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Sing in Harmony

Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

As I write in my little room, I can hear my little brothers of the wind calling the world to awaken! Is the clarion call of love, joy and oneness.

I call on you my brothers, all of my brothers to sing in harmony with your little brothers of the nature kingdoms. Let us raise our voice of love so high, so clear, so sweet that it will drown the noise of discord, hate and all its ilk; so that it will never surface again.

We are so powerful, so powerful for we are the thought of Love made manifest. We are the creators of our universe - there is nothing, nothing that we cannot accomplish, so let us re-create a world of sheer harmony, sheer light!

It is no time for the children of dear Mother Earth to transform as the chrysalis into the beautiful butterfly, for your see, As the chrysalis awakes from its sedentary dream, So man will awake to reality's theme - Love

Love is so simple, so simple: It is the HEART of every being on this planet. It is the heart that sings. Let it sing! Let it sing! Listen to its joyous and such beautiful voice!

I sing in love and joy with you all my beloved brothers.