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On Healing

Angelic Whisperings 5

On Healing:

Ask for God's help and open to receive the healing that is yours. IT IS YOURS! We would not punish you! It is all your choice to choose to allow this healing. You begin to be aware of how it is a surrender to a higher knowing, a higher power. So SURRENDER! This is the way of "Ego-restraint" (so-to-speak), also. Surrender, and as the Ego reacts in fear, allow this fear to flow and relinquish it to the Light, and you are made Whole! Rejoice in your growth! And in the Light! Be Light! We love you! We are Love! You are Love! That is all there is. It is as simple as that. It is not complicated. The Ego makes it complicated in its fear. It need not be. Love yourself and allow the healing flow. You are bathed in Light and in Love. We cannot encourage you any harder than we are-- BE LIGHT! Dear Ones, be Light. Together we are One. Rejoice!

We love you.