Astrology: A Theological Science Part I

by Ezequiel Gonzalez


Almost 2,000 years ago Paul warned the Galatians that God can't be mocked, "for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." This is one of the most important and universal natural laws. Occultist call it Karma, scientists the law of cause and effect, and in our daily lives the saying goes that whosoever soweth winds reaps a whirlwind.

Even thou for a while some people seem not to receive the rightful consequences of their acts, the final reality is that sooner or later, if not in this life then inevitably in the next, each and every one will reap what he has sowed. There are some who sow only good deeds and (probably for their lack of understanding regarding natural cosmic law) seems to receive only evil in return. Others surround themselves with riches obtained either illegally or inmoral, and may come to think that they have escaped human and even divine justice. But one day they will depart, alone and naked, to the spiritual world and then they will reap whatever they had sow.

The self knowledge -- and the social, spiritual and cosmic understanding one gets through the study of Astrology gives the individual a great advantage upon others. The materialistic tendency is to use this advantage to get what we want with no regard for God or neighbor. Lucre, vanity, lust, and sensuality ask us to act egocentrically. When this temptation comes we should remember the advice Solomon gave us at the end of his Ecclesiastes: "... the conclusion of the whole matter [is this]: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil."

As a professional astrologer I offer you my knowledge, understanding and experience. As a moral man I ask you to use it in resonance with God, cosmos, society and neighbor. If you do otherwise, I am in no way responsible for the evil you may bring upon others, neither for the negative consequences that may come upon you in this live or in the one to come.

The Twofold Manifestation of God:

God manifest himself in various ways. One manner to analyze these manifestations is classifying them as "personal" and "impersonal." In His personal expression the Godhead manifest himself as the Trine God described in Christian Theology. His Self Identity and eternal purpose are clearly seen throughout Bible history. For more information on this I'll advice you to study Biblical Theology, which contrary to popular believe, has remained basically the same since the days of Paul. As an astrologer, nevertheless, my emphasis will focus on the impersonal manifestation of the Godhead -- his role as "vital cosmic energy."

In this role God is the primary active force that originates everything else: matter and energy, physical or spiritual. As this primary force the Godhead acts according to some very basic laws that we can study and learn. In its microcosmic [atomic and subatomic level] manifestation, this active force forms cyclical geometric [mathematical] configurations that, as they interact among themselves, originate the fundamental particles of matter. In the macrocosmic [outer space, intergalactic] level this same active force form similar geometric configurations that act as orgonotical [see endnote 1] centers around which asteroids, planets, stars, galaxies and other intergalactic phenomena are found. In between these micro and macro manifestations of the primary active force we, the living, find ourselves. Our organisms are in continuous interaction with the physical world, a byproduct of the microcosmic manifestation of the primary active force, and the cosmic world, a byproduct of the macrocosmic manifestation of the same force.

Thus, the development of our personal identity is influenced by both, the physical environment that surrounds us, and the cosmic system we belong to. This personal identity arises and develops in continuous interaction with the impersonal manifestation of the Godhead; that doesn't means, however, that we could deny His Personal Self Conscious Identity. Along with the development of our own "personal conscious identity" our awarness of the existence of a "Personal, Self-Conscious Cosmic Intelligence" most grow also. After all, if we, the result of the interaction among various manifestations of the Cosmic life energy, are "Self-Conscious, Intelligent Beings," then that same energy in its own infinite and eternal manifestation should at least be the same.

God, we may conclude, is an infinite and eternal entity that manifest himself in personal and impersonal ways. In his personal manifestation He is the Trine God Christianity announces. In his impersonal manifestation God is the Primary Active Force that begets and sustains the entire universe. Both manifestations of the GodHead are legitimate, completely compatible among themselves and worthwhile of study and research.

There is, however, a difference we must take into account. In his impersonal manifestation God is an Active Force we may study using appropriate scientific methods. The knowledge thus obtained, however, is not necessarily perfect since it is a human interpretation that may be partially or even totally wrong. By the contrary, in his Personal Manifestation, "God has revealed himself to mankind": First through specific interventions in history; latter cohabiting with us for some 33 years [Jesus was God manifested in human form]; and presently through the "Holy Spirit" that Jesus himself sent to be with us "till the end of times."

