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On Remembering

Angelic Whisperings 6

I always talk about getting "there". Others tell me that "there" is really "here", and "then" is really "now". But I guess, for me, "there" is letting go of this grip fear has on me and going with the flow. When I learn surrender, I'll be "there". Is that home?

On Remembering:

I said, "When I remember, I want to go Home."

They replied, "When you remember, you'll want to stay. It is only in your forgetting that you long for Home. In your remembering, you know you are always Home."

On Moving/Change:

When I asked about moving, I heard this:

You are safe and protected wherever you go. Follow your heart; follow your Joy. Life is to be lived, and in the living, experienced. Loosen your control and fear. Yes, it'd be an adventure and a change, but these are growth experiences. When one sits and tries to understand mentally, logically and intellectually all the steps one must take, what one must study or be or work, then one is not listening to one's Self. Do not think too hard. Do not be too practical. Do visit. Feel the energy, test the waters. Go with your heart! It knows best. Don't let thoughts/fears of the future hamper you. The future unfolds as is God's plan for you. And when you can go where you are led, in Love, without Fear, knowing God will provide, then you are Free!