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The Plan

Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

We are responsible for the physical evolution of our planet. The mass consciousness is critical mass using the same ideal (viz the hundredth monkey) thought patterns. A whole group's being, integrated into the same thought pattern magnifies it so much that it takes over. Separateness causes non-alignment of ideal. When one group gets together there is an explosion of light and power that draws the rest in.

Therefore it is imperative my brothers, that we awaken to this ideal and start networking groups of light all over this planet.

The Hierarchy are maintaining the plan-Let the plan of love and light work out!

The planetary Logo's, "Sanat Kumara" is the being who makes the contact with the plan from the galactic and solar levels. The Hierarchy come together through his guidance to formulate the plan that they are going to focus upon Earth.

At the "physical" level we must tune in to the plan. We only need one tenth of one percent of humanity to create the critical mass that's going to allow the Earth to move to its next level. However, unlike the 100th monkey, man is a multifaceted being and each one of you has a particular part to play in the plan, so you don't all do the same thing. However, you can use your creativity in a way that is ideal for you. If each of you aligns with your own part and begins to flow with it , then the plan becomes stronger and stronger and it becomes real at the physical level.