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Emotional Karma

Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

Many of you will be wondering why you are feeling bewildered, emotional, fed up to the state of even feeling angry. Feeling as though are being put through the wringer. My dear you are being moved into a higher radiation of light - a frequency higher.

Late 1993 to present, your third eye was activated even though many of you were not consciously aware of this. Certain light radiation was emitted from the source (the creator). Through the higher planes of light and in your encodement as a light worker, you were in effect kick started, so to speak - all of you in various ways experiencing to a degree of your soul evolution, a speeding up process through this light emanation hitting your third eye. Some of you became more intuitively aware, for others, you started to experience contact with your higher self via an inner guiding through clairvoyant means, psychic awareness and even instructive guidance.

You see dear ones, Earth's time is speeding up, the Plan for Earth is about to take a quantum leap as it is becoming obvious to us through the higher radiation, the vibrations we are witnessing from the fifth dimension, that we must now hasten to full activation of the light workers.

With this realisation comes the necessity to push our brothers into the conscious recognition of the need to release karmic baggage. Most of it is of an emotional nature. Which in turn will make you much lighter. Therefore you are experiencing much emotional release that you may feel as pain from your Earthly perspective.

Dear ones, this Earthly pain is so heavy and low in its density and vibration it must now be jettisoned if you wish to move into the true light of yourselves.

We explain this to you so that you will joyously shift this baggage. We have not activated you to hurt you but to free you from much emotional karma so that you may come into your soul purpose of the Earth's plane.

The journey you have undertaken until now has been blind. Many of you have searched long and hard for yourselves and your reason for being. Some of you are not but that does not mean a lack of spiritual development but merely an indication of your soul evolution. So no one of you in your terms more developed than the other. It is only your Earthly concepts that create such delineation.

You were all chosen to come here to undertake light work, to help Mother Earth and awaken the rest of the children.
You chose dear ones this journey, the final trek.
You are all about to arrive at the place called the "Jerusalem of the Soul". Many front line are recognising certain land marks and a stirring of memory is taking place. What do you think? Of course it is happening, my brother, for the keys within your genetic memories are starting to release encoded time locks. Some of the front liners will be sent as scouts ahead to convey the way. That does not mean they are more special than you. They were trained to undertake this work prior to their incarnation on this planet and we are merely activating in them a particular key.

All of you, my dear ones, have contracted, at various stages of your evolution to undertake the work associated, both directly and indirectly with Earth's transition into the realms of the light planes. You know it as ascension. However it is strongly brought to your attention that the ascension process must start on your planet with you individually now. The timing of Earth's total ascension is predicted upon the vibration or frequency Earth's children start to emanate. We will look after the technical process of ascension but you the seed children, must complete your awakening and start the transformation now. How this can be done is to lighten up instead of seeing everything through the eyes of pain, sorrow doom and gloom. Come through the focus of vision, the vision of joy, love, harmony and tranquillity. The journey must start through the soul journeyer (yourself). Many will then join you on its journey having seen your light and it will then become the journey of the souls back to the source.

The great trek has begun beloved ones. The die is cast. We await your light signals with such anticipation, such joy and I might add we are getting quite excited.