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Does God Exist

Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

The age-old question and argument raised between the religionist and scientist as to whether God exists is pointless, for God is beyond the mind; it cannot be rationalised or hypothesised; it cannot be found via dogmatic assertion in a laboratory on a slide or through a microscope. The 'creations' by God yes, but Creator - NO

God is the Supreme and Infinite Energy from which ALL is made manifest and from which ALL flows. God is, in Earth terms, known also as "LOVE" - unconditional love. It is the dynamo that drives everything, including man, even the mechanistic world of fixed laws and predetermined processes, under the laws of physics and chemistry, for it drives the universal "machine" called Earth.

God is found within Self - the inner self, and proof of this existence can only be gained by expanded consciousness - the very heart of you(r) matter which holds that mysterious alchemical process that transforms man, the base metal, into the pure gold called "Love" (your true Godself energy).

Love is the highest and most refined vibration of Light energy presently available to man for him to 'identify' the energy, or part thereof, called "God" - the source of his being. Over the many aeons, man has lost contact with his source, having fallen into a much lower and denser field of matter energy - an energy of slower vibration.

Should the scientists wish to prove this "God" energy then they must change tack and even dispense with their present evaluation techniques; they will not need those accoutrements for this experiment which is purely based on the Heart Centre.

The experiment is a simple one - some of it may be a little time-consuming but it depends on the individual researcher. It encompasses various methodologies: Meditation - the researcher is in control of his time and energy; OR more intense meditational work with a Spiritual Master/Teacher - the student or rather researcher, may be severely tested by the discipline; OR more immediately and expediently, through the methods of selflessness, compassion, non-judgement, helpfulness and loving thoughts - any one of these positive methods will achieve a positive result.

These and many other positive avenues will save the researcher or Department precious labour, time and money. Therefore this "new" methodology should be most appealing! Perhaps the only "cost" might be the loss of pride, but it is the most expendable and very cumbersome.

No doubt there are many of my brothers in the scientific filed or with a scientific bent, who will be willing to undertake this experiment (I think there is a little motto for one of my Army Corps which says "Who dares wins"). This simple experiment will be well on the way to proving God's existence. Also the rewards for anyone who engages these methods will clearly manifest through feelings of well-being and peace with your brother, Humanity - a valuable prize indeed! It is the only method that (by feeling), can prove the energy called "God".

Now I know that some of my brother will query and firmly assert that God can only be found in a Church or a religion, this being the best and even only method of finding God. However I would ask that they understand, even if they can't accept, that many of their brother Humanity do not seek God through such methods. Therefore my comments were not suggested as a replacement to your faith; however they could be an added and positive dimension to your faith, but were expressed as an alternative route to God for those who do not seek him via your path. Surely dear brothers, you would encourage them to find Creator even if not through your channels? I think you will agree that we should spread God like butter - margarine, if it is more spreadable!

Another item I would like to raise concerns our beloved brother Jesus.

It is time for you to let go of the grief and to bring Jesus down from off the cross and to receive him into your hearts. This is not a sacrilegious statement, it is a statement of great love for our brother. Jesus was anointed of Love through Holy Spirit; did you know that Christ or Kristos means the anointed of Love? Jesus did not intend that you leave him on the cross for so long, he meant you to take him into your hearts. He was the Saviour. And if you will recall, he stressed that 'you too can do as I and more too.' He was impressing upon us that we too can work with Holy Spirit, the Divine Essence and energy available to all.

So my dear ones, let us seat the Saviour love in his rightful place; the throne, - the heart. Any by whatever means we can, let us help all of our dear brothers accommodate the Saviour.

The coming of the Christ, the Saviour is NOW; he is with us through the Christ, the loving energy that is flowing to and within your hearts. I have no doubt that if our dear Creator feels it is necessary to send Christ, the purest love possible through the manifestation of another vehicle (body) He will. Let us hope that if this is the case, we will all, this time, recognise the vehicle.

Blessings and Love.