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The Call

Angelic Whisperings 2

The call has sounded. The angels gather.

This is a time when polarities meet, in order to merge into the One.

In preparation for transcendence, each must call forth from his/her own soul the darkest recesses of his/her being. Bring forth your deepest fears, your most violent anger, all that you have deemed unacceptable, unforgivable, unlovable, bring it forth, all of it into the Light. This is a time of great healing, a time for great courage, great faith, and great love. A time when the walls we have built to separate us from ourselves come tumbling down.

We have only begun.

Those who have taken the torch of Light to every corner of their souls have awakened and begin now to serve as beings of Light. They are being called forth to walk among those still in darkness and offer them Love that they too might see.

It is time for us to learn to love ourselves, and in so doing, the healing begins. As we accept, forgive, and love even the darkest parts of our souls, we see the darkness fall away, an illusion, and we are filled with Light.

Where you find anger or hatred, fear or jealousy, greed or despair, offer Love. This is our sword, the Love we bear: where it touches, it heals.

Offer up all illness and pain, of the body, the soul, the mind: as you offer it up, it is taken from you, and replaced with Love.

This is a time of great power: what you ask is already yours.

- Ayeia.