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The Levels of Creation

Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

There are four levels that man must transcend to enter the heaven of creation.
  1. The third dimension, which is mainly of varying density of matter, this being the plane of darkness. absence of light as it is further away from the central sun. It is a plane of negative polarity, mixed with a very limited amount of mental and spiritual substance. Sufficient only to give substance life. For without spirit matter is dead. Spirit is the essence of all life.
  2. Next comes the fourth dimension, a place where all souls must pass through to eventually go on to higher planes. It is known as the Astral plane and contains many levels and sub levels. The sub-levels being the first landing stage for the soul when it departs from the third dimension and where it is being assessed for its soul evolution. This is where the decision is made as to where the soul goes for its further education. This level is known as the Powerhouse of the Physical Universe, controlling all worlds in our universe.

    Basically the soul when it reaches this dimension begins to understand its journey and its essence, as it is also experiencing some of the positive aspects missing on the third dimension. This dimension has a great mix of negative and positive polarities and contains some 30+ levels.

  3. The fifth, sixth and seventh levels have a greater polarity of positive with almost no negative. they are known as the planes of light, composed of spirit essence and refined matter. Spirit predominated, these planes are immense and mixed in levels and regions.
  4. This level contains the Universal Mind where the individual mind is created.
  5. When you have created a state of near perfect light, you are then invited to enter the final level-the final path to the creator.
  6. This level cannot be adequately described so I will not try. Needless to say you are starting to hit the jackpot. However there are at least four further levels to go before entering the central sun. They have numerous co-creative mandates and are of themselves immeasurably powerful. To give you some idea. One aspect would be equivalent of millions of suns in its power. Not even the planes of light can begin to understand or conceptualise these levels.