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Spirit and Physical Evolution

Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

Physical existence is essential to a spirit passing through an evolutionary cycle. The spirit expresses itself through the material shell in order to gain experience in any one particular incarnation. The actual physical body in which the spirit has incarnated is of a totally different form of evolution from that of the spirit.

The molecular atoms of the physical body are at a frequency of vibration lower to that of the psyche or spirit. these atoms consist of the four physical elements-air, fire, earth and water. These elements upon death, reclaim (under cosmic law) their own parts (elements) which they loaned to you for your physical existence. Fire and air, being the faster elements are the first to leave the body in the form of warmth and breath. In Atlantis of old the whole process could be achieved in seconds by the power of the occult. When the priest commanded the four elements to reclaim instantly, those parts of the physical body disintegrated without a trace.

Somatic evolution moves at a speed relative to the planet on which it exists, therefore the body changes and adjusts to the environment and the prevailing physical conditions. An evolved body does not necessarily house an evolved spirit as is the case of someone who is academically clever but without wisdom. The ideal state for physical expression is when the evolution of the body is complimentary to that of the spirit. Consequently, as the human race evolves genetically, more evolved spirits are able to use bodies as vehicles through which to express their wisdom.

Spirit evolution is totally separate from physical evolution and much confusion has arisen out of this misunderstanding. Darwin's missing link was in fact a spirit transference, where bodies available were taken on by a higher form of spirit evolution which refined them according to needs. Although spirit and physical evolution has run along separately, they have a strong influence on each other particularly the spirit on the physical body. Indeed the spirit's influence can be such that it can alter the shape and appearance of a body. Remember the spirit has free will to make the best of its physical shell. The spirit carries with it all the memories of the experience and starts with those memories in the next incarnation.

It does not matter what you do in this life because it is fashioning your form, your circumstances and your abilities. Your glands secrete a chemical formula which is secreted by habit, you created the habit and you stipulated the figures in the formula. When you see a face lined with pain, the results of growths or other illness, that person has, by long and persistent effort, created the chemical formula in the glands which have in turn imposed their programme on the physical body.

Unfortunately, man when he is suffering still hasn't a clue as to how his illness came about. The result is he continues unsuitable habits not knowing their significance. Thus psychosomatic illnesses are the most difficult form of suffering to dispel. thus you can see the way in which two different forms of evolution compliment each other ie. how the type of life matter which is evolving as your physical shell is influenced by and dependant upon the spirit which it is housing.