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Molecular Biology

Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

As man comes into a higher radiation of Light (called Enlightenment) projected through the third eye, they are/will be able to see beyond the visible light, dependent on individual wisdom. Man will be given the ability to connect the present consciousness with the next dimension in conjunction with the education of his soul.

This tele-thought becomes the communication with galactic areas and dimensions beyond ours. This, in essence, means that man is introduced to his ability to penetrate different energy fields by means of superior energy focused as a clear stream through the third eye (pineal) - thus connecting with gravitational waves.

The arc of light which is conveyed through the pineal area controls all light synthesis connected with the brain cortex. This in effect, means that the minds eye is a light receptor ie. neuro transmitter, that can project and receive thought forms from inter-stellar and interplanetary communication. Light is the grid by which all forms of energy are transmitted - Man's third eye being the receptors - radio crystals.

It is, so to speak, that Man is in a pre-set mode which, when activated through the pineal area, is able to respond to the light signals from inter-stellar and interplanetary space.

Man (singular) having been activated through the third eye (via light patterns), though in outward appearance not changing significantly, will in effect, with his multiple three dimensional environment work con-jointly with other consciousness. Time does not exist past the three dimensional layer of the physical. Man can only restrict himself through sequential thought form i.e. physical time.

Time, Space and Energy are merely part of a greater whole which oversees consciousness grids (Light patterns). These patters also control the fourth dimension.

The Merkaba

The Brotherhood through magnetic "Light" geometry can project signals, Light again being the transducer.

In order for man to move through space and time of our universe into a higher consciousness, the mind needs to go through certain transformations. In Eastern Scriptures this is known as the nine pathways.

The first three pathways lead man to spatial realisations.

The fourth, in providing for spatial perspective, is controlled by the Ophanim - the higher angelic minds of Light who serve the father and son universes. The Ophanim are known to be wheels within wheels, which govern the heavens.

This means your mind can connect with thought forms (entities) which are between the cycle of death and rebirth (i.e. splitting of the cells). You are helped in such process by more spiritually evolved thought forms.

In this process one goes beyond material form - i.e. it is the crucifixion of the body, the higher self become prominent - and your body of light connects with spiritual intelligence, which guides the mind through the lower and higher worlds.

It is a quantum leap of the higher over the lower self (the lower chakras). It is the speeding up process - higher vibrations - which then connects one to the Overself (the unity of the human self to the Overself - the Divinity).

All memories are released through the Overself - the human mind is superseded. In this process the Overself works on levels beyond even the limitations of the Overself - that Overself progressing to the Christed Overself.

The Kaldesh (Servants of the Ancients of Days) is the highest level of service - whereby one can experience pure sound as the highest vibrational resonance connected with Divine thought forms which recharge thought forms with energy from the Lords of Light (the Hyos Ha-Kaidosh). They are the instructors and teachers of the Hierarchy of YHWH.

The Christed Overself in uniting with the Skehinah forms a relationship with the Kaldesh, ascends through to the Elohim Creation [creator Gods who are Divinities of YHWH who control all Light calibrations (to create Light Worlds etc.)].

In penetrating the veils "lower heavens" you are able to experience unity of "being", "becoming" and being in between "being" and "becoming", as you work with the Father/Son/Shekinah.

These are the nine pathways (the 9 chakras) to complete the reprogramming and resurrection of Life. They equip consciousness to travel for a million years or a few minutes beyond the physical veil of light so that The Light radiates through the physical garment.

We are formed through pyramidal crystal grids of Light patterns.