Thus, the "Spiritual" truths that God in his own personal manifestation has given us [notwithstanding the minor distortions that even from the beginning our human nature has introduced into them] constitutes a much more solid and sure foundation upon which to edify our lives. The cosmic laws and spiritual principles that we learn through the study of Astrology and other fields of cosmic/hollistic research should be subordinated to the clearcut spiritual laws and principles that God through his historic revelation in Christ Jesus has given us.

All these fields of research, notwithstanding, have the Primary Cosmic Energy; that is, God himself as their subject of study. We should approach them with utmost respect and reverence. Otherwise I don't think that neither God, nor the zillions of Self-Conscious Intelligent beings that populate the Cosmos will appreciate our treatment of the Creator, Ruler and Sustainer of them all.

Scope and Limitations of Astrology:

To make a living as an astrologer is not easy. Probably because of this some practitioners try to attract clients by giving them the impression that Astrology is a magical science that through supernatural means can tell the individual everything regarding his past, present and future. In reaction to this, some people go to the other extreme of denying and ridiculizing Astrology altogether.

Neither one, nor the other. Astrology works, but not by magic. In contrast with Christianity, astrological dictums do not arise out of personal divine revelation but through the rational study of the Cosmic Cycles. These truths, therefore, are in continual revision. Astrologers all over the world are investing millions of dollars in computers, calculation and statistical analyses software, telescopes and many other tools they use to verify and refine the theoretical and practical concepts inherited from over 4,000 years of astrological tradition.

Each day that goes by the science of Astrology becomes more exact and specific. The certitude of an astrological analyses, however, faces a limitation we must always take into account. One of the basic axioms of Astrology, parallel to a basic Biblical truth, is that the stars incline but do not oblige. Each and every human being has free will. At any given moment he has the capacity to choose one way or another, even thou his choice may go against all social, cosmic or even divine will. In such cases the astrological interpretation would be wrong in the sense that it would be unable to correctly predict the course of action a given person might take.

Thus, if behavioral forecasting were the only function of Astrology, we could conclude that its utility would be limited to statistical analyses. But that's not so. Hand in hand with the principle of free will there is also the basic Biblical principle of the Heavenly Kingdom we are called to obey. This celestial kingdom exerts its authority upon us through the cosmic cycles. From the very beginning [Genesis 1:14-19] God has clearly indicated that he expects us to study the cosmic cycles and organize our personal and social lives in harmony with them.

Some of these cycles are fairly obvious. Others are more subtle, and a collective effort is require to discover and understand them. Some are meant to rule a broad area of our lives; others rule more detailed and specific areas. All, however, are important and the Biblical mandate is for us to study them all and organize our lives in harmony with all of them. God, nevertheless, has given us free will to choose if we shall obey Him or not. In this, as in everything else, we may choose not to obey Him; but them we'll have to face the consequences. If we choose to live in resonance with the cosmic cycles, the primary cosmic life-force will be with us; empowering us to reach the goals and develop the life style God has established for each one of us. But if we choose to antagonize or ignore these cosmic cycles, them the cosmic life energy would not be with us; leaving us powerless to fulfill our individual and/or collective agenda in this Earth. The end result would be that no matter how much we may do or obtain we will never feel truly realized.

Even though we may store great riches here on Earth, if we don't fulfil our spiritual agenda when we return to the spiritual world we'll be poorer. Considering that this physical stage is but a moment in our eternal existence, we should use it primarily to advance our eternal purposes. Even if it causes us temporary discomfort. The Natal Chart gives us a clue to what we came to do here on Earth, what are the skills and abilities at our disposal, and the cosmic and spiritual forces that may act upon us during this short, yet critical sojourn on the physical world.

The Natal Chart [see Endnote 3], therefore, is not necessarily a picture of the individual as he is, but of the cosmic forces and drives that will operate or influence him throughout his life. Knowing the characteristics of these cosmic drives and the way the individual has reacted to them in the past, is possible to make a fairly complete picture of the "Personal Identity" the individual has developed up to now and how this Identity may develop in the future. Knowing his present identity, having a general idea of how this identity is developing, and knowing the cyclical cosmic drives he will face in the future, an experienced astrologer is in a position to prepare a fairly accurate forecast for the individual. This forecast would be based on the premise that the individual continues in his present path of development. Whether it be a "positive" or "negative" forecast would depend on the attitude of resonance or dissonance the individual presently has with regard to the Cosmic Life Energy.

