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On Listening

Angelic Whisperings 8

On Listening:

When you listen to the you inside, you become much more understanding of others and where they are "at". They are who they are, and you must accept that, and that where they are is as perfect as is where you are. And as you learn to listen to you, you learn to listen to them, to the "you" inside others -- not your you, but their you -- the sense of self that resides sometimes deep within, and guides them towards their lessons, their processes, their Light. And the Light that is You listens and brings forth their Light and so the Light grows.

On Astral Travel:

For you it is a control issue - an acceptance of other realities -- a willingness to redefine the boundaries, to move beyond this level, to explore fearlessly, to be all that You are, to know You are not this body, to know you exist outside this body, and will not die if you leave it. Trust. Faith. Openness.

You move gradually to an acceptance of all these things. And as you grow and open your consciousness, you may explore these other levels. You(the Higher Self) exists on many levels and many awarenesses. You learn and explore on many levels and have your existence on all levels. When you are Home, these will integrate, so to speak. The parts of You will come together, and share all that is learned.