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Love is Your Natural Energy

Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

Love is your natural energy - Your natural flow

As we are reaching the completion of this century, the 2000 year cycle and the 2600 year cycle, new and higher frequency light emanations are flooding dear Mother Earth from the Central Sun (the Source). The coming of the Messiah (conveyed in Jewish philology) is about to emphatically manifest. It is predominantly understood as the Christ Consciousness. However, such consciousness is the awakening which will then make way for the actual Christ. the Christ, dear ones, means the anointing of Love.

It is time to take down Christ from the cross and bring Him into your hearts. The churches for so long have led you to believe that Christ was the only son of God. If you are God's children then are you not surely the sons and daughters of God? Our dear brother Jesus tried so valiantly to bring you into his awareness whilst on Earth by exemplifying such unconditional love. When he said "My Father and I are one" he was saying that he knew he was of the Source (God). You too are of the Source.

We are soon to move into the golden age of Aquarius, the Messenger. The Messenger, beloved brothers is already amongst you. It is called Unconditional Love also known as the Christ. It is the second coming of the Christ or Messiah which finds full expression in the power of love. It is the birth of spiritual awareness - the remembrance of your spiritual birthright as the children of the Source (God).

The revealing to you of your divine essence is being expressed through the activation of the third eye; the lifting of the veil from the third dimension - the plan of darkness - to reveal the planes of light, also known as "enlightenment".

The "Christ" manifestation is the realisation of what our dear brother Jesus came to convey to us 2000 years ago. The Christ is the manifestation of a new heaven on Earth. Jesus was not the only manifestation of unconditional love: YOU ALL ARE but haven't noticed it. This is due to the darkness in which you have lived. These light emanations from the Planes of Light are now awakening you to your divine essence, your divine reality. It is your divine birthright which the powers of darkness have so astutely hidden from you via the "separation".

Time is speeding up - you will all now be realising this. The Earth is in transition dear ones and if you wish to go with her then you too must be prepared to go into transition to a new beginning - a new "Heaven and a new Earth" (the fifth dimension).

All you are required to do to play your part in the Great Plan for Mother Earth is to awaken to your light and turn it on. Let us see your points of light - pinpoints of light appearing all over dear Mother Earth. You must signal to us, dear ones, your readiness to transcend your present earthly state.

But how, you may ask, can we achieve this? My beloved brothers, it is simple, it is not complicated, only you make it so. when you accept that you ARE love, then all will flow so beautifully.

Many of you are recognising that you have been in a lower energy alien to your source and now desire to come back to your natural flow. I am always telling you, dear ones, "to let it go and let it flow". Why do you think I say this? Love is the natural flow, the natural energy of the Universe which, when you go against it, causes the chaos in you lives. All those feelings of hate, anger, jealousy and so on are so alien. You ARE the energy of love, that is your true vibration. Take it, take it: it is yours of divine right.

In oneness with you all.