Astrology: A Theological Science Part II

by Ezequiel Gonzalez

Your Own Daily Cosmic Forecast:

Another good practice is to review the daily positions of the Cosmic Significators (Sun, Moon and Planets) comparing their present positions with those they occupied at the moment used to erect the Cosmic Chart [horoscope]. Our entire planetary system, as everything else in the Cosmos, is in a perpetual state of flux. The positions of the Sun, Moon and Planets, reflect that continual state of flux. Thus by studying their daily positions we can follow the daily flux of our cosmic system, attuning our minds and cosmic sensitivities to the reality of the cosmos.

It is a lot easier to tune in, for example, to the energy emanating from the cosmic cycle related to Mars when you already know where Mars is. Furthermore, these cosmic cycles interact among themselves and also interact with our own personal cosmic sensitive points buried deep within our psyche. The net effect of these interactions will depend on many factors and may differ widely from the normal effect of each cosmic cycle when acting by itself. But, by studying in advance the flux of these cycles we can see when and how they are going to interact among themselves and from our previous reactions to similar cycles we may foresee what their future impact would be.

This don't need to be a detailed step by step analyses. The idea here is not to do "Sun-sign type daily readings" but to develop a feeling for how we react to cosmic influence so that with just a quick glance at the daily planetary positions we may see what is the present cosmic mood, and how it may affect us.

To review the daily positions of the Cosmic Significators (Sun, Moon and Planets) you'll need an Ephemeris [the Rosicrucian Fellowship sells a very good one. Also, the American Federation of Astrologers sells the Rosicrucian Ephemeris plus a few others, all of them good] and a good telescope. The Ephemeris helps you to see where the Cosmic Significators are in your natal chart while the telescope helps you to see where they are in the actual sky. Both things are essential to develop your own sensitivity to their influence.

As part of this daily astrological sensitivity training I recommend you to built a Personal Astrological Observatory where you can go to contemplate the heavens. Since the primary cosmic cycles that influence us are within our own Cosmic System, a low priced telescope should be enough. But to it you should add others things that would help you to comprehend the cosmic phenomena [equinoxes, solstices, phases of the Moon, high and low tides, eclipses, etc., etc.] taking place in our Cosmic System, and how they affect our environmental reality and psychological development.

As you become familiar with all these phenomena and with the various cosmic cycles manifested in the paths of the planets, you'll find yourself able to perceive the state of the heavens at any given time and date.

Knowing then the Cosmic Forecast for the day, we'll be much more prepared to tune in to the cosmic forces and organize our daily schedule, attitudes and priorities in such a way as to maximize our use of that cosmic potential. Again, this need not to be a detailed "well thought out plan"; but simply a quick glance; just as you check the whether forecast to see if it is going to snow, hail or rain, if it is going to be warm or cold.

This understanding of the present state of the Cosmic Continuum in combination with the previously describe exercise of the Inner Light offers the best way to develop your psychic sensitivity. Arm yourself with your Cosmic Chart, Ephemeris, and telescope. Start by meditating on your Cosmic Chart to get a feeling for your own cosmic sensitivity; then study the present positions of the planets [using the Ephemeris and a telescope] to determine the general cosmic state and its influence upon you. Finally, practice the exercise of the Inner Light focusing your mind in seeking harmony and resonance with the Cosmos.

Our minds, after all, function in cycles; both in their daily workings and long term development, in their emotions as well as their ideologies. Each and every one of us has a personal ideology [WorldView], which is not static but grows, changes, and evolves in a cyclical manner. By identifying our inner emotional and intellectual drives with specific cosmic cycles we energized our inner development making sure that it will not become stagnant but will continue to grow, change and evolve in resonance with our Cosmic Continuum. This in turn guarantees us a rich, functional and exciting, but yet stable, emotional and intellectual life.

This, as a matter of fact, should be the primary function of Astrology: to regulate our intellectual and emotional lives in resonance with the Cosmos, which in turn is none other that God Himself manifested in an impersonal form.

Obviously, to be able to use Astrology this way you need a better understanding of this subject than the one given in the daily Sun-sign Horoscope Columns. Several good sources of astrological training and understanding follows. Please note that in order to obtain useful understanding from these sources you need to approach them with a critical attitude. Don't come to Astrology seeking Masters, Gurus, or Spiritual Guides. Here we are all students -- the cosmos is our textbook and common sense our guide. As Paul once said: "Analyze it all, but retain only what's good."

Having warned you, the following are good sources of astrological understanding:

   Uranus Publishing Co. Inc.
   401 Pond Lane, Dept AA1193
   Sequim, WA 98382

Master Course in Basic Astrology written and published by Ove. H. Sehested; copyrighted 1982 with many subsequent revisions and updates. This is probably the best correspondence course in Astrology. Sehested is a great writer and teacher. I strongly recommend this course to new and even experienced astrologers who want to master the fundamentals of Astrology. Sehested also offers a solid catalog of Astrology books with over 1,000 titles.

