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Chakra Stations

Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

Dear Ones,

The awakening of many of the star seeds for light working is well underway. We of the Planes of Light, your brothers, are transmitting to Mother Earth very powerful Light rays and in order for you to fully benefit from these emanations, we have progressively "activated" and re-opened your chakra energy points or stations. These stations consist of multiple energy fields transmitting and receiving vibrational frequencies -they are, you might say, comparable to a radio transmitter, tracking station or electric (electro-magnetic) transformer station.

Approximately a year ago we implemented the full reactivation of two "new chakras" (they and others were shut down aeons ago due to humankind's evolutionary status): The Omega point - approximately 7 to 8" below the base chakra and the Alpha point - approximately 7 - 8" above the Crown chakra. Therefore added to the seven known chakras. This brought you to nine chakra stations.

Although these new stations were linked up, the signals we were receiving were intermittent and very weak. We realised there was a blockage in your central chakras: the solar plexus, heart and throat. This necessitated something a little drastic on our part. So, over a period, we instigated a programme to better align these middle chakra stations by way of activation your emotional body fields - clearing the field - therefore allowing for the release of those negative frequencies that had built up over a considerably long time. This for you, translated in the forms of re-appraisal of self, relationships, emotions and attitudinal responses to humanity generally: a period of some turmoil and perhaps, in your language, some agony and grief. But is was necessary to sort out and clear these little snags so that the great Plan for the transition of Mother Earth and her children runs smoothly and on course. Plus the general welfare of you, the Light workers, is so vital to this Plan.

Dear Ones, as a result of your wonderful co-operation on the emotional body work, the signals from these two "new" chakra stations have become stronger in frequency, to the degree that we have decided to further increase your capacity to receive an influx of more high frequency Light emanations (rays). This work has been under way through the (re)-activation of a further three (3) chakra stations: (all above the Alpha chakra) Soul Star, Stellar Gateway and the I AM Presence.

So we are reaching the stage where 12 chakra stations will be operational - we will of course held you to fully align these transmitters as you become more confident in understanding and feeling comfortable with your "new" tools of operation.

We are very excited about your progress dear ones, for it means that many of the star seeds are awakening! and many are activating; realising and actively choosing to work with Mother Earth in her transition and in her transition. We will help, we will help. But do not, my dears, be lulled into a false sense of security, there is still much work to be done and you will need to get stronger and stronger to combat the rising negativity (negative karma) that though the Grace of God, and in collaboration with Mother Earth, we/you are helping to release; you see it is like the many skins on an onion - as you peel one layer, so you are faced with another.

But we shall succeed - you will succeed, for remember you are Diving beings, divine spirit clothed in flesh. You all volunteered for this glorious mission and were selected because of your great strengths, your stamina. So, beloved brothers, keep calling on us, keep calling on us to help you. Even though many of you do not see or hear us we are here; we hear you, we see you; call on us - we are on the other end of the line and there are an infinite number of lines!

Our love to your little brothers.

Our love to you always.