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Astrology and its relation to the Godhead

Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

The human being has to contend with two sets of forces, those within himself being earth, fire, water and air, plus the ethereal elements. However, there is also another elemental factor; the heavens, the universe, the stars etc. These pulsate negative and positive energies creating a channel of cause and effect. Man has already in the past set this cause and effect into motion.

The Horoscope is a portrait of man's birth ie. the time (mathematical) of celestial bearings on the day of birth and the future probable results.

However, the knowledge of the above is not just to emphasise man's fate ie. the result of past good and evil, but it is the motivation for man to escape. Only he can overcome such cause and effect that he created. He can undo what he has created for he possesses the spiritual recourse's that are not under planetary control.

Astrology can make a man dependent and assume that he has no control over his future. This need not be. Man is in charge of his own destiny. Instead of allegiance to creation he can transfer allegiance to the creator. Only in realising this unity in spirit can he be less dominated by matter. The soul has always been free it has no end, it is not controlled by the stars. Only man can allow himself to be fettered by environmental law.

When man is in tune with God his activities will be naturally in tune with cosmic law, for God is harmony; thus man will not perform amiss.

When man is in touch with his divine consciousness through prayer and meditation, there is no greater power than that inward protection.

Man can turn the tide of Karma. It is within his power to influence through spiritual vibration, the whole universe.

The faith in the universal force, protection and one's will are forces more formidable than the influences from the cosmos.

The horoscope in a sense is a pointer to man to take control of his destiny. It is not a decision for man. It is in effect a motivator for man to seek release from his outer self and thus discover, through inner reflection his path to the inner space.

It is too easy to blame our predicament pre and post existing. Surely now is the controlling element.