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Clarification of the Twelve Chakras

Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

Dear ones,

Many have requested me to clarify the twelve chakras of dear Mother Earth. They are:

Main chakras
Base (Root) U.S.A. Mount Shasta
Sexual Peru Lake Titicaca
Solar Plexis Australasia Uluru (Ayers Rock)
Heart Europe Glastonbury, England
Throat Middle East Great Pyramid of Giza, Mount Sinai
Mount of Olives
Third Eye * England Shamballa (focus that shifts)
presently held in Glastonbury
Crown Tibet Lhasa

Further Chakras
Japan Mount Fuji
Mexico Teotihuacon (Pyramids)

Fire Hawaii Island of Maui
Air Egypt Pyramid of Giza
Water New Zealand Lake Taupo
Earth South Africa Table Mountain

A thirteenth chakra will be operational in Russia towards the latter part of this century or earlier, dependant upon the active development of the mentioned chakras.

Of course dear ones we have not forgotten China etc. There is still much work for all of us to undertake. Therefore I urge you to be constantly vigilant and active. But again Francis asks that you, yes, dear ones..."let it go and let if flow"!

In love and Oneness


*The "Shamballa" (Third Eye) will be located in another part of Mother Earth to coincide with the Age of Capricorn