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We Are Crystal Sets

Francis channeled thru Anne Hughes

We are a sender and receiver (radio crystal). We can actually place our consciousness on a wavelength and project our thoughts by modulating and de-modulating our brain signals according to the communications network. Higher Intelligence, in telethought communication with the third eye creates "inductive linkage" between the though forms (of the Higher Evolution) and one's mind providing immediate contact with the Higher Evolution.

Accordingly the human mind is preset in the primary stage of creation to respond positively to a higher language system of Light (Light signals). The higher language system is activated within the human mind through polarised "mental" contact for inductive linkage.

The language of telethought transmission contains the "rebirth signals" from structures in deep space and hyperspace which are fused with the chemistry of our biological system to educate our consciousness to understand communication beyond our present level of reality.

Because an has been pre-set and coded in creation i.e. created with precision and locked-in information he is not nor cannot overlap with our share the same life space with other life space - his biological coding prohibits the meandering between levels and planes of creative consciousness reality. Thus telethought communication connects man to his higher function - the path to the Overself.

It is through these light grid patterns conveyed through the opening of the third eye which introduces man to his Higher or Overself. Once one comes into contact with such light patters (through telethought communication) one's biological from, although it may appear the same, can work with multiple biological environments in its "three dimensional reality" i.e. in co-participation with the light you can create materialisation's, biogenesis from other consciousness layers, the generation of life from non-living material etc. (Sai Baba has mastered as such).

What is being said here is that space, time and energy are pieces of a greater whole which modulates consciousness grids. These grids are so powerful that they can control the realities of the 3rd and 4th dimensions.

Through the pineal area (third eye) the framework of our biological system operating within the dynamic aspects of Gravity waves and Light waves, can experience the boundaries of our consciousness zone. Thus the "Brotherhoods of Light" can reprogram/re-educate man's consciousness via his (man's) biotransducerf mechanisms experiencing the overlapping of consciousness.