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The Triangles of Light

Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

Dear ones,

We have become increasingly aware that some of you are encountering difficulty undertaking your Triangles: forgetting some of the lines, who your partners are, visualising, losing track of your partners halfway through and consistency in conveying them.

This is understandable for a number of reasons, amongst which is your individual processing, clearing and re-programming. However, more and most significantly, it is also due to the forces of darkness desperately endeavouring to impede you as they are witnessing the rising tide of consciousness and light focus on this beloved planet.

We urge you therefor e to be even more vigilant in maintaining those Triangles on a regular or daily preferred basis. Do not worry too much about memory lapses or concentration, just keep trying, we will help you. For you see, dear brothers, it is your intention, your commitment, your will that is needed to effect the Great Plan of transition for dear Mother Earth and her children. So do not allow the forces of darkness to extinguish the ever-increasing and such beautiful Pyramid of Light being raised through your triangles (pyramids) of Light. They, the dark forces, are under siege, their very survival is threatened and it is well known in war parlance that the best line of defence is attack! So they are taking the offensive.

Do not be lulled into a false sense of security: the battle is not yet over. I quote a most appropriate line or two from the writings of a dear brother of whom nay of you are familiar: "There is a time in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune." Take the initiative, take it, do not let them take it from you - you will win the battle; you are warriors, great warriors, you are in charge of your destiny and we, your brothers are, in great numbers, arrayed at your side. But the battle must be won in the "physical" dimension on Earth.

Beloved ones, reinforce your commitment to the Triangles of Light, the ramparts are secure, the foundations being well secured by many of your brothers in the 1920's and later (the beloved "pathfinders" whom we hold so dear to our hearts).

We will help you, we will help you.

Dieu et mon Droit.