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Loss of Memory

Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

Dear One's,
I would address some concerns raised by a number of brothers as to why they have been experiencing loss of memory (some are now convinced they are candidates for Alzheimers disease!), a general feeling of lethargy and /or tiredness and irregular sleeping patterns.

To address the loss of memory in simple terms: your computer is being re-programmed to accept new data and therefore as the old data - old thought patterns/belief systems are being erased, so it necessitates a parsec of time lapse in your computer, but for you it translates in the physical by way of an obvious lapse of memory. Now this will be an ongoing process until your individualised programming has been completed. There is no time-set on this.

Your feelings of lethargy and /or tiredness are linked to the re-structuring of your cellular blueprints - DNA/RNA. As you are getting lighter (for you are being geared into a higher vibration al energy flow) so you may experience an unwarranted feeling of heaviness or tiredness in your physical body.
However, it is wise to check this phenomenon against your general health.

As to irregular sleeping patterns. Again this is primarily due to the acceleration into a higher or faster vibration field. So do not be alarmed. However many of you are awakening early in the morning often caused by a "mysterious" alarm - a bell. This is so that we may catch your attention in the hope that you will entertain the idea of some meditation or quiet contemplation, this being the best time before the rest of brother humanity awakens, (normally about 6.30 am onwards).

So I trust, dear ones, this will answer and help to alleviate your concerns.

In love and service to you all.