant [Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant] lifestyle.

Fifth House

Sources of enjoyment. Youth affairs. These are influenced by the following astrological factors:

  • Aries on cusp of 5th house.

  • Five degrees of Aries, 19 degrees of Taurus in this house.

  • Pluto in Taurus in 5th house.

  • (4) Mercury in Taurus in 5th house.

Aries, the sign of youthful vigor, is in the house of romance and teenage fancies. Pluto, the planet of ultimate power is there also. Likewise Mercury, the youthful communicator is present in this house. All this points toward a vigorous youth as a sign of the American Spirit. American teens want to be heard and have the energy and determination to get their message across. However, this energy emanating from Pluto is difficult to control, and in the hands of unexperienced youngster may cause degeneration and destruction.

Sixth House

Health. Labor relationships. Productivity. External influences. These are influenced by the following astrological factors:

  • Taurus on cusp of 6th house.

  • Eleven degrees of Taurus, nine degrees of Gemini in this house.

  • Venus in Taurus in 6th house.

The presence of Venus in Taurus in the sixth house would indicate that American workers would seek material wealth and objects of pleasure. They will be materially oriented and would seek to use the fruits of their labor to satisfy their desire to accumulate material possessions.

However, since the central government and national institutions identify themselves with the cluster of planets located in houses 11, 12 and 1, we may see some conflicts arising with organized labor.

Seventh House

Close friends and open enemies of the United States. Bilateral compacts. Wars and conflicts. These are influenced by the following astrological factors:

  • Gemini on cusp of 7th house.

  • 21 degrees of Gemini and 12 degrees of Cancer in this house.

  • Uranus in Gemini in seventh house.

  • Mars in Cancer in seventh house.

The seventh house would correspond with the signs of Cancer and Gemini. Uranus is in Gemini. Gemini is a very active sign, type of youthful hyperactive energy. Uranus is the planet of sudden life disrupting changes. Thus, Uranus in Gemini in the 7th house would indicate a nation with very unstable foreign relations. LIke a hyperactive kid they would make all kinds of compacts to break them almost as fast. Similarly, their foreign relations would be marked with a strong nationalistic and militaristic spirit (Mars in Cancer in the 7th house). However, because these planets are in the cluster of planets the United States identify with their enemies, these traits (perceived negatively) would be seen as belonging to his enemies. Thus, the United States would continuously label his enemies as irresponsible and militaristic.

Eight House

Sexuality. Life and death matters. Strongest religious feelings and experiences. These factors are influenced by the following astrological factors:

  • Cancer on cusp of 8th house.

  • 18 degrees of Cancer, 10 degrees of Leo in this house.

  • No planets in this house.

The Moon is in Sagittarius in the 12th house; Neptune is in Aries in the 4th house. They are almost exactly 120 degrees apart. If there were a planet at nine degrees of Aries (in the 8th house), there would be a strong Trine tying together the two clusters of planets that split the United States chart half in half.

Now, while there are no natal planets located in the 8th house, the planets in their actual positions in the sky would travel through all the signs of the zodiac. Thus, at any given time there could be an actual planet located in the 9 degrees of Aries. This will have the effect of tying together both conflicting parts of the United States Identity in a manner consonant with the 8th house priorities.

The 8th house has to do with deep religious feelings, life transforming experiences, and sex. Thus, these are the experiences that would get Americans out of their militaristic attitude. Historically, this has been the case. The United States [the Central, Federal Government] distinguishes itself as a militaristic empire that is always condemning others for precisely those same evils. However, this same nation that beget and sustains that Federal Government gave the world the sexual revolution of the sixties, and the pentecostal/charismatic movement born in California in 1916. This movement have expanded worldwide bringing about what amounts to a second protestant revolution, particularly in Latin America where pentecostalism is fast becoming the major religious and social force.

Ninth House

Overseas expansions, outer space exploration intellectual pursuits, higher education and anything else the United States may use to expand and grow beyond its present limits. These are influenced by the following astrological factors:

  • Leo on cusp of 9th house.

  • Ten degrees of Leo, 26 degrees of Virgo on this house.

  • No planets in this house.

This area is not activated by major planets in natal position. It will neither be activated by transiting planets as they form special configuration with natal planets posited in other houses in the chart. In this sense the United States will exhibit an uncomplicated Leo attitude toward higher education and expansionist enterprises. Like the Lions at the entrance of the Public Library at 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue in New York, the Federal Government sees himself as a natural leader with the God given right to rule and govern not only the Union but the world as well. However, the 26 degrees of Virgo will soften this Leo attitude making the Washington a gentler ruler more concerned with the everyday affairs of his citizens.

Tenth House

National purpose, goals and aims. These are influenced by the following astrological factors:

  • Virgo on cusp of 10th house.

  • Four degrees of Virgo, 25 degrees of Libra in this house.

  • No planets in this house.

