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Angelic Whisperings

Eddie Bradford 24 Apr 1994

I am posting this for an angelic friend who would like to make this type of post a regular weekly event. Your responses are welcome.


Hello! For about a month, I have been posting "Angelic Whisperings." I thought that some might be curious as to the Source of these writings.

A few years ago, I consciously chose to pursue spiritual awareness. Through classes and practicing meditating on my own, I learned to contact and listen to my spirit guides and guardian angels. They are tremendously loving and vitally interested in assisting us on our life's path. Then, one evening in meditation, the energy shifted and I heard a clear, gentle, and loving voice in my head say, "We have waited a long time for you to reach this point. Welcome!" It was my Higher Self, and since that time, He/She communicates to me. It is wonderful.

I kept a journal and often asked guidance in writing as I found it clearer for me that way. I have always thought that much of the Love and guidance and encouragement I received while working through my issues + blocks and life's apparent difficulties might be helpful to others. A friend enjoyed what I wrote and encouraged me to post it on the 'net. So here it is. I hope you enjoy what I have to share.