Thus, Astrology helps us to see in advance the path we have before us, and the possible consequences of our actions; but it does not determine whether we'll be "good" or "bad", successful or unsuccessful. This path, furthermore, is in terms of inner development, not necessarily outer accomplishments or vocational selections. Astrology, therefore, do not deny or limit human free will. On the contrary, it empower us to exercise this free will by giving us a complete picture of our own inner identity and the external forces that will influence us. It is then up to each and every one of us to walk up that ladder of inner development and outer accomplishments. As the song goes: "Caminante no hay camino/ se hace camino al andar." [Traveler, there is no ready made path / the path we make it as we go].

Daily Use of Astrology:

God, as we have already said, manifest Himself to us in personal and impersonal ways. Both manifestations are legitimate and needed for the complete development of our individual and collective identities. Christian Theology tell us what we need to know in order to live in harmony with the Personal Manifestation of the Godhead; Astrology and other cosmic sciences describe what we need to do in order to live in harmony with the impersonal manifestation of the Godhead. Provided that we subordinate the theorems of Astrology to the Revealed truths of Christianity, Astrology is and will remains a useful, life enriching scientific and spiritual discipline.

This study of Astrology, however, goes far beyond the mere reading of the "horoscopes" columns so popular in newspapers, magazines, radio and 900 lines. These "Sun-sign readings" are useful as working tools for an astrologer to use in his statistical research; but should not be use to tell us what we should do with our individual lives -- neither when nor where we should do it. Each human being is unique. Thus, the "Horoscope" reading that may be "good" for one may result "bad" for another -- even if they "belong" to the same Sun-sign.

As a matter of fact, these Sun-sign readings given in the daily Horoscope columns have the effect of denying one of the basic axioms of Astrology. According to this axiom each and every human being has a unique combination of cosmic sensitive points -- a unique and personal way of connecting himself to the cosmic cycles. To be able, therefore, to counsel anyone, we should first determine the client's unique combination of cosmic sensitive points.

This is done first by erecting the Natal Chart; that is, a map diagraming the positions of the main significators of Cosmic Cycles (Sun, Moon and Planets) at the most significant moment in the life of the client. This moment usually is the moment of birth: when the newborn draws his first breath; but may be replace later in life by the moment of the spiritual rebirth, if any, of the individual. [The spiritual rebirth is the moment when the individual through a conscious act of his own free will, chooses to become a part of the cosmic totality giving priority to Cosmic Divine will over his own personal wishes and desires: In religious terms this is the New Birth fundamentalist preach about.] By erecting this Natal Chart you'll have a picture of the cosmic sensitive points in your psyche that came to be there as a natural process, either through birth or rebirth.

To these, however, you need add the cosmic sensitive points that came to be there as a result of the positive and negative experiences, the client has had throughout his life. For example, if at a given time in life the individual went through a traumatic event, usually this experience would leave a scar, or sensitive point in his psyche, and this should be reflected as a sensitive point in his natal chart. The only way to know for sure about these sensitive points is by reviewing the native's past, and comparing it with the cyclical development foreshadowed in his natal chart to determine if there are any sensitive points not foreshadowed in the chart. Another good way to do this is by analyzing the clients handwriting: This gives a picture of what the individual is now: The natal chart gives a picture of what the individual is meant to be. By comparing these two, the astrologer should be able to see if the individual has developed naturally or if external experiences and traumas have altered his natal cosmic patterns.

Once the astrologer has precisely determined the clients cosmic sensitive points and their relative strength, then and only then should he attempt to counsel the client. Usually, clients seek the help of an astrologer when they:

(1) As part of their inner development seek to understand themselves better or,

(2) they are facing a difficult situation and need advice on how to proceed.

In the first case the job of the astrologer is relatively easy: The client is usually a well balanced person who simply want to learn more about himself. In this case is just a matter of casting the natal chart, add any additional cosmic sensitive points that may be derived from the client's past traumatic experiences, and interpret them in a rational and comprehensive way.

The second case, however, requires the biggest effort and utmost care by the astrologer. Usually when a person is going through a period of crisis his own rational mind is not functioning properly. The individual thus suffers from an acute attack of "lack of common sense". Even more, in those cases the individual tends to become so much aware of his own needs, wants and desires, that he forgets the simple fact that he is a member of a society and a cosmic system with rules and natural laws that should be followed.