   1500 Massachusetts Avenue NW #764
   Washington, DC 20005

A good solid, traditional, defensible, Astrology calculation software package written and published by the enigmatic Syrman. This is an integrated top of the line software package that occupies over 10 megabytes of disk space. So you can imagine how much material it should contain.

   American Astrology
   475 Park Avenue South
   New York, NY 10016

A "must have" magazine for anyone interested in Astrology. Good, solid articles at the forefront of astrological thought.

   American Federation of Astrologers
   6535 South Rural Road
   Tempe, AZ 85283

The Oldest astrological organization in the United States. AFA offers a good catalog of books, cassettes, software and other Astrology related items. Also, there is the Annual Convention plus many other benefits for its members.

   The Rosicrucian Fellowship
   P.O. Box 713
   Oceanside, CA 92040-0713

Religious style Astrology organization. Offers a free correspondence course in Astrology [but you have to buy them the textbooks: about a $50 investment]. In spite of its religious style this organization have many good ideas and concepts to offer. Their Ephemeris [a book listing the daily positions of the Sun, Moon and Planets] is a "must have" for any astrologer or Astrology student.

   Box 40 Dept. A
   Brewster, MA 02631

Top of the line Astrology software by Robert Hand, considered by many today's foremost astrologer. Also includes Hand's books like HOROSCOPES SYMBOLS -- classic works no astrologer should be without.

On Line Publications an or Disk Based Books

Just like the one you are now reading.


An essential step in learning Astrology is an in depth analysis of one's own Cosmic Chart. There are two basic types of Cosmic Chart Analyses: those made by computers and those hand made by astrologers. In terms of quality and usefulness the analysis done by an astrologer is infinitely better than a computer generated report.

Not now, not never would a computer be able to analyze a Cosmic Chart with the wisdom, insight and relevance to the clients present reality that an astrologer can put into his readings. Therefore, if you are looking for a professional, in depth astrological analyses I would advice you to seek a professional astrologer. Current prices for such a service varies from about a hundred to about 300 dollars for a written report usually taking from 10 to 30 single space typewritten pages. As of now [January, 1994] for example, American Astrology's Personal Services Department charges $120.00 for a Birth Chart Analysis [and ask for at least 100 days for completion of this analysis "for it is a detailed, time-consuming work."]

These prices are for an in depth written report done personally by a professional astrologer. A second alternative is the face to face reading where you visit your personal astrologer's office, give him your birth data and ask for his advice in whatever you wish him to help you. The astrologer then erects your Cosmic Chart and use it to answer your questions. For such a reading prices varies from as little as 10 dollars to several hundred dollars depending on the fame, reputation, and social consciousness of the astrologer [and of course, the client social standing and ability to pay.]

To get the most of these face to face readings it is advisable first to get a good understanding of what Astrology is all about, and a good written interpretation of the Cosmic Chart. This way no astrologer would be able to bluff you with superficial readings for you would know when he is bluffing and when he is not. Furthermore, since you'll understand the technical terms of Astrology as well as its scope and limitations, he'll be able to counsel you in much more clear and specific terms.

A third alternative, good as an introduction to Astrology, is the previously mentioned Computer Generated Report. Such a report don't interpret the chart based on the clients present reality or life's history; it only puts together a series of previously written paragraphs for a limited combination of factors in the Cosmic Chart. For example, there is a paragraph for the Sun in Aries; all those with the Sun in Aries will have this same paragraph in their report. There is another paragraph for the Sun in Pisces, another for the Moon in Leo; another for Jupiter in Cancer, etc. etc., till all the predetermined combinations of planets, signs and houses are covered.

For this kind of report the computer operator (usually and hopefully an astrologer) enters the client's birth data into a computer program which first calculates the Cosmic Chart and then puts together the paragraphs corresponding to the planet, sign, houses, combinations found in the Chart. Such a report is not an in depth astrological analysis, but since it is automatically generated by a computer, its price is much lower: from as little as 10 to as much as 70 dollars per report.

Notwithstanding its limitations, this kind of computer generated report serves as a good, somewhat personalized introduction to Astrology; and could even become a good source of inner understanding provided that it don't be the only source, neither it be used as the primary factor upon which to make fundamental decisions. When needing help in making such decisions I'll advice you to seek the help of a Professional Counselor; be him/her an astrologer, minister, social worker or psychologist... (although sometimes an elder, mature, responsible and wise friend does a better job).

