Channelings: Higher Realms And The Coming Changes

From very metaphysical thoughts (Pleiadians Book) until forecasts (Earth Changes) and more poem-like thoughts:
Excerpt of "Angelic Whispering":
Where the Light of a growing world illuminates each Soul on its path, 
Where the Light of each growing Soul illuminates each heart, 
And where this Light flows outward, ever expanding, ever growing, then 
THERE is Home; THERE is Peace, Love and Joy.
The Channeling process can be summarized as the way to opening our consciousness to a bigger reality, we live in.
May our perception be able to expand, as the following understanding of it then too.

Channeler Sorted:

Anne Hughes

Ane lives totally in the now even in this monetary society. She travels the world with absolutely nothing acting as a trigger for those who are ready. She told us many stories about her travels and the amazing way in which she traverses the globe.

Check her dedicated place Anne Huges Corner with further information.

Eric Klein

Check his dedicated place Eric Klein Corner with further information.

John Armitage

Check his dedicated place John Armitage Corner with further information.

Stuart Wilson

Barbara J. Marciniak

Barbara J. Marciniak has been a student of Metaphysics for many years. She gives credit to the Seth material channeled by Jane Roberts for her insight into the necessity for conscious, intentional creation of personal experience. She is one of the few famous channelers providing in-depth metaphysical insights.

Lyssa Royal

Lyssa Royal Holt is an internationally recognized author, lecturer and channel. She was raised in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. While getting her B.A. degree in Psychology, she developed an interest in hypnosis and learned to place herself in altered states of consciousness for the purpose of stress management. This ability helped her to develop the necessary skills for her later development as a channel. See also Zeta-Reticula related material or the dedicated Lyssa Royal Corner with further information.

Ronna Herman

Ronna Herman is a spiritual astrologer, counselor, new age practioner and teacher. She is also an internationally-known author, lecturer and fully conscious channel for Archangel Michael. Ronna gives private readings in person and by telephone, holds workshops, and lectures and channels before large groups.
Check her dedicated corner Ronna Herman Corner with further information.

Birgit Klein

The Author Birgit Klein. Birgit Klein is a Danish woman, who in 1982 began working for The White Brotherhood of The Ascended Masters. Since then she has channeled many information and published various books in danish.

See also her dedicated corner Birgit Klein Corner with further information.

Julie Presson

Julie and Bishop (the entity she channels) have been doing Service Work for the Awakening since 1987. The main focus has been Self understanding and forgiveness to connect and anchor the aspect of our Being we are as Light into our physical expression. This brings us to full empowerment in creation of our reality as Spirit in manifest form. So we can choose from Our Higher Understanding instead of the ego our Walk as One with the Mother and Spirit. 
Or visit her dedicated Julie Presson Corner as well.

Celeste Korsholm

Celeste Korsholm is a visionary artist, clairvoyant, teacher, and lecturer with a master's degree in fine arts from Penn State University. Her visionary soul portraits, paintings, prints, and greeting cards can be found in fine galleries, offices, and homes throughout the country.

For futher information visit Celeste & Jananda Corner as well.

John Payne

John Payne is an English born trance Channeler living in The Netherlands. Together with his guide Omni he offers workshops in Awakening Your Light Body (as developed by Duane Packer & DaBen), Channeling and other topics. In the Netherlands he teaches at De Lotushoeve, a school recognised for Emotional Bodywork and Tantra. John is also very active in Germany and does some work in the U.S.

Check John Payne's Corner direct for further information.

Lisa Holloway

Lisa Holloway is a teacher and student of higher learning and the process we call the "Awakening." She is honored to be a light/medium trance channel for Spirit Teachers who wish to assist on our journey home. Lisa channels Hilarion and other Beings of the Light.

Check Lisa Holloway's Corner direct for further information.

Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts - the author of the book "The Seth Material" - was a person who in a "trance" state spoke as a personality called Seth. Seth calls Jane's personality Ruburt. Jane sometimes goes into a different trance state where she speaks as "Future Seth".

  • Seth's Concept (Jane Roberts)
    I come here, as an (humorously) "endearing" personality, with characteristics to which I hope you can relate. These characteristics are mine, and I am who I say I am, and yet the Seth you know is but a small part of my reality, the one that has been physical, and can relate to your problems. There exists what could almost be compared to a psychological and psychic warp in dimensions where Ruburt's personality is an apex point at which communication can take place ...

Tom H. Smith

Tom H. Smith channeled, before his recent transition Nov 1993, many entities, and his unique approach to express the energies became well known to many who received his channelings over the internet. Some of the material is concerning up-coming Earth-Changes, which obviously didn't take place as predicted, but the channeling is nevertheless interesting to reflect upon, as philosophical insights and views are profound.

Check Tom H. Smith's Corner direct for further information.

Subject Sorted:

Metaphysical Channelings:

  • Pleiadians-Book (Barbara J. Marciniak)
    Sixteen chapters and over 5000 lines ...
  • The Polaris Writings (Yoni, Shannon Dean Russell)
    Over 100 chapters on various metaphysical topics.

Poetry Channelings:

  • Angelic Whispering (Shelley Smart)
  • The Hand of God (Regiena Heringa)
  • A Message to Humankind (Regiena Heringa)
  • Being With God (Regiena Heringa)