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Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

Psychic Powers

Are purely allowing one's limitations of one's mind to be lifted, for it is within us all. It must never be used by the ego but for the love of one's brother, as a channel of love and healing.

The Resurrection

Is the re-awakening. The end of illusion of the mind, the realisation that we are one with god-the reality of life. The full Christ consciousness. The letting go of our illusionary world, the emergence into the light. The rebirth. The being of god's essence.

The Mind

Is the activating agent of the Spirit, the creative energy. In its true sense it is the perfect communicator. Only the split mind -the ego sees itself as separate from the brotherhood of man. It does not see itself at one with god; the light, the love within us all.

The Spirit

Is the perfect will of god, the perfect creation of god. When the ego imprisons the will of spirit then it is under the control of the split mind (ego) ie. Right/Wrong.
The right mind listens to the spirit and sees the Christ (love).
The wrong mind listens to the ego and creates illusion/separation, in effect creating death - making it real.


Is a receptor. The receiver of messages from spirit, or ego. It has levels of awareness.


Are the reality of seeing. It is the tapping in, the reality of what has always been. to our earthly perception it is unusual phenomena. To god it is-it always was- it never left. We simply have not been aware of reality.

Christ Consciousness

Is the reality of one with god. Jesus was a man who saw the face of love in all brotherhood of man. The Christ is in all of us, it is unconditional love. The Light.