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Beloved Brothers

Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

When a message comes containing an opportunity for real service and disclosing a real plan, a real work for the helping of your brothers, such that your soul recognises and your heart leaps towards in joyous response, know that this response is the Voice of Love. The voice of god is calling you to the work that has been prepared for you. You need not question or doubt for your soul commands you to obey.

Love the Divine, calls you , Oh blessed ones, to service- the call to join the Great Brotherhood of servers and those who have already heard and know loves call. They have gladly heeded the call and are now seeing a vision of emergence. (The plan and purpose the new age man is entering). They are now comprehending the true and glorious meaning of "Brotherhood", that brotherhood soon to be brought forward from the kingdom within into actual manifestation in man's midst. The Christ- the true reality that man is.

We your brothers call upon you, our beloved one's to live and use what for so long you have been studying and believing with your intellect about service and brotherhood. When you believe in your heart, which belief can only come from, then you will truly be and know a brother. The "Brotherhood" is love.

I love you and serve you my brothers.

As the birds fly over the earth, so may our words fly to every corner and may love fly with them.