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Jewel of Light

Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

"Yes 'Jewel of Light' this information is also dual aspected in one sense, as it comes from Angelic Realms via 'Ashtar Command'. I am Francis at your service as usual - It is timely to create a Discourse in relation to this subject. Actually Hilarion, Seraphis and Myself have conferred upon this matter for some time regarding your own questions and surmises, and your desire to be able to give an understandable explanation to your friends and connections. Therefore, to those readers of 'Crystal Link', and those who network out from it, we give you an explanation which we hope will assist the comprehension.

Most of you are aware of some of the story concerning the reasons for your being upon the Earth in Human Form. It is not for us to delve into this area at this point, however, we do instruct 'Juhlys' to give you a book reference note at the end of this discourse, to assist in amplifying your awareness.

Right now, upon the surface of your Earth, there are many Beings of Light from many Sources, as well as many well-meaning beings from this and other Solar systems and Galaxies within this Universe. There are Energy Workers both from your Solar Sun, and the Central Sun of this Universe. Also those from The Angelic Realms - Solar Angels and Angels from The Central Sun. There are too, some Higher Beings of Light frequently referred to as Archangels from out of the Solar Sun and a few from other Universes. At the 'Time' of Archangel Michael's call for assistance - some other beautiful Beings of Light, Love and Power came from out the 8th 9th and 10th Universes.

As has been told, the descent from higher dimensions into the fifth, and thence to the fourth, and particularly the third dimensions is extremely difficult - Reduction in size, energy and power being some of these problems.

Try to envisage the Earth as a golf ball and the Higher Beings as a beautiful Lily or Rose upon a long stem - this of a Kite flying a long tail in the breeze and then cast your eyes to the golf ball. How to condense one into the other? But a grain of pollen from the Lily, a statement from the Rose, a filament of threat from the tail of the Kite could adhere to, and fit into that golf ball. (Note: this is how Juhlys translated our explanation - you will most likely now be able to envisage a much clearer one for yourselves).

So now to 'Aspects' - Due to, as we stated previously, size, energy and power - many adjustments and experiments occurred to facilitate a reasonably comfortable entry to Earth. You have many myths and legends available to you which are aspects of this truth.

The atmospheres of the fourth and third dimensions also create a severe problem, being so much denser and heavier than the higher realms, and many, many beings could not cope with this density despite their love and care of and for Earth's Peoples and their desire for Service in this care of and for Earth's Peoples and their desire for Service in this realm. So Aspects of these Beings were deployed to come separately into the Earth's atmosphere, or else, particularly with those from Angelic Realms, to join with another Aspect from one of the Planetary systems to create a more suitable Being - This Being, the Higher Self - mostly stays in the fifth dimension, usually within the safety zone of one within the Galactic or Intergalactic Command, and Aspects of this Being come down to Earth.

Very rarely does the Complete Being manage to reduce in velocity to descend into Matter ie. 3-D visibility.

"Let Me give you an example - I am Hilarion, and I am of the Angelic Realms; this perhaps I unknown to many of you - however, I am also an Aspect of a beautiful being from the Planet Jupiter.

Now, the scenario is briefly like this - My Highest Self, is the Angel 'LLIAH from out the Central Sun of this twelfth universe. Now as Aspect from LLIAH descended to Jupiter to conjoin with an Aspect of a being upon Jupiter, named 'Rehja' becoming 'Hilarion' in the fifth dimension, therefore Hilarion is the Higher Self.

You are aware of some of my names upon the Earth and some of my stories, so I will not add to them now, but yes, in my lives I was a teacher as is my most precious task and service now. I am my own Higher Self.

Now let me give you a hypothetical case - Upon earth is a gentleman named Peter Bell. Peter has a long list of incarnations upon the earth from Lemurian Times up until today. He came firstly to earth as an Aspect of Energy from the Solar Sun whilst many changes occurred upon the Earth's surface with the formation of many land masses and volcanic eruptions. He had a certain Mission to perform at that time, and when it was completed, he returned to the Source of His Highest Self. Later, he returned in Early Atlantean Times, aspected with an aspect of a Being from Mars - he again returned to Source.

At Archangel Michael's call he travelled to ARCTURUS and melded with a Being from Arcturus: we'll call her 'Felice' then came to Earth. She sent down seven aspects of herself at various stages of Earth's development to expand and extend her own learning and to assist in the uplifting of the earth's peoples, who by then had sunk into third dimensional density.

Having reached this plane, the aspects of Felice had to become almost Human, and began their Incarnations in and out of the 'death experience', in either male or female form, over hundreds and hundreds of years. Peter has been Petra, Petronius and many other people in many different countries, however, this is most probably his last 'lifetime' upon the earth as a Human. He is in the throes of 'waking up' as you are, and of the clearing out of his Mental, Emotional and Spiritual 'Bodies' all the Negative Thoughts Actions and Situations possible from past lives, through various forms of Healing/Bodywork, Meditation, etc.

After this there are two possibilities open to him, to return to his own Source or to return again to Earth to assist in the transformation into 'The Golden Age of Mankind'. I hope that these examples will give you something to play with in your minds, and to question if you so desire, your own Higher Self, to ascertain your own connections."

"I am Seraphis, and allow me to add to this statement, the Reminder, that often times an Aspect of Being conjoins with Another Aspect of the fifth and sixth dimensions to fulfil a specific mission upon the Earth. This is to assist one of the Commanders or Masters who are bringing certain Assistance's to Earth's Peoples. Perhaps of a scientific nature, or in the realms of Art, Music, or Medicine.

There are those also who do not aspect with others, but who come to earth as dual aspects of the self; other are loners, and battle the density to monitor cause and effect within this third dimensional plane. There are so many differing reasons for being upon the earth at any given time, and right NOW there happen to be more Beings upon the earth's surface from out 'space' than at any other 'time' in earth's history. They are here because of the 'The Awakening'.

Bless you all Children of Light! Stay Awake! There is much still to do. Keep Faith! Trust! And, most importantly, daily tune into your own 'DIVINE I AM PRESENCE', your Divine link to GOD THE SOURCE OF ALL. Stay in the Light! We all wish you LOVE - SHALOM - ADONAI!"

Postscripts from Francis -

"Please Dear Ones - Remember that there are many variables - as many as you can imagine, and them some - AND, TO COMPLICATE MATTERS FURTHER, SOME aspects from the Highest Self split into Male and Female Energies, thus creating Twin Souls!

I will not confuse you further at this point, but I am sure that many of you have already read sufficiently to have worked out some of the possible scenarios for your own selves.

If not, then in the buzz words of your Times - 'NO WORRIES!' all will make itself sufficiently clear for your OWN SELF and your own Knowing, Truth and Understanding, and when the 'TIME' is Right for yourself.

Remember - "When the time is right, all things are released from their hidden places and brought to the light of day."

I leave you in Love, Light and Truth - I am Francis.


COSMIC REVELATION - Channelled by Ann Valentin and Virginia Essene - 1987 - Spiritual Education Endeavours - Sand Clara, USA

Containing information of great value and importance from the Silver Ray and the Gold Ray - regarding Soul's origin and purpose. The Omniverse, Creating the Colour Rays, the Earth and The Solar System.