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The Ascension Prediction

Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

In Jan/ Feb 1992 a very important event took place. It was the end of Earth's present cycle and she began her ascension into the realms of the fifth dimension. Many started to become aware of the Christ Consciousness. This process was conveyed to spiritual groups by the Great White Brotherhood who have taken repeated incarnations on the Earth as leaders, teachers and healers.

According to ascension predictions we are coming to the end of a cycle. We are destroying our beloved Earth and there cannot be any further delay in the next choice to ascend with her or remain behind in the physical universe and continue in the cycle of birth and death on other inhabited planets. If we wish to ascend we will be given three opportunities, described as the three waves of Ascension.

These and subsequent "cleansings" of the planet prior to her ascension and re-creation, will occur in approximately the year 2012.

Sananda is the supreme commander of this operation to ascend humanity. In his sojourn on earth he paved the way for mass human ascension and his special task is to help us make the quantum leap into the 5th dimension and beyond. He assures us from his own experience, that those who ascend will never die, grow old, suffer disease or any of those limitations that are so much a part of life on Earth. Sananda wishes it to be known that ascension, normally a rare opportunity, is available to every human being at this time. It is a free gift , and all that is required of us to receive it is a loving heart free from fear and anger. Also the practice of meditation, a desire to ascend, detachment from worldly goods and above all great respect for the universal energy. Sananda has outlined that ascension will occur, in its own time and to all who have the will and desire for it to happen.

When ascension occurs it will be without warning, there will be a feeling of being lifted, followed by the appearance of an opening light. To ascend, the individual has to allow the lifting, then step into the light. It is suggested by him that during this process we relax , focus our attention into the tranquillity of the breath and let it happen. The less we think about it the better. Our minds breed anxiety, doubts and speculation.

Under Sananda's instruction the White Brotherhood has sent an extraterrestrial task force to Earth to supervise and complete the ascension process. This task force, under the command of a master called Ashtar, is called Ashtar Command. Ashtar has never incarnated on Earth. His position of command is a reflection of his expertise in the technology of ascension.

(I, Anne, was introduced to the Ashtar command during my sojourn in the caravan and one of his emissaries called Kryllis spoke to me of Earth's decline into the third dimension. Francis was present and knew Kryllis. I now believe he was a facet of Kuthumi and Francis -Francis has confirmed).

The Ascended Masters of Ashtar Command will employ organic 5th dimensional bodies in the ascension process. These are called Merkabah, which are the divine light vehicles used by the masters to probe and reach the "faithful" in the many dimensions of the Divine Mind. They (merkabah) can take on forms of brilliant brioettes in the physical worlds.

Sometimes they appear as a halo, an aura or envelope of light associated with the master. They may also appear as a column or pyramid of light. They are often described as the spiritual body or light body. The merkabah is the body of the master which co-ordinates the overself with the human body. It is the embodiment of the higher self.

The merkabah is also an inter-dimensional craft that gives the ascended master freedom throughout the universe. It is known as the vehicle of vehicles, creating and controlling time translation and the overlap between the dimensions of light. Through this overlap, various light thresholds which interlace the galaxies are connected, allowing vehicles to travel between the various dimensions of light. Merkabah moves within an all embracing energy field. It gives the vehicle operating within the field the ability to go faster than the speed of light.

The flagship of Ashtar Command is a Merkabah some 500 miles in diameter. It is a bio-satellite containing an atmosphere which can be modified to suit any physical occupants. It has simulated night and day, eco-systems, oceans, lakes and mountains. It is also organic, (not metallic- but some of the craft within are of a metallic structure). Francis took me to a large bio-satellite, I thought it was a planet. It was incredible, "just one of our journeys", he said.

Before the physical evacuation those who are prepared to ascend will be tele - transported. As each individual vanishes out of physical space and time they will be confronted with the light of the merkabah. On entering the light they will find themselves inside the vehicle existing in the fifth dimension. The second aspect of this ascension into the fifth dimension will be the transfiguration of the physical body into a fifth dimensional ascended body. It is this light body that is not subject to the mortal problems associated with the third dimension. Also every individual will come into possession of a merkabah ( the overself body of the light planes. It should also be realised that the nature of the overself is open ended and continues into the higher realms of the total deity).

those who ascend in the first wave will be given the opportunity to return to the Earth in the ascended state to awaken the rest of humanity to the ascension opportunity. This information can be found in the book of Revelations referring to an uncountable number from every nation standing before the throne, and in what John the Divine perceived to be white robes. He was in fact seeing light bodies adorning the multitude who follow in the wake of the 144000 Ascended Masters. Further conformation will be conveyed when the time is right.

Ascension, the graduation into godhood, is the goal of all the self transformation processing that human beings undertake in physical life on Earth. It corresponds to the final resurrection from death which is an integral part of the belief structure of a number of world religions. Ascension involves the surrender of the lower self to the divine overself so that the individual can become an ascended Master with all the accoutrements that such divine status incurs. It is possible for anyone who acknowledges and respects the Creator, who we can only know as love and life. This can occur through spiritual, religious or self transformational practices or by just leading a truthful, peaceful and loving existence. It is of no consequence what a person believes so much as how they live their life in the light of their own truth. It matters not what a person says so much as how they love. This is why all humans can partake in the process of ascension.

To ascend we need to let go of third dimensional thinking, the gods of the world, money, power, control. We need to practice unconditional love for ourselves and others. To relinquish doubts, fears, guilt's and self recriminations. We need to rejoice in the celebration of life, devoting ourselves to spirit and truth however it manifests itself to us. In doing so respecting the way it manifests itself for others.

Ashtar Command has at the instigation of the masters endeavoured to approach the world leaders ( shortly after the deployment of nuclear weapons in world war 11). They offered spiritual help rather than technology. The offer of help was conditional upon the destruction of all nuclear weaponry. They warned Earth of her self destructive path but their overtures were rejected out of hand. Other efforts to contact the human race were made but they were ignored.

We must now listen to the memory within ourselves, the memory of our divine essence. Awaken to the reality and gather the forces of light upon this planet.

Our brothers who are our light, must be woken gently and lovingly. We are the points of light for each other. It is the spiritual capstone that has been missing for so long.