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Seed Children

Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

Many of the "seed children" of light have chosen to return to Earth in order to prepare for the coming of the cosmic Christ; the awakening to and ascension into line planes of light of the fifth dimension and onwards. All have been provided with individual and group tasks.

I, Anne Hughes, have been requested by the Brotherhood of Light (the Great White Brotherhood) and have accepted to carry the embodiment of beloved Francis of Assi and to again gather many of the brothers who jointed with Francis on the path of unconditional love. With me on this journey is my dear husband Hugh, who carried then and now, the vehicle of Brother Leo.

Due to the mission we have chosen to undertake the Brotherhood has led me into the Halls of Remembrance (Akasha) there to locate the records of many of the brothers during the time of Francis. Under the direction of the Brotherhood we have and still are connecting with so many of the brothers and have been permitted to awaken a number of those incarnations, ostensibly in order that they may continue the journey at their own behest and awaken many more of Earth's children to their divine essence and oneness with our Creator.

The Masters of the Brotherhood have also permitted access to some of the overselves of Francis, amongst them John the Divine, therefore giving me privy to "memories" of man - more brothers who walked the path with our beloved Jesus. The Ascended Master Kuthumi is also part of Francis overself. Thankfully he is my guiding light on our mission here.

Amongst the work that Leo and I have chosen to undertake is a job that requires us to gather groups of brothers to form triangles of light in order to raise the mass consciousness of man to his divine essence. Such is essential at this time to raise the vibration of Earth in order that the Masters of Light recognise Earth's desire to move out of the 3rd dimension and take a quantum leap into the fifth dimension, thus reigning with the Christ and coming into the "Light garment' of the Christed overself.

As the embodiment of Francis, I am working with the Merkabah, the Divine Light vehicle used by the Masters to reach the faithful in the many dimensions of the Divine Mind. This is in preparation for the coming Ascension.

My beloved brother humanity, we ask that you join with us in the raising of Earth's vibration by forming groups amongst yourselves and creating triangular points of light (3 to a group but any individual is a point of light, a beacon - it is not a hard and fast rule - there is no structure - only God). As part of the Divine Plan for humanity, Earth's seed children wish to play their loving part to help our brothers of the Divine Light effect the Plan on our behalf.

The following is some of the main objections of the Plan for humanity.

The production of a subjective synthesis in humanity; The awakening on a large scale of the magnificent light in human beings; The establishment of a great station of light which will illuminate the whole of human thought. To bring an end to the ear of separateness. The raising of the mass consciousness to spiritual level.

In this process we can break down the walls of negative darkness that surround beloved Mother Earth, so that our brothers of the Diving Light Planes can see our lights calling them in love and oneness. We signal also on behalf of all of our brothers on earth.

Any individual can form a triangle of light by joining with two others to make up 3 points of the triangle. It is not essential to invoke the Great Invocation all together (as below). Anyone of the team can say it anytime (it doesn't have to be verbalised) thus connecting spiritually with the rest of the triangle, as time is no barrier in the spiritual realms. You can even joint with others from another part of the world and can form as many triangles as you wish.

It may be that you would prefer to meditate as a team; then my beloved brothers feel the light, be the light, walk in the lighthouse that you are, allowing your heart centres to illumine your paths. Share this light with those who cannot see in darkness. Allow them the vision through your example of love and kindness. Allow yourself to become illumined through your illumination for others.

The following is the Great Invocation conveyed to our brothers here (the early pathfinders of the 1930's) by the Divine Mind.

From the point of Light within the mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men
Let light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream froth into the hearts of men
may the Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work our
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

There is no hard and fast rule about the exact wording - it can be changed, abbreviated to suit the invoker. For it is the loving energy behind it that is the vibrational light.

Love and Light

Anne and Hugh for F. and L.