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How and Why Astrology Works

Ezequiel González

[A Common Sense Theory Based on Natural Physical and Spiritual Laws Traditionally Accepted by Science and Religion]

There is a physical world. There is also an spiritual world. The physical world have natural God given laws that rule and regulate its functions. These laws are known to the scientists. The Spiritual world also have natural laws that regulate its behavior. These laws are known to occultists and religious persons who have taken the time to study the spiritual world.

These two worlds are interwoven. They continuously interact with one another. These interactions follow natural God given laws. Man is a dual being; physical and spiritual. Thus he is affected by both physical and spiritual phenomena.

Astrology is a Human Science dealing with the emergence and development of the Human Self-Conscious Identity in both her individual and collective manifestations. As such the explanation of the why, how, when and where of Astrology cannot be presented in mere materialistic or spiritualistic dissertations. Both physical natural phenomena and spiritual natural phenomena affects the development of the human self conscious identity.

A Natural Theory of Astrology

Thus to develop a natural explanation of Astrology we must start with the commonly known natural physical and spiritual laws. If the Cosmic influence do exist, then this cosmic influence should be and must be explain in terms of natural physical and spiritual laws. And the basic tool God has given us to understand these natural laws and use them to explain the reality around us is our common sense; that is, our logical thought process.

Gravitation -- A Universal Force

Traditionally the meanings of the signs of the Zodiac have been interpreted in terms of the Constellations that once corresponded to them, or the seasons of the year that in the Northern Hemisphere also correspond to them. Is about time, however, to set the record straight on this matter. The signs of the Zodiac correspond to different phases in the yearly Earth-Sun cycle. The foundation of this cycle is gravitational attraction between these two heavenly bodies. Thus, the physical foundation of astrological interpretation should be gravitational attraction.

Man is an Spiritual Entity

Traditionally the mechanisms through which the cosmic cycles influence us have been sought in physical variables, completely disregarding spiritual reality. However, if we take for granted what is commonly believed in all major religions; that is, that man is an spiritual entity, then a possible mechanism of cosmic interaction becomes obvious. Spiritual entities are not limited by physical size or distance. An spiritual entity could be as little as an atom or as big as the universe. In reality an spiritual being is not limited by size but by sphere of consciousness. While we are in our physical bodies our consciousness is limited by what our physical senses may perceive. But beyond that, and at a deeper subconscious level our spirit don't have physical limits and their sphere of consciousness is unlimited.

Spirits are Not Limited by Distance or Size

If, however, our spirits are not limited to our physical size; if our spirits can literally expand into the outer cosmos; then there is no need to postulate a physical mechanism through which the cosmic cycles may project their influence upon us. The cosmic influence don't need to reach us; for our spirits are right there perceiving the very cycles directly with no need for any kind of intermediary carrying force, particle or field.

his I learned a long time ago. As a younger I used to have many dreams where I found myself flying. Nothing abnormal about that. I am sure that you have had similar dreams. From my studies of natural spiritual laws, however, I learned that many times your spirit do leave the physical body while you sleeps, and flies away. This is not only natural, but almost completely safe as well. The spirit will not stay out of the body longer than what is safe; he will return as soon as his energy level gets too low.

And here is that I noticed something interesting. As I rememorated these dreams I found that time and time again I would fly easily at the beginning but then it would become harder and harder to fly. I could feel the gravitational force pulling me down.

In one of those dreams, for example, I flew to the top of a building and once there became weak and afraid that I would drop like a rock if I would stepped out of the building. And there was no other way to get down but flying!

Hellbound -- Hope not

Now, I realize that these dreams might be considered the result of a fruitful youthful imagination. However, this simple concept of the gravitational force being an universal force affecting both the physical and the spiritual world serves to explain one of the most unpopular doctrines of Christian Theology: That of hell.