Virgo on the cusp of the 10th house brings about an interesting aspect in the United States national identity. While it is true that they like to expand and rule the entire world, and while it is true that Washington have a militaristic attitude and is always seeking and excuse to exercise his military muscles; on the other hand his finals goals and ultimate purposes in life are quite modest!

Not only that, but 25 degrees of Libra in this sign makes Washington a fare ruler as well. Thus, while Roosevelt outsmarted Hitler [both had dreams of ruling the entire world], and while Washington bombed out Japan into submission [¨was it really necessarily to drop the atomic bomb upon civilian population?] the fact is that latter on the United States helped to rebuilt both Japan and Germany in a very generous way.

Eleventh House

  • International relationships. Diplomatic ties. Friends and allies. These are influenced by the following astrological factors:

  • Libra on cusp of 11th house.

  • Five degrees of Libra, 19 degrees of Scorpio in this house.

  • Saturn Retrograde in Libra in 11th house.

Political wisdom in foreign affairs is not something you are born with. Particularly if you are the youthful, hyperactive, and militaristic United States. But eventually Uncle Sam will manage to get it. It will sometimes come as he advice given by foreign leaders; but as the US grow older it will become more and more of a native thing.

Particular dates to look for would be when Saturn returns to its natal position at 27 degrees of Libra. This happened in 1894, 1920-23, 1950-52, and 1981. The next time it will happen would be in 2010.

Twelfth House

Private Affairs. National secrets and wrongdoings. Those things that are keep secret because of National security or national shame. These are influenced by the following astrological factors:

  • Scorpio on cusp of 12th house.

  • 11 degrees of Scorpio and nine degrees of Sagittarius in this house.

  • Moon in Sagittarius in 12th house.

The meaning of the 12th house is sometimes hard to understand. Yes, it represents our hidden negative traits, but not directly. What happens is that in our public lives there will always be certain things we choose not to make public. These things are not necessarily evil, but if we have something evil in our past it will most likely be hidden here. Furthermore, we sometimes forget that they exist. As a result the 12th house comes to represent our negative traits we hide even from ourselves.

In the case of the Collective Identity of the United States we find the 12th house corresponding to the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius. The Moon is located in Sagittarius, but is so close to the cusp of the 1st house [the Ascendant] that it will most likely act not as a hidden drive, but as a strong conscious drive arising, however, from deep within our collective past.

Scorpio, like its ruling plant, Pluto, is a sign of extremes, the extremely good and the extremely bad. Thus, hidden in the United States collective subconscious we find the extremely good as well as the extremely bad. For example if we read the national anthem within its proper historical and ideological context we find it is the most beautiful anthem that could have been written. For it describes a nation that is bound to be destroy and deep down within itself knows it very well. This is even clearer in the Battle Hymn of the Republic where the only hope of "victory" is found in the second coming of Christ!

This interpretation arises not only of the lyrics of these songs, but also of the puritan background of the nation and the Manifest Destiny/British Israelism doctrines that permeates all United States policy. Yet this image so strongly embedded in the United States National Identity is nowhere make explicit, as if it were a national secret everybody knows but nobody wants to talk about.

On the other hand, as the young, hyperactive, militaristic empire the United States has been since its conception, the Federal Government have committed many mistakes, have erred quite often, have been unjust, abusive and evil without excuse... Yet, while other nations have acknowledge their historical errors, the United States have not.

All these, therefore, have accumulated in the United States 12th house; and unless the nation deals with this house soon and seriously enough, a national tragedy may become invevitable.

Chart Synthesis

Jones Pattern = See Saw. This configuration divides the chart in two sectors. The United States identifies itself with one of these sectors and identifies his enemies with the other sector.

The basic and fundamental characteristic of the United States Natal Chart is the See Saw pattern form by a group of planets located in houses 11, 12 and 1 facing another group of planets located in houses 4, 5, 6 and 7.....

The United States in general and the Central Government (Washington) and national institutions in particular identify itself with the cluster of planets located in houses 11, 12 and 1. Their "enemies" or adversaries are identified in a negative manner ascribing to them the traits of the planets located in houses 4, 5, 6, and 7.

Thus, as long as the United States continue to identify with only a part of his own natal chart, it will continue in a permanent state of crisis. The easier solution is to come to accept his entire chart as belonging to him, not to his enemies. The United States must face both the good and the bad there is. He must face his past and acknowledge the good but also the bad he founds there. Otherwise the inner stress that the polarization of this chart (and of the national identity) brings upon the nation will develop into a national crisis equivalent to the one that gave birth to the present national identity. It may not come down to another civil war, but unless the United States faces his past, the Union as it stands since the Civil War, will certainly come to and end.

The United States will not end but will certainly be transform the hard way. How and when this may happen will depend on how the United States deals with its 12th house, and how he evolves (or refuses to evolve) in the future. The study of cosmic cycles may give us a clue about this. However, the final decision will depend on what the United States does; the cosmic forces will only respond to what we do.

