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Beloved child

Angelic Whisperings 4

Beloved child, our patience is infinite. There is no impatience on our part for what you choose to focus on. Be okay with yourself. You are the impatient one who believes you should be beyond your fears-- accept yourself where you are. Honor your fears as they show you your lessons or areas that need work. We will always assist you!

At times life feels difficult for you--so many issues to deal with. You are doing well so do not fret. It is all part of your growth and the perfection of the plan for your growth. Sometimes growth feels like backward steps, but then, in moments of insight, you recognize that growth has occurred. And so you grow little by little.

Your Ego is part of your strength, believe it or not. It has served you well. Do not punish yourself for one of your strengths. Ego is needed in this world; it helps keep you grounded and able to deal with life around you. And because it is strong, you are strong-appearing. You are indeed strong within as well, with considerable will and intention. Honor this in you. Now to focus it with the highest intention.

And gradually you learn. Humility is one thing you are learning as you put your Ego in proper perspective. Humility says not to judge another. Humility says to ask permission to work with another. Humility says to recognize the God within everyone. And you begin to in a deep way, and we honor this!

We love you!