If the gravitational force does affects spiritual as well as physical entities, then when somebody dies, he better gets away from here before the gravitational field pulls him down. And of course, everyone knows that spirits can go through physical matter. Thus, the Earth itself will not stop his fall till he gets to the physical center of the planet. A place full of burning fire according to both science and religion. [see endnote 1]

But leaving hell behind and flying back to the cosmos. If gravitational forces affects spiritual entities, then as the planets move across the cosmos their gravitational fields must be felt by our spirits and interpreted as variations of energy flow. Psychologically speaking, these variations are normally felt and interpreted as emotional and intellectual variations. Thus, as our spirits expand into the cosmos the cosmic cycles will be naturally perceive as emotional and intellectual drives taking place within our own subconscious minds.

Need for Science and Theology

Having established this theoretical framework we must seek to explain the traditional meaning of the various astrological elements based on commonly accepted physical and spiritual laws. This requires that we carefully classify and define the traditional elements of Astrology and then observe the cosmos carefully to deduce the natural laws that rule the movement of the heavenly bodies. Likewise we must strive to develop an ever growing understanding of the natural spiritual laws that rule mankind spiritual development.

Unfortunately, mankind suffers from collective neuroticism. Thus, spiritual truths are almost never studied objectively. Instead, every one tries to justify himself. Those who have accepted the tenets of a given religion seek to prove it right while those who refuse to accept the concept of a personal self-conscious God seek to prove all religious dogmas false. Once in a while we are lucky enough to find intellectual giants that are able to stand above the collective neuroticism.

That was the case, for example of Kepler and Newton who were able to combine a strong believe in a personal self conscious God with an objective scientific mind. As a result Kepler discovered the famous Kepler laws, while Newton was able to develop the Laws of Gravitation and the profound conceptual discipline of Integral Calculus. Properly used, these developments provided key physical elements for a logical explanation of astrological influence. Mankind, however, was not ready for that quantum leap in understanding.

Instead of applying the newfound understanding [along with the increased awareness in biblical/spiritual theology brought by the Protestant Reform and Catholic Counter-Reform that took place a few years before] to the logical development of Astrology, the intellectual community discarded Astrology altogether.

That, however, belongs to a treatise on the History of Astrology.

Astronomical Variables

Returning, then, to our subject, we must seek to carefully define and classify the traditional meanings and definitions of Astrology and explain then in terms of the gravitational variables within our solar system that are perceived by our spirits as they expand into the cosmos.

Traditionally, the only physical variable that have been used in defining astrological symbolism has been the angular position of the Sun, Moon, and planets along an imaginary reference band called the Zodiac. This is known as the longitude of the planet along the ecliptic. However, the planets, Sun and Moon included, also move north or south of the ecliptic, and even more important in physical terms, the planets also move toward the Earth or away from the Earth. At one time a planet may be moving toward the Earth at a certain speed; at another time that same planet may be moving away from the Earth with an even greater speed. Obviously all these physical variations should be felt by our expanded spiritual consciousness. Thus, all these variables should be included in our astrological definitions and understanding.

Astrological Variables

The astrological variables that we mu?st seek to explain are well known to any astrologer. They are:

The Variations in the Yearly Solar Cycle:

  • Quality

  • Mode

  • Polarity

These elements combine in cyclical fashion resulting in the twelve subdivisions of the solar cycle into twelve sectors or Zodiacal Signs.

The symbolism associated with each planet arising out of the cosmic cycles related with that planet.

Moon Signs

The Moon is the Earth's only natural orbiting satellite. In the past they used to divide each sign of the zodiac into 12 subdivisions, one each for each sign of the zodiac. Thus, the entire zodiac had 360 degrees. Each sign had 30 degrees and each subdivisions of a sign had 2.5 degrees. Various theories have been advance to explain these subdivisions of each sign into twelve sectors, but, as they used to say, none seems to hold water. However, if the twelve signs of the zodiac are defined as twelve natural divisions of the annual Earth-Sun cycle, then we may as well divide the monthly Earth-Moon cycle in twelve divisions.

