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Gentle child

Angelic Whisperings 3

Gentle child, center now and listen to a tale we tell.

There is a Light Being, an Angel (as it were, that is, in Earth words) creating with Love in the dimensions beyond time, in space (as it were)-- creating and being and expanding in the vastness of the Universe. And always Loving and wanting to serve. And many aspects of this Angel have served in many places, in many times, in many ways, and will continue to serve until All are home. It is the chosen task of this Being to assist all on their paths. And such a love She/He has for all the consciousnesses who seek God.

You are this Being, a piece of it as it were. Your personality is merely a vehicle, with its processes to learn through and its issues to heal. And in the healing become Whole. And in becoming Whole, being a wonderful example for those who seek to follow. You feel so little, so human, so imperfect. And you are all of that because you are human. And this is perfect. In this world, this Earth, this environment, you may grow perfectly!

In your growth, you learn to bring in more and more of your Higher Self, this Angel-self to consciousness, to awareness, to Remember. It is a process, one you are in now. You have chosen to awaken. It hasn't been easy. You didn't know what was involved. You thought it would be simple-- a matter of meditating, learning to Love, to be some idealized version of the perfect human--one who was humble, serving mankind, one who was kind to animals, to the Earth, to others!! It was perfect control that would enable you to be this perfect being/human.

But instead, it is a struggle coming to grips with the duality of who you are-- the imperfections, the Ego, the implied failings, the greed, the self-centeredness as well as the loving part!

And then realizing it takes Surrender--not control at all!! It is not yours to will human perfection! It is a surrender to Divine flow and a Peace that comes with the surrender. No struggle. Just a Divine perfection! And you are One with All-That-Is! And you Remember who you are! And you ARE perfect!

We love you.