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The Holy Grail

Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

Dear Ones,

Many of you show an interest in the Hold Grail (the search for the cup holding the elixir of life); the Philosopher's Stone (alchemical transmutation of base metal to gold), the must of the spheres (the Celestial Song of light) etc. For those dear brothers who are a little confused they all lead to the path of Ascension of which all of you are now walking.

The Ascension path requires that you undergo certain Primary Initiations or tests. These come under the most competent direction of the Ascended Masters holding various colours rays or emanations. All of you have at various times during previous incarnations undergone some of these initiations.

There are in essence in simplified terms twelve Primary Initiations encompassing Will, Wisdom, Divine Love, Purity Trust, Grace, Freedom, Clarity, Harmony, Balance, Inner Tranquillity (Peace, Divine Purpose), Joy and oneness with God (Divine Creator). These are also related to the Music of the Spheres.

Now Dear Hearts it matters now whether you know or do not know if you are working with a Master or which initiation, needless to say we advise you that ALL starseeds and Lightworkers come under the auspices of the Masters. What we do wish you to know is that we have been speeding you up so to speak in these initiations, perhaps this knowledge will answer and help you to cope with your concerns over your sanity, bewilderment and confusion. Be assured that we fully understand where you are on your individual sections of the path. We are constantly by your side in oneness and nurture.

This speeding up is due to your progress which has contributed to the awakening of many more little brothers from their dream state. There is still much work to be do dear ones, much work but we will help you and will constantly assure you of your progress. You have done well and we thank you.

How many of you will be familiar with my simple one line messages, one being to "let go and let flow". Again I will repeat this advice. Do not waste your beautiful and precious energy going down blind alley-ways through intellectual arguments over God. God requires no intellectual defence for love does not see attack. Please dear brothers do not allow separation to creep into the back door through spiritual snobbery. You are the One Army of Spiritual Warriors. Be ever vigilant, know that "divide and rule" is the motto of the forces of darkness.

Hold firm the Sword of Light, beloved warriors.

We salute you, we serve you in the name of the Divine Creator.