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I said to my guides/Myself

Angelic Whisperings 9

I said to my guides/Myself:

I want to understand, to feel my power, to connect with who I AM. Sometimes there is a power in me that seeks expression - I feel it and want to use it for good. Is this an ego trip? I see the world around me, this world I want to "Lighten", and I realize I can only work with me and those who come to me. And it frustrates me to know that I can do so little.

Gentle heart, rest your worries. You are One with the Light. Your path is honored. As you grow in your process, you will know who You Are. It is your INTENTION as a human to be Light that enables you to grow. Each has his/her own path, and own issues to heal. As you "resolve" your issues, you will be an example, a beacon. Keep working. We support you always. You are not alone.

No, it is not an "Ego-trip." You have much will and determination. It is the integration of this will and determination that you are experiencing.

It is the will you have always had, looking for expression. You will express it. And with much Love. As you clear yourself, as you work through your karma and fears and issues, you become a clear channel of Light. And with will and determination, you focus the power of Love-- for the good of all you meet. Sometimes this power may not feel "good" as those who seek the Light must go through their issues and make choices. It is not yours to judge. And the Surrender to God is required as you do not have the knowledge and understanding to judge what is for the highest good of each. But as you center and surrender and allow, trust that the highest good will prevail. And so you see why it is not of Ego. The decision for healing is not yours. But the Love to be offered IS yours. And God's. And it is Love you will offer to those who come to you.

We love you.