The division of the solar cycle start when the Sun is at its average distance from the Earth and getting away. This happens in April-May. Three months latter the Sun reaches its farthest point away from the Earth. Six months latter it reaches the average distance once more, but this time the distance is decreasing. Nine months latter, in December-January, the Sun reaches its closest point and start to move away once more. In Astrology each one of these divisions is further divided into beginning, middle and end giving us 3 * 4 = 12 sectors or signs.

The Moon goes through a similar cycle, thus, if we divide it in a similar fashion we will end up with twelve lunar signs. The Earth-Moon cycle last about 29 days. Thus each lunar sign would last for about 2.5 days. These would help to explain the subdivisions used by ancient astrologers, and would help us to pinpoint the effects of the Sun, Moon and planets upon our consciousness in a more precise manner.

Finally, the third group of elements that we must seek to explain in commonly known physical and spiritual laws are the houses of the Zodiac.

The lunar signs I just explained are based in the monthly Earth-Moon cycle. The solar signs are based on the yearly Earth-Sun relationship. The houses however, are based on the 24 hour cycle resulting from the Earth rotation upon its own axis. As the Earth rotates the most visible effect is the night-day subdivision of time. From this natural cycle we may pinpoint four main angles or moments. Sunrise, Zenith, Sunset and Nadir. These can be further divided in beginning, middle and end, giving us the 12 houses of the Zodiac.

The Sunrise is the point farthest East where the Sun start to raise in the horizon, the Zenith is the highest point the Sun reaches in the sky, the Sunset is the lowest point the Sun reaches farthest West in the sky and the nadir is the lowest point the Sun reaches in the sky. Normally the Sun will become invisible during part of this cycle but in the latitudes closest to the poles the Sun will stay above the horizon at all times. However, it will always have a Sunrise, Zenith, Sunset and Nadir.

Keeping Houses and Signs Charts Apart

In the past astrologers use to combine all three astrological viewpoints (solar, lunar, and diurnal) into the natal chart or map. However, for ease of presentation is easier to draw three different maps, clearly identifying each and every one of them.

At all times we must keep in mind that as our spiritual consciousness [individual or collective] expand into the cosmos it will encounter what is actually there whether it be spiritual or physical. Thus, we must draw the astrological maps in such a manner that they clearly define and present the reality we are studying.

Reality Oriented Astrology

It is about time we leave behind symbolic renditions of the cosmos, and symbolic psychological drives or forces. Our consciousness do expand into the cosmos. This is not a symbolic act, but a real spiritual experience. As it expand it encounters cosmic forces moving and acting upon the members of our solar system. Our consciousness perceive those changes and, based on its own level of spiritual understanding, interprets them either as inner natural drives or as hostile external forces. Once again, this is not a symbolic act but a real spiritual experience.

Thus, as we are dealing with natural, real physical and spiritual forces, we must seek to represent these forces as clearly and faithfully as we can. It is better to make ten diagrams each one representing one individual force or phenomenon that to try to put all of them together in one single symbolic diagram that distort their actual, real behavior.


If you read the paragraphs preceding this not carefully you will notice a seeming contradiction. First, and following the traditional theology, a defined man as a spiritual entity and go on to say that an spiritual entity does not have physical size. Then when I start talking about hell I speak of spiritual entities as if they were in fact limited in size and space. What gives?

If you notice carefully I also spoke of sphere of consciousness. An spiritual being is not limited by size or place but by sphere of consciousness. That is, an spiritual being is limited by its own understanding of its own reality. A mature being with a clear understanding of his own limitless spiritual reality will not be limited by physical constrains. However, a being limited to the physical worldview; a person who never thought of himself as an unlimited spiritual entity; a person who even after he dies may find it hard to realize that he no longer "is" a physical being; this kind of person even after leaving the physical body will continue to behave as a physical being. Her own understanding will limit this spiritual being. Thus, that person will be a spirit limited [by her own limited understanding] to a given size and place. Under these circumstances the gravitational force will be perceive not as an internal force within the psyche, but as an external force pulling us toward its center of gravity.