Planetary Cycles

Important periods in the history of a nation are established by the return of the outer planets to the position they occupied at the moment of "birth"; in this case the moment he national identity came into focus. Saturn takes some 30 years to return to its natal position. Uranus some 80 years, Neptune some 166 and Pluto some 248. A lesser cycle is that of Jupiter which returns o its natal position in approximately 12 years. As each one of these planets return to its natal position its effect upon the National Identity will be felt the strongest. This effect, however, don't have to be felt the strongest at the precise date of the return, for other forces may increase or decrease its influence. Thus, instead of thinking of an specific date, we ought to think in terms of a period or season of time during which the influence of a given planet would be strong. Generally, this may extend for one degree at either side of the perfect return. Usually this takes from a few months to a few years. Following this principle the following dates are important in the history of the United States:


First Pluto's return year 2113... however, Pluto reached 12 degrees of Scorpio in 1988.

Pluto is the planet of transforming or degeneration; thus, as it returns to its natal position a period of great crisis would affect the nation, and particularly the national identity. This crisis may lead to a renewal of the national spirit or to its death. The cycle of Pluto last 248 years approximately. Thus, its first return to its natal position should be in the year 2113 approximately. As Pluto is in Taurus, in the fifth house, this crisis [for death or renewal] would be related with the youth and the entertainment industry. It would be complicated with a tremendous stubbornness.

The year 2113 is far away. However, just a few years ago, about 1988, Pluto reached the 12 degrees of Scorpio, a position exactly opposite its natal position of 12 degrees of Taurus. This brought about a national crisis as the United States president focused all his energy on foreign affairs [11th house concerns] disregarding the domestic needs of the nation.


First Neptune's return in 2031... however, Neptune reached eight degrees of Libra in August 1947.

Neptune is the planet of spirituality and idealism, but also of fantasy and escapism. In the natal chart Neptune is in Aries in the fourth house giving the "American" a great sense of patriotism, idealistic and militaristic. As Neptune returns to its natal position, this militaristic spirit may return with renewed strength.


First return of Uranus in 1947-1949... however, Uranus reached the 26th degrees of Sagittarius in 1907.

Uranus is the planet of invention, disruptive changes and intuition. Its cycle last for about 84 years. As it returns to its natal position we may expect an increased in creativity, but if the social conditions are not appropriate then a disruptive and destructive spirit may swept the nation.

As we look at the 1947-49 Uranus' return we may think that no major change took place in our collective identity at that time. Far from that. It was during that time that a group of American Scientist were establishing the scientific basis of the science of the future, and while most of them were persecuted and eventually destroyed by the "emotional plague", their discoveries and point of view is still with us. Among them we may mention Wilhelm Reich the discover o the orgone and founder of the American College of Orgonomy. Also at that time a new kind of Federal relation was being conceived within the American Political System. Something so disruptive and alien to the American system that I still wonder how could it come into being.

In 1948 started the negotiations and in 1952 the United States officially accepted a Latin American nation as a de facto Federal State. The enabling law was called the Law 600, and the new state was known as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Technically it is not a Federal State, and have no Federal legislators but in exchange for that, Puerto Rico has fiscal autonomy where the only Federal Tax the residents of the Island have to pay is the Social Security Tax. Even more, Puerto Rico retained its own international Identity [cultural, Olympic] and retained their full rights as American Citizens (which they are since 1917). Not a bad deal: The Island may not have full fledged representation in Congress [neither does the NRA, yet we all know how much influence they have...], yet the State government have many other mechanism to make his voice and presence felt in Congress, plus must of the income tax paid by the residents of Puerto Rico stays in Puerto Rico to be used by the local State Government.

Of course, this arrangement is not perfect, but the fact itself that it came into existence marks an important landmark in the history of the Union. Accepting one of the leading Spanish Speaking, Latin American Nation as a de facto State has set in motion a process that would either transform the Union or break it apart. The Puerto Rican Nation, People and Society has a unique, viewpoint, and over the last 500 hundred years has develop a mature national Identity. How would this national identity fit within the Union? and how the union would be affected by it?


First Saturn return in 1894; second in 1923; third in 1953; fourth in 1982 and fifth in 2011.

Saturn returns to its natal position every 29.65 years. In historic terms this planet represents a cycle of learning. As the United States approaches the end of each Saturn cycle he will reap what he has sow.


Jupiter is the planet of Joviality and friendliness, but also of excesses and extravagance. it is the ruler of the United States Chart. Thus, his cycles are very important to the United States National Identity. Jupiter cycles last for approximately 11.86 years. This cycle have to do with the expansionist desires of the nation, both intellectual and political. It will not go into a detailed analysis of what kind of expansion each and every cycle brought upon the nation. These I would leave for others. At this time I just wish to introduce this chart as a tool of national self understanding. I hope it will help us to understand what the United States is all about.

The Jupiter returns are as follows: First return in 1877, second in 1889, third in 1901, fourth in 1913, fifth in 1924, sixth in 1936, seventh in 1948, eight in 1960, ninth in 1972, tenth in 1984, eleventh in 1995 and twelfth in 2006.


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