Thus, in this case the client expects from the astrologer not advice, but direct and specific instructions on what to do to impose his will upon others and get his personal desires and wishes satisfied. Furthermore, the client feels overcome by external demands and want the astrologer to comfort him not with the truth, but with soft words like "You are good and your position is correct," "They are bad to you," "You have the right to defend yourself," "do this and that and everything will be just fine," etc.

In reality, however what the client needs is not ready made answers and or instructions on how to satisfy his own trivial wishes or desires, but sound advice on how to retake rational control of his life, and encouragement to reorganize his priorities, goals and desires in harmony primarily with the Cosmic Life System [the GodHead in both his personal and impersonal manifestations] and then, if possible, with the society where he lives.

Many counselors, pastors, psychologists, psychics and even astrologers, fail to do this. They err either by being too lenient with the client in order to get his money or approval [some people get into counseling in order to satisfy a psychological need to feel themselves superior to others or accepted by them]; or by being too preachy, trying to impose a sex-negating/ego-denying morality upon others.

For example, if a married woman, mother of six healthy kids, is momentarily attracted to a 17 years old and feels like leaving her husband to run away with her new "love"; the astrologer should not justify her conduct by means of astrological planetary interpretations. Neither should he condemn her to hell as a perverted whore, but should seek to bring her to analyze her situation and see how much she is bound to lost and how much she may hurt others, especially those [her kids] she loves the most.

Thus, the astrologer is indeed bound to promote a moral code of conduct and to foment socially acceptable and divine sanctioned behavior; but he should not do so by "morally" condemning such and such acts, but by fomenting rational, responsible behavior in his clients. Is not, then, the astrologer's duty to condemn bisexuals, homosexuals, gay or lesbians for what they do in their private lives. But is indeed his duty to condemn adultery, promiscuity, child abuse and similar attitudes where the individual takes advantage of others, lies to them, forces then to do things against their will or simply puts his own personal wants and desires above the collective good and even the cosmic laws.

An astrologer in its purest sense should be a representative of the Cosmic Order and his main duty should be to advice his fellow men on how to live in harmony and resonance with that Cosmic Order. To do otherwise is to fail in his job.

In order for the efforts of the astrologer to bare fruit, the client himself must be willing to restructure his life in harmony with God and Cosmos. This won't happened unless the individual learns the fundamental hollistic / theological principles of Astrology and develops the needed cosmic sensitivity to interact effectively with the cosmic cycles: past, present and future.

The basic astrological knowledge can be obtain through the many publications about this subject now in print, including paperbacks, reference texts, scholarly works, magazines, correspondence courses and virtual publications like the one you are now reading.

All these sources of astrological knowledge are good and useful provided that you study them with an open mind and an alert heart. That is; don't reject a priori any idea, concept, teaching or method; but neither fall in love with any of them or use it as an object of worship. The best thing, I would say, is to worship nothing at all -- God will be more than happy if we just acknowledge his existence and sovereignty living in harmony with his natural laws; but if you feel the psychological need to worship something or someone, then by all means worship Christ. He is the Human manifestation of the Godhead, who also paid a huge price to stop the otherwise unavoidable destruction of mankind a long time ago. If anyone, then, is going to be "worship" or crown as "God"; Jesus is the only one who deserves and have earned that honor.

When you read any book, or take any astrological course, just remember that Astrology is an experimental science undergoing continuous revision and development. No one could claim to be absolutely correct in all he says. All we have are ideas and these ideas must stand or fall on their own logic and merit. To claim any kind of "Transcendental Astrological Authority," whether it comes from "God," "Tradition," the "Ancient Masters," or any other source is an attempt to manipulate the reader instead of convincing him with sound, rational arguments. Be aware of anyone who does such thing.

Furthermore, each and every individual as he studies and comprehends astrological truths should develop his own system of astrological analyses based on his own cosmic sensitivity. The system that may be effective for one person, may not be so effective for another person with a higher or lower level of cosmic sensitivity.

The cosmic sensitivity level is in part a personal characteristic product of the combination of traits inherited from the parents, cosmic influence, and social conditioning. To a large extent, however, is possible to develop this cosmic sensitivity through simple mental exercises.

The Secret of the Inner Light:

The secret of the Inner Light is probably the best and most effective of these mental exercises. Yet, in order to practice it safely, you should approach it with the right mental attitude. A full description of this exercise, along with the needed Worldview, is presented in the writing entitled: The Secret of the Inner Light. A complete and updated collection of all my writing in Astrology and Theology is availabe on 3.5.