Beware and Bewise:

Beware, however, that each and every adult and mentally healthy person is personally responsible for her own decisions and for the consequences therein. To make a wise choice is our responsibility to seek orientation and counseling from those who know more than us about the matter at hand. This function of providing the client with reliable information is the primary duty of the professional counselor no matter what his political, philosophical or religious orientation. Is then up to the client himself to analyze the information and or advice he has been given, sift it through the screen of his own personal priorities and ethical values; discard what he then considers unethical, unwise or simply not convenient, and use and or apply what he finally considers good, convenient, wise and ethical.

The counselor who knowingly gives bad advice is by all means guilty if not legally at least morally for his wrong action; but this by no means exculpate the client for his own guilt in following bad advice, neither does it protects him from the negative consequences that sooner or latter may come upon him. Therefore, inform yourself, seek and use the services of professional responsible counselors, keep an open mind, don't discard a priori any idea, but remember that you will be the primary beneficiary or victim or your own actions. Act, then, with wisdom, prudence and understanding. God Bless You.


Glossary and Endnotes:

Endnote 1 Orgonotical:

Derived from or having to do with orgone energy.

Webster New World Dictionary defines orgone as follows:

orgone: [term coined by Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), Austrian psychiatrist in the United States, probably derived from ORGONE + ONE AS IN OZONE] a postulated energy permeating the universe and allegedly restorable to a person suffering from various emotional and physical ills by his sitting in a small special cabinet (orgone box) in which this energy was supposed to accumulate.

To this we may add that the ideas of Wilhelm Reich have not died. The scientist who embraced his ideas have continued to develop them. Several years ago they established the American College of Orgonomy in the East Coast -- right now new research facilities are underway in the West Coast. For more information about orgone energy and its effects on human organisms and societies you may write to: The American College of Orgonomy P.O.Box 490 Princeton, NJ 08542

Endnote 2: Genesis 1:14-19:

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven, to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the Earth: and it was so. And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also. And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the Earth, and to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good. And the evening and the morning were the fourth day.

Endnote 3 Natal Chart:

The terms Natal Chart, Horoscope, Astral Chart, Cosmic Chart, Carta Astral, Carta Natal, etc., all refer to the same thing: A map of the Cosmic System we live in (commonly known as the "solar" system) as perceived at a relevant moment in the life of the client. In the past (Middle Ages) this map was drawn as a square divided in twelve sectors corresponding to the twelve astrological houses. Today the common practice is to draw this map in a circular fashion. Both representations and many others are valid. Is just a matter of choosing the one that more clearly represents the information in a visual form.

The Cosmic Chart includes the Sun, Moon and planets in their correct angular positions as perceived at a given moment in the life of the native [The moment of birth, signifying the beginning point, is normally chosen as the most significant moment in the life of the client]. This Chart is divided in twelve houses (or sectors as they are called in NeoAstrology) corresponding to the beginning, middle and end of the four major divisions of the daily cycle (sunrise --> noon --> sunset --> midnight). The morning, for example would be divided in: beginning of morning, middle of morning, and end of morning. The chart is also divided in another twelve sectors corresponding to the beginning, middle and end of the four major divisions of the yearly cycle. The distance between the Sun and the Earth is not constant. Newton's law of gravitation establishes that this distance, along with the velocity and acceleration, would vary in a cyclical manner. This yearly cycle can be divided in four major phases, each one having a beginning, middle and end: thus giving us twelve relevant subdivisions of the chart, commonly known as the Signs of the Zodiac.

The human mind psychically perceives these variations and interprets them in psychological terms. Thus the extend to which these cycles would influence a given person is directly related to his/her psychic sensitivity and attitude toward the cosmic continuum. However, since this influence is always present it will influence all of us to some extend. Furthermore, collective human entities [cultural or national identities] are strongly influence by cosmic cycles. These entities are made up of thousands and probably millions of individuals extending over large geographical areas. The ties that bound these individuals together as one single entity are psychological and psychic in nature-- the stronger the collective entity is, the stronger the Psychic ties among its members should be. Thus, strong nationalities are based upon strong psychic bonds among its members. The same psychic sensitivity, however, that generate these psychic bonds also gives the Collective Entity strong Cosmic Bonds. Thus, by promoting strong, healthy, natural nationalism [the identification of the individuals with the land they live in] we are fomenting the heavenly kingdom as well.

Unfortunately, human beings and human societies are unwilling to live in harmony with the cosmic cycles. Thus, instead of acting in resonance with these cycles, we tend to act in dissonance with them. This, needles to say, only bring pain and agony to human existence -- the cosmic influence is always present: by fighting it we are only swimming against the tide.

For those of us who refuse to live in harmony with the cosmos the Cosmic Chart becomes a divinatory sign whereby we may learn something about the "alien" forces that may limit, hurt, or endanger us in the past, present or future. For those, however, who want to live in harmony with the cosmos, the Cosmic chart becomes our own individual map and key to chart our course of inner development and outer accomplishments in harmony and resonance with the cosmos.